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    The Panchratna Talisman-Powerful shift in the consciousness – Something that can put you in touch with who you really are

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    The Love of Christ, the compassion of Buddha & the Divine Synergy of the 5 sacred elements!


    Vedic Astrology Gemstones Remedies-The Pancharatna Talisman

    When you look at the panchratna talisman/ pancharatna talisman- panch=five: Ratna:gemstones, you cannot help but wonder, not only about its magnificence and beauty but also about its owner who has to be innately special and powerful to absorb and hold the energies simultaneously. The panchratna talisman has been created using top jyotish quality, flawless, eye clean, natural, untreated, unheated gemstones – yellow sapphire, ruby, cat’s eye, red coral and natural pearl. Vedic Astrology Gemstones are gems of special abilities.

    Designed after much and careful thought, the talisman has imbibed the best within itself. The energies that govern every individual are basically the same but are known variously across the world. Whether you choose to look at it in the likeness of the holy cross that identifies with the Christian faith, or in the likeness of the dhamma chakra of Buddhist tradition, the pure saatvik energies and divine grace radiating from the talisman are both clear and apparent.

    This particular talisman is extremely powerful in that it combines the representation of the panch tattvas or the panch mahabhootas (the five basic elements that go into the make of any human being) with specific meaning to this patron, into a single talisman and makes Planetary Gemstone therapy very powerful

    It is the delicate balance and harmony of these elements that determine the balance and harmony which would in turn manifest in the life of an individual. Any excess or deficit in any one or more of – earth, water, fire, ether or air leads to an imbalance in the corresponding aspect of life. For instance if there is less of fire, the individual finds it very difficult to assert oneself. Or if there is excess of water, the decision making capacity is poor and mind is always in a flux!

    This talisman is a powerful creator of balance, and enhancer of perceptiveness and overall creates the foundation of personal power that is calm, just, balanced and yet majestic! It is about the effect of a presence that quietens everything else around and creates spell-binding awe.

    The gems have been set in gold and silver has been appropriately used to provide the ‘seat’ for pearl. Vedic texts prescribe specific metals for stones and pearl must be set in silver. See the attention to Detail.

    Only the Natural Pearl has been bezel set in sterling silver and the sacred symbol of the divine moon has been handcrafted in silver.

    Another notable feature is that each gem has the symbol of its corresponding deity, standing in relief next to it. One has to notice clearly that the planetary symbols are singularly or a combination of circle, semi circle or a cross where circle represents the spirit and consciousness; the cross represents a very gross state- a state of tangled-ness with worldly objects and desires. The semicircle represents a state where it is neither, wholly spirit or wholly ‘of the world’! The placement of these elements to form a symbol is actually descriptive of the nature of that planet or the nature of its energies.

    The panchratna talisman is not just a gem talisman but brings indescribable added value by incorporating the highly symbolic elements within it.

    Made for a special patron with very special planetary positions it is one of those special talismans that shall occupy a place of pride in the Gemstoneuniverse heritage.

    Gemstoneuniverse Table of Natural Gems Facts

    Gemstone Weight Origin Comments
    Ruby-Centre Piece 1.18 carats Mozambique Fine Color, Fully Natural
    Ruby- On Pendant Hook .34 carats Burma Mogok Imperial Pigeon Blood color, unheated, top quality
    Yellow Sapphire 2.07 carats Sri Lanka Unheated, Loupe clean
    Natural Pearl 2.10 carats Australia Organic, fully natural, spotless white
    Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl 1.6 carats Sri Lanka Fine Chatoyancy, no blemishes, untreated
    Red Coral 3.07 carats Japan Top Ox Blood Red Color, Certified Organic


    Patron Location: Glendale, CA, USA



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