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    Abhijita Kulshrestha
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results


    Aries/ Mesha
    (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

    Aries The individuals born under this sign of Aries are likely to have a week of mixed results. There may be an interesting insight into interpersonal dynamics at work place. There could be a proposal to work together based on a common interest. Even though things look promising, there may be some moments of self-doubt. You are able to bounce back and take on a new exciting project with enthusiasm. There could be a long distance travel slated in the near future.

    (Apr 20 - May 20)

    Taurus The Taurus born individuals are likely to begin the week with focus on putting your best foot forward professionally, especially if you begin a stint in a new workplace. It could seem uncomfortable initially but it is natural to take time settling into a new environment. There could be some worry about money matters. Avoid borrowing or lending money unless really necessary. You may need to prop up yourself emotionally as there are moments where you miss the comfort of an old relationship.

    Mr.Maheshwar Singh
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results


    (May 21 - Jun 20)

    Gemini The Gemini born individuals are likely to be under the spell of a new relationship for a Romance that has suddenly blossomed. There is also excitement about a new project and a couple of short distance journeys could be made in order to handle the negotiations and seal the deal. Do make sure to get adequate rest and sleep in order to cope with demands of the days. Some of the Geminis may consider setting up a new property or place of work.

    (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

    Cancer The Cancer born individuals could be tied up with tasks around home – old, pending repairs or renovation gets underway. There may be increase in your responsibilities but you handle it with grace. Do not let unnecessary remarks or criticism get you down. There could be expenses and you need to be careful about keeping it under control. There could be engagement with a philanthropic / community project.

    (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

    Leo There could be a fair amount of travel and living out of the suitcase for the Leo born individual. You may be helping get a project on its feet. There are amazing new culturally enriching experiences as well. You may get interested in a completely new discipline or a field of knowledge altogether. You need to be careful in interactions with siblings – offer advice only when asked. Seasonal ailments could cause discomfort.

    Dr.Meenal Rathi
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results


    (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

    Virgo The coming week is likely to be a good phase for the Virgo born individuals. There is growth and quickening of pace where work and business is concerned but it could require longer hours and some travel as well. There is focus on acquisition of a new asset or a property. This definitely brings pressure on your finances but nothing you cannot handle. You will need to be diplomatic at work and take on tough conversations more tactfully.

    (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

    Libra/Tula There is a new cycle of events that may get triggered this week. A new workplace or a new entrepreneurial journey could begin. Some of the Libra folk may initiate a few new steps to make health and lifestyle better. There is greater inflow of money and you consider moving into a bigger home or purchase of a new vehicle, in keeping with your status. Health of an elderly could keep you worried.

    Anya P
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results


    (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

    Scorpio The Scorpio born individuals could be impacted by a new event and this may have far reaching consequences. There could be change in family dynamics, a change of residence or birth of a child in the family. There are newer responsibilities and financial management needs to be looked at anew. There is increase in the spiritual interest as well and some of the Scorpios may undertake a pilgrimage.

    (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

    Sagittarius The week brings mixed results for the Sagittarius born individuals. There is a possibility of travel abroad, especially for work. There could be significant increase in your responsibilities. At the same time, there could be unnecessary office politics or rivalry affecting the environment. You need to do your part taking adequate care of details and safe keeping of important documents. Do not pass on any information shared with you in good faith.

    Javeed Ansari
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results


    (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

    Capricorn The coming week is all about work for the Capricorn born individuals. You may need to be cautious about your attitude as well as your interactions. It would be best to keep a mild tone and avoid any unnecessary arguments. Stay away from gossip and avoid giving your opinion on any controversial matter. Later half of the week could bring opportunity to rub shoulders with someone influential. A family get together is possible.

    (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

    Aquarius The Aquarius born individuals could be emotionally affected during this period, so it is quite important to have a touch with reality and know where your priorities lie. It also makes sense to reach out for help from a trusted friend or a mentor in order to take better decisions. Works requires you to travel more often and there could be exhaustion. There could be gain of money through an inheritance or a precious gift.

    Shri Rajkumar Tulshyan
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results


    (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

    Pisces The week may begin on a slightly difficult note. You could be faced with a sudden dilemma. There is a desire to start new things professionally but unfinished old commitments could pose a challenge. There are some financial concerns as well. You may need to work extra hard on your interpersonal relationships as well. Thinking before you speak can help. There could be a small holiday towards end of week.

    Guruji Shrii Arnav-

    Spiritual Guru, mystic, yogi, Astrologer & Author. He is one of the leading experts & professionals in the field of gems and Gemology. He is also an Accredited Jewelry Professional from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). He is the horoscope columnist and astrologer of the Deccan Herald-a Leading English Daily Published from India. He is widely credited with standardizing Gem Therapy & spreading the knowledge of Jyotish Gemstones at a larger scale.

    He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book The Secrets of Jyotish Gems

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