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    What is Vedic Gemstone Gem prescription & what does it do


    Above: Holy Cross Pendant with Vedic Gemstones

    Vedic Gemstones

    Gemstones that are chosen by a through analysis of the Vedic Birth chart also known as Kundli are often referred to as Vedic Gemstones. Each prescribed gemstone represents the energy of the planet and harnesses that energy to bring about a positive outcome in life.

    Vedic Gemstones have been used since time immemorial by statesmen, celebrities, actors and people from all walks of life with considerable success. If prescribed and recommended properly real Jyotish Gemstones can bring profound positive changes in life.

    What is a Vedic Gemstone Prescription/ Gem Prescription & what does it do for you

    A Vedic Gemstone/Gem prescription is prescribing of gemstones as per Indian Astrology after thorough  analysis of the birth chart & objectives of the individual.

    Common objectives for Gem Prescription and Gemstone Recommendation

    Some of the most common goals/ objectives/ aims for getting a Gem recommendation are:

    - Gain of Good health, healing of diseases.

    - Gain of wealth.

    - Betterment of communication skills and abilities.

    - Increase of courage and initiative.

    - Gain of fixed assets such as Land, building, apartment and vehicles.

    - Gain of children also improvement of Children.

    - Excellence in education and studies.

    - Increase of valour, strength, competitive edge and victory over enemies and obstacles.

    - Gain of love, marriage and romance.

    - Gain of legacy and inheritance.

    - Gain of new opportunities, success in travel and in abroad countries.

    - Gain of recognition, acclaim and honours.

    - Gain of professional success/ success in career.

    - Success in business and entrepreneurship.

    - Attainment of spiritual goals. Success in meditation, yoga etc.

    - Better Quality of Sleep, relaxation and rest.

    Methodology of Vedic Gem Prescription/ Vedic Gemstone recommendation

    The methodology of accurate and a result oriented Gemstone prescription is quite complex and a thorough analysis of the birth chart should be made before a Gemstone is suggested to an individual. Detailed methodology can be accessed here however some of the major points that a competent Astro Gemologist has to analyse and keep in mind are:

    - Complete and thorough analysis of the birth chart including divisional charts.

    - Any special combinations or yoga’s occurring in the birth chart.

    - Any typical or peculiar limiting combinations in the birth chart.

    - Analysis of the planetary position of the planet whose gemstone will lead to maximum fulfilment.

    - Analysis of the present condition and time of the individual.

    - Analysis of the objectives and future goals of the individual.

    Choice of Gemstones after Gem Prescription

    After the problem areas have been identified and the goals of the individual are fully understood a Gemstone recommendation is made with the accurate weight of the gemstone along with the metal in which the gemstone will deliver best results. Other considerations may include wearing in the fingers or as a pendant etc. The birth chart is the best pointer to all these considerations and questions.

    If the Gemstone recommendation follows the methodology above and true Jyotish Gemstones of high quality, great transparency, fully natural and free from any of the flaws as listed in the sacred texts are chosen one is assured of a life changing experience for the better. Gem therapy in such a case would be accurate and rewarding.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2015

    Gemologists Notes for the Jyotish Gemstone Talisman Featured today

    Gemstones in the Talisman with notes


    Weight in Carats



    Red Coral

    2.67 carats


    All Natural Certified by Raman Spectroscopy

    Cats Eye Chrysoberyl

    1.39 carats

    Sri Lanka

    Magnificent Chatoyancy

    Unheated Ruby

    1.06 carats


    Deep Intense Red with over 95% clarity

    Natural Yellow Sapphire

    1.18 carats

    Sri Lanka

    Golden Canary Yellow, Eye clean

    Natural Pearl

    1.72 carats

    Basra Pearl

    Flawless, certified by X Ray Radiography and description


    Some things do not need words to explain the beauty or the significance. This is one such Jyotish Gemstone Talisman.

    Note: Thank you dear patron for your gracious testimonial.

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