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    What are Semi precious Gemstones | Difference from Precious Gemstones


    Citrine is often Sold as Golden Topaz

    What are Semi precious Gemstones

    A Semi precious Gemstone/Gemstones in general is considered to be of less value as compared to a Precious Gemstone. The Gemstone Ruby is called as a precious gemstone as it is more valuable and rare as compared to Garnet which is more abundantly available and is of a lesser price.

    However, some rare gemstones such as High Quality Jade (Jadeite), natural pearl and Opal etc are exceptions to the above generic rule as they fetch sometimes higher values as compared to precious gemstones.


    Prized Gemstones such as these are sometimes valued more than precious Gemstones

    What is the difference between Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones?

    The classification of Gemstones into the categories of Precious and Semi Precious was done in an arbitrary manner in the middle 1800’s. Diamonds, Rubies, Emerald and Sapphires were placed in the class of Precious Gemstones and all other Gemstones were placed in the class of Semi Precious Gemstones.


    Usage of the terms Precious Gemstones and Semi Precious Gemstones

    The usage of these terms such as Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones is decreasing with time with many industry experts feeling that the use of the term semi precious as derogatory. A Gem by definition is a precious mineral of alluring value. If one goes by that definition one cannot have distinction between precious and semi precious gemstones.

    Semi Precious Gemstones List-The Indian View


    The Indians have focussed more on Healing

    The Indian people and civilization were among the first to record information about the Gemstones and they were more interested in the healing and the Therapeutic powers of the Gemstones. They called the Semi Precious Gemstones as Upratna literally translating into the meaning Superior Alternative Gemstones. The sacred Indian texts have classified the Upratnas as follows as given in the table below:

    List of Semi Precious Gemstones

    Best Upratnas/ Best Substitute Gemstones for Planetary Energies| Name of substitute Gemstones in Hindi


    Upratna of 1st Choice

    Name In Hindi

    Upratna of 2nd Choice



    Red Garnet





    Blue Moonstone

    Chandrakant Mani

    White Moonstone




    Raat Ratua

    Red Agate








    Yellow Topaz*





    White Sapphire

    Safed Pukhraj

    White Zircon**








    Lapis Lazuli





    Cat’s eye quartz




    *There is no Hindi Equivalent of Topaz. In many texts it has been confused with Pukhraj wherein Pukhraj is the name of the more precious Yellow variety of Sapphire-Yellow Sapphire.

    * Yellow Topaz today has become a very rare and expensive gemstone with good quality pieces fetching prices higher than a Yellow Sapphire.

    * Golden Topaz is a misnomer for cheaper citrine and is deliberately called as Golden Topaz for confusion. It has no use in Jyotish or Gem Therapy. There is no connection between Golden Topaz and Yellow Topaz


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