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    Articles: Enemy Gemstones for positive results | Navratna Vigyan the pride of AsiaNEWS FEED

    Use of mutually inimical Gemstones for positive results- Navratna Vigyan the pride of Asia

    Gemstoneuniverse Signature Talisman Having Hessonite and Natural Pearl



    Use of mutually inimical Gemstones/ Enemy Gemstones for positive results- Navratna Vigyan the pride of Asia

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in October 2012 Table Natural Hessonite & Natural Pearl Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Hessonite Natural Pearl
    Weight 3.24 carats 2.39 carats
    Treatment None. Fully Natural None, fully Natural
    Origin Srilanka Australia
    Planetary Energy Rahu Moon
    Patron Location Mumbai, India
    All inclusive Price $ 1223.41 / INR 65942
    Comments The essence of Vedic Gem Therapy lies in accurate diagnosis of planetary position and accurate recommendations that bring about specific results, positive results. In majority of the cases we come across we see a poor diagnosis, an average recommendation, poor quality gemstones and hence Gem Therapy Failure.


    Average recommendations in general based just on the Lagna chart, or recommendations based on Rashi/ Moon Sign or Nakshatra/ Constellation. Such recommendations lead to poor results. Most of the software based recommendations fail because majority of them are based on preset algorithms that recommend the gemstones of 1 st house, 5 th house and the 9 th house of the Ascendant/ Lagna Chart.


    What is a good recommendation?

    A good recommendation is one in which the objective of the individual is primary. The very first assessment should be, is the objective of the individual realizable or not? If yes then:

    - Are their specific limiting conditions that are a deterrent in achievement of the objective?

    - Is it possible by Gem therapy to address these conditions?

    - What are the Key planets that can help in achievement of the objective?

    - It is wise and safe to boost the energies of that planet/ planets by Gem therapy?

    - Has a thorough investigation been made and verified using several charts. For example if the individual has a professional objective besides the Ascendant, Moon Chart, the Dasha Chart one should also minutely investigate the Dashamsa/D10 chart for an accurate analysis.

    The above are just some of the key points that the consultant has to keep in mind. Unless specific Key combinations are not addressed wearing any gemstone shall not bring in any appreciable change. For an appreciable change that can be measured one has to unlock the true potential of the horoscope.


    General Recommendations and poor results.

    One has to understand that there are no good planets or bad planets. There are planets that give good results and bad results as per their positions in the chart. For example in Aries ascendant in general the planetary gems that are considered are Red Coral ruled by Mars, Yellow Sapphire ruled by Jupiter and Ruby ruled by the Sun. But what happens if Rahu dasha is operational?

    Rahu Dasha is an 18 year long dasha and the dasha lord gains primary importance as it affects all sectors of life. In such a case the first Gemstone that should be analysed is for Rahu after analysing its planetary position in several charts and keeping in mind the factors discussed above. One just cannot ignore an 18 year life span.

    If Jupiter is exalted in the chart and Yellow Sapphire is worn Jupiter shall give good results but Jupiter shall give its own results and not have anything to do with Rahu.

    If you have work in the agriculture ministry why would you go to the finance ministry? Accurate diagnosis and recommendation makes to you to the right ministry that is straight to the heart of the issue without taking a circuitous route which is both time consuming and wasteful.

    How to use mutually inimical Gemstones/ Gemstones of contradictory Planets:

    Use of mutually inimical gemstones has its own place of pride in Navratna Vigyan-The Sacred Science of the Nine Precious Gemstones, however the use of these gems should be based on a strong and accurate analysis and your recommendation should come from a reliable authority. The reasons for recommendation should be clearly stated and explained.

    If these conditions are fulfilled- be ready to enjoy the power of Gem Therapy. This science is so vast and full of wonders one just has to find the right one. That is the reason why this scared science is the gift to the world from Asia, It’s the pride of Asia.

    The talisman featured today: Conception to Creation story

    The talisman featured today is a special one. This Gemstoneuniverse signature talisman is a special one because the client, consultant and the bench jeweller were equally intensively involved in its creation.

    See the sketch of the Talisman presented to the bench jeweller to assess feasibility of design and ensuring that the precious gems are safe and the design is empowered that the gems works for the purpose of Gem therapy. The sketch was made by the consultant and the client together.


    The sketch of the Talisman made by Consultant and The client for approval of the Bench Jeweler The sketch of the Talisman made by Consultant and The client for approval of the Bench Jeweler

    This leads to harmony of thought and the designs gets a distinct character influenced by the personalities and the thought processes of the key individuals involved in design. Observe the attention to detail. If the client and the consultant get involved to such a degree in creation then we are sure that good results are to follow.

    Gorgeous and Lustrous eye clean Hessonite that is so sparkling bright. The sheer scintillation adds to the magic of this Saatvik Gomedh making it a pure and true Jyotish Gemstone. Add to that the calming energies of the moon with a fantastic organic natural pearl from Australia and the vision of the client and consultant finally took shape in the finished piece to create once in a lifetime talisman that will be a blessing throughout the life.

    Opt for a Gem Therapy that brings fantastic results. Results that you can measure! Results that you will appreciate

    To view The Hessonite before it was set please click here.

    To view The Natural Pearl before it was set please click here.

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