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    Sometimes we step back "NOT"because we are scared but to gain - MOMENTUM. With Dear Guruji Shrii Arnav's Aashirvad( Blessings) & the power of Jyotish Gemstones we perform mind bending feats & bring "positive change" in our dear Patrons' Life.Show MoreSharing some cherished moments from the Peak Performance workshop. We thank our patrons( At Gemstoneuniverse- You are never a customer-You are our family) who graciously make us a part of their lives. Our Motto: Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus- Pleasing to God & to Men.

    On December 13th 2019, Abhijita Kulshrestha was invited by NDTV as a relationship expert to share her views on Challenging relationships in complicated times. For more details please click here.

    Mr. Dv Shankar has used real Jyotish Gemstones and shares his experiences using Gemstones and sheds lights on the question," Do Gemstones Work". Jyotish Gemstones are a special class of Gemstones that help us achieve goals of health, wealth, happiness and More.

    Powerful Life Changing effects of Astrology Gemstones Raj Kumar shares his journey

    Rare Natural Colombian Emerald of 4.246 carats set in 22K Gold Ring for Mercury as per Astrology. Notice the brilliant lustre of this beautiful gemstone. Brimming with powers of Mercury it is Gemstones like this that deliver exceptional results.

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful & mysterious Peridot Gemstones come from the Soppat (Suppat), Manshera, Kohistan-Pakistan- Northwest Frontier Province.Show More This area is located around 11,000 feet in the Himalayas and produces Peridot that has high saturation of colour, brilliant lustre and high clarity.

    The Kabbalah Tree of Life Navaratna Gemstone pendant blesses with the 9 virtues of wisdom, intelligence, justice, mercy, beauty, firmness, splendor, foundation, kingdom leading to finding and flowering of the infinite truth within.

    The Gemstones that are used to harness positive energy and wavelengths of planets to bring about health, wealth & happiness are called as planetary gemstones. Planetary gemstones have special powers and features by which they bless us with good health, wealth and solutions to problems.

    Featured is a Natural Pearl- certified using X ray Radiography and X Ray Diffraction of 3.33 carats from Australia set in a silver ring.The Gemstone that has the energies of the planet moon as per Vedic Astrology texts is the White Natural pearl.Show More The Moon is white, calm and beautiful and the Natural pearl should have these basic attributes to qualify as a Moon Gemstone.

    The Gemstoneuniverse Boutique store located in Bangalore India is the part of the 15,000 square feet Gemstoneuniverse Center of Excellence located in the heart of Bangalore- Indiranagar. Show MoreThis boutique store is conceptualized on the lines of Vedic Astrology and the nature of planets and deals in unheated and untreated gemstones from all major mines of the world. Open from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 19:00 hours IST the store has been featured in all major media publications of the world. Having several firsts to its name one of the special features of the store is the assistance of Top Gem Professionals from premium Institutions Like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the Planetary Gemologists Association. Right from choosing a gemstone to shipment all departments are headed by professionals well versed in the Gem Trade. This facility was inaugurated in 2012 by His Royal Highness the Maharaja of Mysore.

    Gemstoneuniverse Reviews Tarunjeet Rattan Communications professional speaks on Impact of Gemstones, Astrology. She says India, Vedas,Gemstones and Astrology have much to offer to the world and when the whole world is benefiting from these sacred sciences why should we hold back.

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