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    Some Clarity on Clarity in Colored Gemstones – A Scintillating Blue Sapphire Planetary Bhasma Ring

    Natural Blue Sapphire of 6.43carats Gemstoneuniverse


    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in October 2012 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Blue Sapphire
    Weight 6.43 carats
    Treatment None. Fully Natural,
    Origin Srilanka
    Planetary Energy Saturn
    Patron Location

    Missouri, USA

    All inclusive Price $ 3925 / INR 208017
    Comments There are several parameters that separate a stone from a real gem and they only increase in the world of colored gemstones. Not only is there a factor of sheer delight, there comes along with the package, a guarantee of lasting value that sets it miles ahead of competition.


    Featured today is an exception gem – a premium natural treatment free Ceylon Blue sapphire of 6.43 carats set in sterling silver as a Saturn talisman. The oval cut blue sapphire has a shimmery sky blue color aside of the fantastic jyotish weight. This blue sapphire from Srilanka, has superb clarity and has been cut and faceted masterfully. The ring is a planetary bhasma ring , where the sacred herbal ash of the herb Shami has been sealed in the tubular channels next to the gemstone. Also note that the symbol of Saturn stands in relief on the shanks of the gem.

    Natural Blue sapphire or neelam gemstone is the gem of Lord Saturn/ Shani and is used in a talisman to harness its energies. Blue sapphire can be worn by individuals with makar lagna or Kumbha lagna . In other words, those with Capricorn ascendant or Aquarius ascendant can wear a blue sapphire. The planet Saturn has lordship over the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

    The process of formation of different gem crystals has a different effect on the appearance of the gem. More violent the process of crystal formation viz a viz the strength and toughness of crystal, viz. the emerald, the more inclusions it will bear. While the parameter of clarity assumes a very important dimension in the world of natural diamonds, clarity is rather a relative concept in the world of colored gemstones.

    A precious colored gemstone with superb clarity is much rarer than diamonds. A gemstone with richer, darker shades is able to overshadow the inclusions with its rich saturation, while a light colored crystal will be quick to outline them. Determination of value of a colored gemstone therefore is contingent upon several parameters looked at relatively, quite unlike the way diamonds are !

    To read more about clarity of colored gemstones, click here .

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