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    Articles: Vedic Jewellery Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement ringsNEWS FEED

    Vedic Jewellery Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement rings

    An Epitome of Vedic Jewellery Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement rings-Celebrating Love & Stability

    Above: A supreme example of personalized Vedic Jewellery

    Diamonds as Engagement rings/ Diamonds as Wedding rings

    It was only in the 1940’s that the trend of exchanging a Diamond ring or band as a symbol of love during engagement or a wedding came in vogue. This was the result of a sustained marketing campaign that lasted over a hundred years.

    Since that time till now there is a very big market for Diamonds as engagement rings or wedding rings and this remains the gemstone of choice for these important occasions especially in the western countries.

    Also the standardization of the Diamond industry especially with respect to colour, clarity and cut makes it a much easier purchase than a colored gemstone.

    Vedic Jewellery

    The concept of wearing Jyotish Gemstones based on a highly detailed analysis of the birth chart goes back many thousands of years. Not just in the Hindu/ Culture but just about in every culture and civilization Colored gemstones have been used to bring good luck, harmony, for curing diseases and as protective charms besides also used for gain of wealth, love and a soul mate of choice.

    The use of Yellow Sapphire especially by women folk for a stable and happy married life is well known and documented. So also is the use of Diamond by men to gain love, luxury and an ideal life partner. Vedic Astrology also known as sidereal astrology is much more detailed then western astrology when it comes to gem prescription.

    In the hands of an expert Astro Gemologist one can find out the most auspicious and lucky gemstone set in the correct metal and gift it to one’s loved partner at the time of the engagement or a wedding. This practice is lucky, powerful and gets positive results as compared to wearing a generic Diamond ring or a Generic Sapphire Diamond Engagement ring.

    Today many individuals who have understood the rarity, beauty and durability of the colored gemstones and the magic and the power of Vedic Jewellery are opting for their personal Vedic Gemstones consisting of highly pure and saatvik gemstones also known as Jyotish Gemstones.

    Vintage Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement ring

    Astro Gemologist’s Notes for the Vintage Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement ring featured today:

    Featured today is a highly personalized Vintage Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement ring that is an epitome of Vedic Jewellery. The centre stone is a brilliant blue sapphire of 3.136 carats. This all nature, earth mined, unheated and untreated Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka is eye clean without a single blemish.

    Do view the video to assess the brilliant clarity of the gemstone. This is a Gemstone that is at the apex of the Gemstone Pyramid.

    This Blue Sapphire signifies purity, stability, strength, rarity and the promise of loyalty and honesty.

    The ring makes a magnificent statement when the Blue of the Sapphire contrasts with the pure dazzling white of the Diamonds. A total of 36 round brilliant Diamonds of same symmetry, color and clarity have been chosen to decorate the ring band.

    This melee of Diamonds adds to the style statement and the lux value of the ring. The total combined Diamond weight comes to 0.398 carats. Where the sapphire signifies loyalty and stability the Diamond’s signifies passion, love, luxury and bonding.

    A high personalized example of Vedic Jewellery that will stand the test of time and is fit to be passed on from one generation to another along with the beautiful memories associated with it.

    The Gemstoneuniverse Value addition:

    Notice the price of this Vintage Blue Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring, Even though the Gemstoneuniverse unmatched price guarantee if clearly spelt out on The Gemstoneuniverse portal and this beautiful piece with its unique features shall cost anywhere 6-10 times more anywhere else- wholesale, retail or high fashion, more than the price our choice of gemstones for their preferred and sacred colour, the personalized gem recommendation and the gemstone rarity and value makes the Gemstoneuniverse value stand out. Every single gemstone at the Gemstoneuniverse portal is unique, beautiful, and full of lustre and soul stirring. When we procure the gemstones our single minded focus is to ensure that our patron gets a gemstone that is beautiful, of value and connects with them at a soul level.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in July 2015 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone                                                        Natural Blue Sapphire

    Weight                                                              Blue sapphire 3.136 carats/Diamond_0.398 carats (36 pieces)

    Treatment                                                        None. Fully Natural and untreated.

    Origin                                                                Srilanka / Ceylon

    Planetary Energy                                            Saturn

    Patron Location                                              CALIFORNIA/USA

    All inclusive Price                                            $ 1,302.95 / INR 82,724.882

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