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    What is Sacred Geometry | The Mystical Tetractys

    Flower of Life

    The universe is a mathematical entity. Much as some of us may personally abhor or dread the mention of mathematics, truth of the matter actually lies in numbers.

    What is Sacred Geometry


    While geometry is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the properties, measurements and relations of points, lines, surfaces, angles, solids etc and their relation to space, sacred geometry concerns itself with the architecture of the universe – the underlying connectedness of all structures and forms within a mathematical framework. From the workings of the smallest element in the nature to the largest of phenomenon, it seeks to understand the order of things.


    If one were to observe the shape form and proportions of objects and entities with their diagrammatic representations, it would amaze one to witness nature’s precision in packing in the tiniest of pinion to larger complex parts within a limited space! And mind you, the designs of nature work with clockwork precision! For instance (for a simplistic view) just look at the compact packing of pomegranate arils within the limited space with perfect packaging, or at the cross-section of a honeycomb with hexagons visible where one wonders if the honeybee’s are Euclid’s protégés!

    Man is the measure of all things

    Or look at the human body, anatomy and functioning to the smallest detail and wonder - what would have gone into making it the way it is! Ancient civilizations, as is evident from the architectural remains considered the circle, square and the triangle as perfect shapes. Leonardo da Vinci in his famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man has the human body in a framework of square and circle.

    The Vitruvian Man

    The Vitruvian Man

    The ancient concept, especially that of sacred measurements was based on body proportions (foot as a unit, horses height measured in hands, concept of yard). Vitruvian man was named after Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, a Roman author, architect, and engineer. Vitruvius who wrote 10 volume series reasoning that all sacred architecture should be based on proportions based on as they exist in human body and that architecture is an imitation of nature. For instance, if one measured the length of the bones in the hand, the metacarpals and phalanges – it can be found that the length of these bones is in the golden ratio. 

     Phi ratio in bones of the hand

    Phi ratio in bones of the hand

    Nature’s sense of geometry is worthy of reverence, each of its work delivers optimised functioning with the help of a cleverly designed form, using just the right amount of energy. It is geometry and its variations that are at the base of all shape and form.

    Sri Yantra

    The Shri Yantra

    The seven Chakras

    The seven Chakras

    The cathedral architecture in the West and the temple architecture in the East are both based on sacred geometry. A place of worship is powerful in the sense that it is a bridge between man and his creator. An equation that links them is a blend of number, geometry, harmony and balance! In Hinduism, the complex yet precise and highly meaningful diagrammatic representations of chakras, yantras are an ode to this delicate mathematical rhythm of the universe. And the examples fan be found not just in India. Take a look at the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia and Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

    Temple of Borobudur

    Temple of Borobudur

    Angkor Wat Cambodia

    Angkor Wat Cambodia

    The ultimate work of sacred geometry is the Indian tradition of architecture or Vaastu Shastra where precise mathematical measurements, directions, numbers, squares, ratios etc. form the architectural premise.

    Vaastu Purush mandala

    Vaastu Purush mandala



    Of points, lines, surfaces and solids

    The Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, Indians, Mayans and all ancient civilizations were well aware of the principles of sacred geometry – the golden ratio (Phi; 1 : 1.618), the golden angle (222.5degrees), golden rectangle, golden spiral (from shape of nautilus to spiralling galaxies) pervading the universe around us and used it in their temples / religious architecture. They understood the importance of five shapes or the Platonic Solids – the tetrahedron, the hexahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron, the icosahedron.

    Platonic Solids



    Golden Ratio Phi

    Golden Ratio Phi

    Golden Ratio Phi

    Johannes Kepler who was the famed mathematician and astronomer, was also the astrological advisor to Emperor Rudolph II. He wrote the book Mysterium Cosmographicum, wherein exposition on the abovementioned five shapes is there. These Platonic Solids together fitted well into the circle and were thought to form the basis of all shapes.


    The Tetractys



    Then there were the Pythagoreans who revered the Tetractys and held it as the essence of divinity. They even took a sacred oath on it. Tetractys is an arrangement in four rows - dots stacked one, two, three and four to form an equilateral triangle. In the world of sacred geometry, the Tetractys is a very powerful symbol attributed to Pythagoras (who believed that the truth of creation is within the Tetractys).

    According to Pythagoras, the numerical intelligence of the Universe was represented by the Tetractys - a triangular arrangements of ten dots, with one on top, two on the second row, three on the third and four on the fourth. Ten was considered the perfect number.

    Each row of the Tetractys is symbolic and has a larger meaning to it and can be interpreted differently. The image of Tetractys actually conveys at a sublime level the order of creation starting at unity or divine Oneness (one dot/ monad), splitting into duality (concept of line connected by two dots/ dyad), surface or plane (formed by connecting three dots/ triad) and lastly four dots enabling the formation of a tetrahedron, a 3-dimensional figure that could hold volume, explaining manifestation of existence. Life as we know it today – forms, shapes objects can exist in the 3 dimensional space!  

    Followers of Kabbalah also believe that the Tetractys is an illustration of existence, of the way everything is structured in the universe. Only in that they have replaced the dots with the Hebrew alphabets of the tetragrammaton YHWH, representing Yahweh or name of God. The concept of Holy Trinity as represented by the four sides of the triangle exists in variations in several world religions.



    The high symbolism of sacred geometry and its encoding in structures and forms has been a committed practise, whether it is the temples, yantras , chakras and mandlas of Hinduism or Buddhism, the pyramids of the Egyptians, the structures of Maya, Aztecs and Incas etc. One can see a commonality, irrespective of the faith when the symbols are laid together.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in September 2013 Table Natural Organic Red Coral Gemstone Facts


    Natural Organic Red Coral


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    Featured here is a fantastic bespoke talisman – a natural and organic Italian red coral of 8.63 carats set in 14 karat yellow gold. The triangle shaped coral has a smooth blemish free surface and has the Mediterranean ox blood color.

    The ring has the Tetractys – a symbol from sacred geometry, in relief on the shank on one side and the symbol of Scorpio on the other side. Messages “Know thyself” and “Follow God” have been inscribed in Greek alphabets on the ring shank too.

    Natural red Coral is the gemstone of planet Mars and has the capability to bestow the wearer with exceptional courage and strength.

    Enjoy it in Video:



    Abhijita Kulshrestha is a communications professional and held the position of Research Associate at MICA- Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad before becoming certified Planetary Gem Advisor from PGA Thailand. At present she is a senior consultant at She is a certified NLP Trainer and AJP from Gemological Institute of America-GIA

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