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    Healing Powers of Planetary Gemstones


    A horseshoe pendant talisman having 5 flawless planetary Gemstones. Pic Courtesy:


    What are planetary gemstones?

    The Gemstones that are used to harness positive energy and wavelengths of planets to bring about health, wealth & happiness are called as planetary gemstones. Planetary gemstones have special powers and features by which they bless us with good health, wealth and solutions to problems.

    History has seen a tremendous belief in the healing powers of planetary gemstones and it has not died out as a crazed belief either. From ancient history to this modern day, many believe planetary gemstones have mystic healing abilities that can heal the mind, body, and soul. Different planetary gemstones have different healing powers and it is generally preferred to wear them set in silver. Here is a list of some of the healing powers of Planetary Gemstones

    Amber: Relaxing gemstone. Helps memory loss, removes headaches, prevents heart problems, and provides relaxation and relieves stress

    Amethyst:  Gemstone of peace, courage, and strength. Cures insomnia, arthritis, and blood flow problems. Amethyst is a planetary gemstone that represents the powers of the planet Saturn

    Aquamarine: Gemstone for removing fear and nervousness. Helps the liver, stomach, throat, jaw, teeth, ears, and eyes. This planetary gemstone represents the healing powers of Planet Venus.

    Citrine: Gemstone of better hearing. It is also known to aid you in success and better thinking

    Red Garnet: Gemstone of love, passion, intimacy, and closeness. It helps the blood, heart, and lungs. The Red Garnet Planetary Gemstone Represents the powers of the planet Sun.

    Lapis Lazuli: Gemstone of promoting honesty and innovation. Known to help insomnia and depression

    Onyx: Gemstone of spirituality. Helps you attain control over your emotions

    Pearl: Gemstone of calmness. Pearls also work to bring pureness, charity, honesty, and loyalty

    Peridot: Gemstone that increases fortune. It also helps control anger and jealousy, promotes better relationships, and slows down the aging process. The planetary gemstone Peridot has the energy of the planet Mercury.

    Ruby: Gemstone of helping emotions. Ruby’s healing characteristics relate to happiness, honesty, and loyalty. It is a gemstone that is good for the heart and represents the energy of the planet Sun.

    Blue Sapphire: Inner peace and meditation gemstone. It also provides creative expression and releases pain, it is the planetary gemstone of the planet Saturn.

    Topaz: Controlling emotions gemstone. This powerful gemstone also helps prevent greediness

    Turquoise: Gemstone of balance and healing. This gemstone provides calmness and acceptance

    These are only a few of the many gemstones that provide healing powers. As apparent, all gemstones are unique in their healing abilities. It is often believed that every individual has his or her own special gemstone that relate to the individual’s birth and the planetary alignment at the time of birth, and that gemstone’s powers work best for the individual better than other gemstones. A personalized gemstone is calculated after a thorough analysis of the birth chart and examination of the planetary positions. A well suited Planetary Gemstone definitely helps attaining success, health and peace etc.

    Weight and Quality of the Planetary Gemstone

    The accurate weight of the Planetary Gemstone sometimes also known as Jyotish Gemstone is calculated after examination of planetary positions and several other factors of the birth chart. What is most important is that the planetary gemstone should be fully natural, free from any enhancing treatment, have a great colour, clarity and luster amongst many other things. A Planetary gemologist with expertise can help you choose your personalized and cherish planetary Gemstone.


    The author, Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Director and senior astro-gemologist at gemstoneuniverse. She is a GIA and PGA certified astro-gemologist. Abhijita is also an NLP practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida.

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