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    Articles: What exactly is the Cornflower Blue Sapphire| Cornflower Blue Color NEWS FEED


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    Featured Above: Fine Rare and Unheated Cornflower Blue Sapphires from the Gemstoneuniverse collection of fine Gemstones

    Historic Importance and Perception of Blue sapphires

    The Blue Sapphire is an exquisite, admired and loved gemstone that has been appreciated for centuries. The mesmerizing beauty, the colors along with the exceptional hardness and strength that the blue sapphires possess is just next to diamond.

    According to common knowledge Blue sapphire is the birthstone of people born in the month of September. Whenever the word Sapphire is heard, blue color comes in front of the eyes. In fact, most of the people think that blue is the only color available in Sapphire. But the fact is that sapphires exist in all seven colours of the rainbow but the most precious is Blue.

    In many countries across the world, blue sapphires are found.

    Cause of the Cornflower Blue Colour in Sapphires

    Soft cornflower blue color is the specialty for which the famed Kashmir sapphires of the yore are known and a vivid pure blue color, highly saturated is displayed by them. The velvety look of the Kashmir Sapphires further distinguishes them.

    This is the result of flour, the minute inclusions by which the light that travels the stone is softly diffused. The part of the charm of Kashmir sapphires is their velvety silky tone and is very distinctive as well.

    Cornflower Blue Sapphire shades that are the most prized in the world are  the fabulous Kashmir Blue Sapphires that are rarely found today and command a hefty premium for Gem Quality specimens.

    The velvety toned and richest cornflower blue is Kashmir blue sapphire. The cornflower blue color in these gems has a certain saturated, lazy quality. There is a wide range of colors in which the Kashmir sapphires are available from blackish gems, palest blues to the lushest Cornflower blues. However, best price is fetched by the standardized saturated cornflower blue color. For the purpose of bringing out the best color of these gems, most of them are cut as sugarloaf very carefully. 

    These days the basaltic lava rocks, river sands and the gravel found in the island of Sri Lanka produces a wider range of sapphire than any other classic source and is famous for its pure blue colour sapphires of a fine class.

    Mining blue sapphires on the islands of Sri Lanka goes back to at least 2000 years.

    The classic cornflower blue sapphires from Sri Lanka are considered to be far superior to the often overly dark and inky colors that are commonly found in Australia and Thailand.  A gems value is based on its cut, clarity, quality and grading and a top quality gem from Sri Lanka can sell for more than a Kashmir Sapphire. Madagascar, today is also producing Cornflower Blue Sapphires of Very High Quality, of a striking cornflower blue colour and Luster.


    What exactly is cornflower blue color in blue sapphires?

    When it comes to Blue Sapphires, the word that refers to the color that is most desirable is “Cornflower Blue”.


    One of the rare flowers that are completely blue is Cornflower rather than purple or violet. So the Sapphire having color similar to cornflower’s intense blue color is cornflower blue sapphire.

    While the undertones of purple or green are generally there in the sapphire, it is said that the cornflower blue sapphire is closer to the true blue. Along with this, it also has excellent saturation and tone to highlight the color purity. The Cornflower Blue Sapphire is mostly prized since finding a pure blue sapphire is extremely rare.  This is the Sapphire colour most sought after by the connoisseurs.

    Of the color of gemstone, at least 85% must be accounted by the primary color of blue for a sapphire to termed blue. Purple and green are the common subordinate colors.

    Violet blue to velvety blue in tones of medium dark to medium are the blue sapphires that are prized the most. When viewed from different angles, the color of sapphires varies and for this reason, they are known as dichroic stones.

    The qualities of the crystals of sapphire are determined by the geological conditions in which they are formed. Remarkably fine crystals are produced by some of the locales that yield extra fine gems. A range of gem material is produced by each locale sharing the communal characteristics.

    Most often, the layers of gem gravel those are located in the flood plains or ancient river beds are the deposits of sapphire. Materials of high grade are produced by the alluvial sources since the inferior crystals are broken up by the erosive process.

    Finest quality blue sapphire gems are produced by the classic sources. Kashmir is one of the most famous sources for blue sapphires on account of the fact that cornflower blue sapphires were found there but this supply has dried up since a long time.

    Today the most prized specimens of Corn Flower Blue Sapphires come from Sri Lanka and Madagascar.


    Exceptionally Fine and Rare- Unheated Cornflower Blue Sapphire of 6.09 carats from the Gemstoneuniverse fine Collection of Jyotish Gemstones

    Based on the characteristics such as tone, hue and saturation is graded the color of sapphire. The predominant color of the sapphire is represented the inspection of the hue is done. Further details are added by the color of the tone.


    The determination of how intense the color is and how much clearly is the color visible depends on the saturation. There is a different developmental process by which the sapphire goes through and within the crust of the earth. The divine blue color of the sapphire is created when the temperature and pressure is spot on and titanium enters naturally in the process.


    In the sapphire world, the one that continues to be the pinnacle is the Cornflower blue sapphire or Kashmir sapphire.

    It is the percentage of titanium and iron existing in the stone on which depend the sapphire’s colors. To the corundum, the more titanium and iron is transferred, the deeper are the colors that range from royal blue, cornflower blue and lastly the sapphires of light blue color.

    Minor inclusions are also present in the cornflower blue color in blue sapphires. The stone transparency is decreased by this and it is known as silk or rutile needles. Light can reflect in rare cases of the inclusions and to create asterism or star effect. The value of gemstone is increased by this effect. There are various hues in which the Blue sapphire is available ranging from rich royal blue to baby blue.

    Now the fact is clear as what is cornflower blue color in blue sapphires-It is the sapphire having pure blue to Violetish blue hue along with strong saturation. Also, the minute inclusions results in softness and velvety luster in the sapphire that makes it all the more unique and spectacular. This is the reason why the cornflower blue color on blue sapphire is looked for the most. Also, this gem is prized the most on account of its brilliant and pure blue shimmer.

    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present its new lot of exceptionally beautiful “ Cornflower Blue” and Pastel Blue Sapphires for its patrons worldwide. This is a quality that is much cherished by top Gem Lovers, Merchants and collectors worldwide.

    This new lot is aptly named as Akshaya- Ever growing and we are  also presenting this lot on the auspicious Akshaya Tritiya Day. May Every Single exceptional Gemstone of this lot bring in exceptionally powerful and positive changes in your life and may your good luck grow like the waxing moon blessing you with ever increasing abundance, prosperity and peace.

    Important Features of this lot are:

    Cut from our own rough these sapphires are delightfully beautiful and powerful from Jyotish point of view.

    1) All Blue Sapphires are certified unheated, untreated and natural earth mined gemstones with the finest cornflower Blue, Pastel Blue and Fine Blue Shade sacred colour.

    2) The origin of these Blue Sapphires is Ratnapura-Srilanka and Madagascar.

    3) There is a divine beauty in every single gem because of the alluring color that is distributed evenly in all the gems. Certified by the global authority in Sapphire and Ruby Identification.

    4)  The clarity level is 96% and more

    5)  The cut is symmetrical and special care has been taken for maximum play of light and showcases the lustre/ shine to its best potential.

    6) Fantastic weight as Jyotish Gemstones.

    7)  Free from any flaws as listed in sacred texts for best optimized benefits.

    8)  Only Gems that qualify as Jyotish Gems make it to the Gemstoneuniverse inventory.

    9)  We shall make them available at an attractive price.  One can search market -wholesale or retail nobody can match our price given the features above.

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    Clicking on Underlined Links will give more information about a topic. You can always come back to this page

    What Problems Can Astrology & Jyotish Gemstones Solve? Can they solve My Unique problems

    Which is the Best Gemstone Choosing Method | Which Gemstone Should I wear

     Do Gems Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the People-Why?.

    What results Can I expect from Jyotish Gemstones?

    In Quest of India’s Best Gemstone Astrologer.

    Tell me My Best Life Changing Gemstone

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