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    Vedic Gemstones Rings- Let Divinity Enter your life

    Huge Selection of auspicious & pure, Certified Vedic Gemstones rings to uplift the spirit and harness the planetary energies.

    What are Vedic Gemstones?

    Gemstones having special characteristics and used to harness the energies of the planets governing destiny as per Vedic Astrology are classified as Vedic Gemstones or more appropriately Jyotish Gemstones.

    Characteristics of Vedic Gemstones and Vedic Gemstones rings

    Gemstones are those that are basically precious, rare, beautiful and durable but Vedic Gemstones or Jyotish Gemstones go a step further. Shastras- The sacred texts call them as “Sujati” meaning high born and of an impeccable class. In Short Vedic Gemstones are:

    - Beautiful

    - Natural and untreated.

    - Of a Particular desired Colour

    - Exceptionally clean.

    - Well cut for maximum play of light.

    - Of a particular recommended weight after a thorough analysis of the Astrological Birth chart

    - Free from any of the flaws listed in the sacred texts.

    It is Gemstones of this superior quality that have the capacity to make a positive impact on the individual and bring in desired results such as good health, gain of wealth, promotion in career, resolution of long standing problems etc.

    For more extensive information on what exactly are Jyotish Gemstones please click here.

    Vedic Gemstones rings

    Once a Gemstone passes all the criteria listed above and has been selected after analysis of the birth chart it has to be mounted in a ring in an auspicious time. Such a ring is then consecrated and energized as per a particular procedure to empower and purify it to receive the energies of a particular planet.

    Such a Vedic Gemstone ring is then worn in an auspicious and a powerful Muhurata( Time chosen as per electional astrology) so that it delivers the most powerful results for the individual from whom that Vedic Gemstone ring has been made for.

    Find Below the list of Gemstones that represent the Vedic Gemstone ring for a particular ascendant or a moon sign.

    Sign/ Ascendant

    Gemstone for Making Vedic Gemstone ring


    Red Coral






    Natural Pearl








    Red Coral


    Yellow Sapphire


    Blue Sapphire


    Blue Sapphire


    Yellow Sapphire



    Rarity of Vedic Gemstones

    It is firstly important to understand the difference between a stone, gemstone, crystal or a mineral and that can be found here.

    Vedic Gemstones with their desired characteristics are very rare. They are at the apex of the Gemstone Pyramid. Overall it is an accepted fact that only around 2% of all Gemstones in the world are natural and untreated gemstones.

    With the special features that Vedic Gemstones have once has to select the cream from these 2% making them truly rare and special. It puts them beyond reach of a vast majority and those still interested in harnessing the benefits of Planetary Gem Therapy should seriously consider the use Uparatnas- Semi Precious Gemstones. After receiving the benefits from the Uparatanas one can graduate to wearing primary Vedic Gemstones listed above.


    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in July 2015 Table Natural Colombian Emerald Gemstone Facts


    Natural Colombian Emerald




    None. Fully Natural



    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location


    All inclusive Price

    $ 7138.60 / INR 452,383.433


    Gemologist’s Notes for the Vedic Gemstone ring featured today:

    Do have a look at the video to appreciate the exceptional beauty of this Vedic Gemstone ring. The Emerald is an exceptional Colombian emerald with a intense grassy green colour with vivid and high saturation. All of 2.337 carats the colour is intense and equally spread all over the emerald. There is no variance of shade in this entire piece. This emerald was selected as per the sacred shades in Emerald. Cut in a classical Emerald cut, have a look at the clarity. Emerald as a Gemstone is always included this all natural emerald has a clarity level of 95% and above. The ring shanks are adorned with the sacred symbols of Mercury. Truly auspicious this Vedic Gemstone ring shall deliver the best results that Planet mercury has to offer to the individual.

    It is just not a Vedic Gemstone ring. This particular emerald makes it to the top of the line gemstones and is a “Collectible” handed over as an heirloom from one generation to another.


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