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    Understanding Sun's Planetary Energy - Knowing the Heavenly Father

    What is the message of the Sun in your birth chart? The Impact of Sun in 12 houses of the horoscope. Is Victory, Health, prosperity a given or there is more to it. Detailed Astrological explanation


    That which is under our noses remains quite invisible to us. Nothing can be truer than this.

    And it definitely takes a rude shock to jolt us awake and see reality - the truth of things, as they are and not as we desire to see.

    While I have been practising astrology for quite a long while now, the passing away of my father shook me up rudely from a slumber to really go in search of the father energy that has suddenly vanished from my life.

    Automatically, attention turns to the pitamaha Surya, the grand nourisher of everything in the universe - impartially, always, whether good or bad, flowers or thorns, robbers or saints - each one getting the same amount of heat and light from that one source!

    Sun or Surya is the pratyaksha devata - the one visible God and luminary who is present day after day, witnessing and guiding the life journey of all individuals and organisms, yet we barely but acknowledge this every day miracle.

    Sun is the king of the zodiac. It cannot be emphasised more that the quality of life of an individual can be determined first and foremost from the position of Sun in the horoscope. After all, a powerful king is capable of building a powerful kingdom and to the contrary a weak King may barely manage to keep things together.

    An exalted or a strongly posited Sun ensures life extraordinaire.

    Since the Sun is the aatmakaraka (significator of self) and controls the domains of self and ego, confidence, soul purpose an individual with a strong Sun in the birth chart moves from a place of tremendous conviction and confidence - in one's ideas as well as self.

    The need for external validation is little. (One may be pursuing a flawed or faulty idea but these are matters of influence from other planets too.) What can be said with certainty though is that such an individual builds an effective universe of activity around oneself.

    Likewise, if an individual's horoscope has a debilitated, afflicted or weakly posited Sun, the immediate issues arising are those related to lack of self-esteem and ill-placed expression of self-righteousness.

    Usually, the individual is unable to see one's true place in the hierarchy or accept where one stands. In these cases, there may be extreme discomfort with people in position of authority, in taking orders or being told what to do!

    Also commonly observed problems in this case relate to legal problems or issues with government or government officials and bureaucrats, police system, loss through commodity trading especially of gold etc. There may also be difference of opinion with father/ father figure or loss of father at an early age. Emotional or physical distance maybe present in relationship with father in some way.

    Sun's position in a particular Bhava/house may indicate an area in net brilliance for that position. And since this planet is the sole significative it may also indicate nice purpose or a big area of work in one's life time.

    Surya's position in various Bhavas/ houses and its influence

    (NOTE: Before you go on to read the following please understand that Sun is a functional malefic planet and its results are quite intense in nature. If Sun happens to be poorly posited in a horoscope or is not a yogakaraka, it may work from its lower principle and yield negative results in the mentioned areas.

    On the other hand if it is a yogakaraka or well posited it works from its higher principle and may bless an individual with great results pertaining to the Bhava it rules as well as resides in.)

    The Sun in Bhava 1

    The first house relates to one's self, physical appearance and health and levels of confidence among several others.

    Sun in this space gives intelligence but also an inflated ego.

    Its areas of influence are development of "self", expression of self, image, strength, intelligence, power.

    The Sun in Bhava 2

    The 2nd house pertains to earned wealth and income, speech and communication among others.

    Sun in this house can aid in and creation of big wealth, exemplary oratory skills making one a celebrated speaker with ability to influence mass audiences.

    The Sun in Bhava 3

    The 3rd house is about writing, authorship, media, communication, messaging, travel etc. among others. Sun in this house can make an individual a successful author, media professional, travel industry expert, give a career or extraordinary love for gems and jewellery.

    The Sun in Bhava 4

    The 4th house in a birth chart relates to land, property, vehicles, assets and enjoyment of material pleasures. Sun in 4th house can bestow ownership of properties; give gain from agriculture, amassing of assets, and enjoyment of worldly pleasures.

    The Sun in Bhava 5

    The 5th house is one of progeny, intellect, higher education and innate sense and knowledge carried through previous lives. Sun in the 5th house can boost creativity in a person - making one a successful artist, musician and even a sports person! An individual here could frequently make sudden gains.

    The Sun in Bhava 6

    The 6th house pertains to disease, debts and enemies / rivals. Sun, being functional malefic gives great results when posited in the 6th house. An individual with Sun in the 6th house thrives in competitive situations as it provides enough opportunities to prove oneself. It can bestow victory in legal battles and this individual is generally heavy on the opponents/ rivals.

    The Sun in Bhava 7

    The 7th house is all about marriage and interpersonal relationships. The 7th also represents West direction and Sun sets in the West making it a weak position for it. Sun in this Bhava can give ego issues in interpersonal relationships, generally this placement is not good for marital life.

    The Sun in Bhava 8

    The 8th house is one of death and transformation, hidden disciplines and buried treasures, inheritance etc. Sun in 8th house can give gain of inheritance, success in occult/ esoteric practices, successful career in espionage etc. The individual however may have self esteem issues as the soul significator gets trammelled in the subterranean realm.   

    The Sun in Bhava 9

    The 9th house in a horoscope is all about dharma, belief system, religion and travel abroad and immigration. Sun in this house can make successful evangelists, can give deep interest in and knowledge about religion and spirituality, gains through long distance travels and profitability through them.

    The Sun in Bhava 10

    The 10th house is all about work and professional life - karma. Sun in this house can give proficiency in professional life, leadership roles and outstanding position and great performance in place of authority. It can give a successful political career too.



    The Sun in Bhava 11

    The 11th house is one of profits and gains, social circle and extended family. Sun in this house can bestow mass popularity, make one an influential figure/ heavyweight, financially very stable and wealthy.

    The Sun in Bhava 12

    The 12th house is all about earnings from abroad, worries and anxiety, incarceration, being isolated in a prison, asylum or hospital. It is generally not a good position for worldly goals - there can be loss or fear of action from superiors, lot of mental activity that can exhaust and possibility of performing better away from one's country or home.


    Surya in the 12 zodiac signs

    Aries: Surya stands exalted in Aries. Sun in Aries makes one a pioneer in one's field and the individual can be a forceful dominant power, dynamic and a go-getter.

    Taurus: Here Surya is posited in its enemy sign owned by Venus. The individual with Sun in Taurus is grounded, popular and charming but is quite preoccupied with material world desires and this may actually impede spiritual progress.

    Gemini: Surya is in neutral territory here in the signed owned by Mercury. The individual with Sun in Gemini is versatile, has a multifaceted personality and has several skills. One is able to gain diverse perspectives on the same situation can be an excellent storyteller and an explainer of things, is a good conversationalist. 

    Cancer: Surya is in the friendly sign of cancer owned by its friend Moon. The individual with Sun in Cancer is likely to be emotionally very responsive and display strong caretaking behaviour; one is likely to regard himself or herself as the emotional nurturer and protector and can achieve heights and caretaking roles such as doctors, asylum givers, teachers, nurses, etc.

    Leo: Sun here finds himself in his own house, its mooltrikona and its own territory. The Sun in Leo is extremely self-assured and is aware of one's brilliance and expertise here. Surya can become extremely politically active and ambitious. Sun can make a person overbearing sometimes with this position.

    Virgo: The Sun is again in neutral territory in the house owned by Mercury. The individual with Sun in Virgo may find oneself excellent at critical exposition, championing of causes, political activism/ social activism, in the role of a reviewer and in rendering solutions for problems of any sort.

    Libra: Here Sun finds its self in debilitation in the enemy signed by Venus. Individuals with Sun in Libra tend to have it quite difficult throughout life as there is a basic sense of discomfort with any kind of authority. These individuals are always ready to fight for the underdogs, notwithstanding whether the situation can bring them harm! They look for parity in polarised settings and often end up having problems with powerful people. It takes time to understand dynamics of power.

    Scorpio: Here Sun finds itself in a friendly sign owned by Mars. There is a deep interest in creating mystery and mystique and projecting an important role in secret matters. The individuals with this position of Sun may have hidden reserves of secret knowledge or disciplines which the individual may not be willing to give up easily. It make a person secretive and cultivate several relationships for the several purposes they can serve; can be aggressive.

    Sagittarius: This is a good position for Sun as he is in the friendly sign owned by the priest and counsellor of the zodiac, Jupiter. Individuals with Sun in Sagittarius can influence mass opinion and especially in religious matters and those of philosophical doctrines. Individuals with Sun in Sagittarius can make for successful evangelists and teachers. These people are quite clear and focussed about what end goal they wish to achieve through their efforts and pursue it single-mindedly.

    Capricorn: Here Sun is in the enemy sign owned by Saturn. Individuals with Sun in Capricorn have tremendous business acumen and can often be found in leadership roles as they are quite disciplined in their approach - they know how to direct their energy and are capable of building politically big careers, shouldering big responsibilities and these individuals follow the traditional ways of ruling.

    Aquarius: Sun is again in the enemy sign ruled by the planet Saturn. These are individuals with Sun in Aquarius and you can find them in powerfully established in select circles, wildly popular outside the family but one can see that relationship with extended family may be affected by secret issue. These people are innovators and leaders with great charisma and they embrace technology and new ideas readily for moving forward.

    Pisces: The Sun is again in the friendly sign ruled by Jupiter and can be a great placement for writers, clairvoyants, dream guides and artists. In some cases individuals may just ideate without outcome. There is a need for discipline and focussed hard work to bring the innate creativity out with a tangible output.  Some careers where they may flourish are - as meditation guides, lab researchers, sanatorium workers, in jails and hospitals etc.

    Since Sun corresponds to the ego, too much or too less is unhealthy.

    Since Sun is the energy that lights up the world around us and causes jaagriti (awakening) or chetana (consciousness) in its most apparent form, this is an energy that cannot be left unexplored.

    Benefaction from the King can bestow the best of gifts in this life - whether spiritual or material.

    Individuals for whom Sun is a natural yogakaraka must wear a natural Ruby or a natural Red Garnet to harness its full power.

    In other cases, worship of Surya and Shri Ram and recitation of the Aditya Hridya Stotra can help in a big way.

    Abhijita Kulshrestha is Senior Director, Astrologer and Planetary Gemologist at Gemstoneuniverse.

    She is a certified Planetary Gem Advisor from the Planetary Gemologists Association and Accredited Jewelry Professional from the GIA and holds advanced Gemology Certification from the prestigious SSEF-The Swiss Gemological Institute.

    Abhijita is essentially a communication professional and holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism.

    She brings in a unique insight and perspective to Astrology and Planetary Gemology as she is also an NLP master practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida. Besides her involvement with Gemstoneuniverse Abhijita is also a blogger for top international publications like Huffingtonpost


    Clicking on Underlined Links will give more information about a topic. You can always come back to this page

    What Problems Can Astrology & Jyotish Gemstones Solve? Can they solve My Unique problems

    Which is the Best Gemstone Choosing Method | Which Gemstone Should I wear

     Do Gems Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the People-Why?.

    What results Can I expect from Jyotish Gemstones?

    In Quest of India’s Best Gemstone Astrologer.

    Tell me My Best Life Changing Gemstone

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