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    What Are Phenomenal Gemstones-Under the Spell of a Mystical and Flirtatious Gem - Cat’s Eye Eye Chrysoberyl 

    Natural Chrysoberyl Cats eye of 3.85 carats Gemstoneuniverse


    Cat’s eye chrysoberyl is a gem that belongs to the category of phenomenal gemstones. The word Chrysos in Greek means ‘golden’ indicating a gold colored Gem- it is in fact beryllium aluminum oxide that has a transparent to translucent pale yellow to golden green color.


    The rutile needles in the internal crystal structure of chrysoberyl cats eye enable it to play in an exceptional way with light and displays an optical property called chatoyancy – or a sharp band that stretches across the surface of the gem and facilitates like opening or closing of cat’s eye as light falls across the gem. The more numerous the silk or inclusions, the sharper the chatoyant band would be. The effect is enhanced when the gem is cut like a cabochon, with the under surface left rather rough to allow maximum display on the surface.

    Diamond and Cats eye Chrysoberyl Owl Pendant Brooch Cartier Skinner

    Diamond and Cats eye Chrysoberyl Owl Pendant Brooch Cartier Skinner

    It is a fine gem that has been used by man to enhance his luck at games of chance. The value of a cat’s eye or any other phenomenal gemstone for that matter is also determined by the intensity of the optical phenomenon aside of the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The sharper the chatoyancy along with translucence in a cat’s eye, the greater will be the price commanded by the gem.  Cat’s eye is has a hardness of 8.5 on the Moh’s Scale. The mystical properties of the cat’s eye include protecting against evil eye and multiplying wealth.

    Read more about the chrysoberyl cat’s eye by clicking here.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in February 2013 Table Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone Facts


    Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl


    3.85 carats


    None. Fully Natural



    Planetary Energy

    Ketu/ South Node

    Patron Location

    Bangalore, India

    All inclusive Price

    $ 2569/ INR 1,43,866


    Featured today is a fine natural and treatment free cat’s eye chrysoberyl of 3.85 carats set in sterling silver as a pendant. The natural cabochon cut cat’s eye chrysoberyl mined in Sri Lanka is a lovely golden green in color, with superb translucence and sharp chatoyancy. This cat’s eye has a fantastic jyotish weight.  The pendant has been designed as the symbol of Ketu.


    Symbol of Ketu

    Symbol of Ketu

    Cat’s eye chrysoberyl also known as Lehsunia or Vaidurya or bidalaaksh is the gemstone of the mystical planet Ketu or the South Node of the Moon and signifies his intense energies.

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