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    Smart Gemstone Therapy: Powerful Results & Great Savings

    How to overcome budgetary constraints for effective and  rewarding Gemstone Therapy

    Picture above: Beautiful Exotic and rare Natural Pearls from Lot Luna

    At the time of writing this piece (14th June 2015) the most expensive and rarest Gemstone amongst all Navaratna gemstones used for Planetary Gem Therapy is the Natural Pearl.

    It is more expensive and rarer than a Ruby, White Sapphire or an Emerald.

    If Ruby is the King of Gemstones then Pearl is the Queen and this pristine august gemstone ruled by the benevolent energies of planet moon is a very rare gemstone.

    Less than 3%( yes, you read it right) of all pearls in the world are natural and when we are talking about Jyotish Quality Pearls then we shall have a selection of less than 1% from this 3%.

    Of course that is why we say” A Gem is for a Gem” and if you posses a natural pearl that is Jyotish Quality you yourself are a Gem.

    What exactly is a Jyotish Quality Pearl?

    Over the past 2 decades we have communicated several aspects and answered this question through our blogs, articles and videos and you can find this information using the search box on the top right hand corner of the Gemstoneuniverse website. Some most relevant links are added to the end of this write up for easy access. To Summarize:

    - A Jyotish Quality Pearl is made by accident in Nature by a mollusc.

    - A Jyotish Quality Pearl is fully Nacre.

    - The quality of Nacre is excellent, strong and blemish free.

    - A Jyotish quality pearl has a pleasing shape- round, button, oval or fancy.

    - A Jyotish Quality pearl has a fantastic blemish free highly shining surface that makes it appear as if it is emitting lustre.

    - A Jyotish quality Pearl used for harnessing the powers of the planet moon has pleasing preferred colour shades of white, off white, cream, and silver.

    - A Jyotish quality pearl is free from any of the flaws listed in the sacred texts that deliver bad and inauspicious results.

    - A Jyotish Quality Pearl should be accompanied with a certificate based on X ray Radiography and X ray Diffraction Tests.

    If a Pearl qualifies on all the criteria listed above you can safely say you have a Jyotish quality pearl that shall deliver the promised results only true Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

    That being said some important facts should be stated again even if they appear repetitive:

    - Less than 3% of all pearls in the world are natural  and out of this 3% Less than 1% of the pearls are Jyotish Quality

    - The natural pearl is so rare a gemstone that a 12+ carat natural pearl gets formed once in 10-15 years. The degree of rarity of formation of a 5 carat pearl is much more than a 3 carats which is much more than 1 carat.

    A Natural Pearl of any size provided it is Gem Quality and beautiful as per the Gem Pyramid is effective and is a collectible.

    - To get a pearl that fulfils are criteria above is a very challenging task and the price point may be prohibitive for some.


    How to do Smart Gem Therapy:

    Patron has made a saving of more than 300% by combining two natural pearls

    Patron has made a saving of more than 300% by combining two natural pearls

    Given today is an example of Smart Gem therapy that is empowering and gives excellent results without breaking the bank. The patron was advised a Natural Pearl of 2.75 carats to 3.25 carats in weight as per the astrological analysis of the chart.  Note the degree of weight and rarity as discussed above. As specified earlier a 3 carat pearl is rarer than a 2 carat pearl and a 2 carat pearl is rarer than a 1 carat pearl.

    The pricing of natural pearls follows geometrical progression and a 3 carats pearl can be anywhere from 2-6 times more expensive than a 1 carat pearl factoring in various quality parameters. The patron has implemented smart gem therapy getting inspiration from unique implementation of gem therapy and has avoided one of the pitfalls mentioned in Do Gems Work- No They don’t for 90% of the people-DELAY, by combining two Natural Pearls of 1+ carats to reach the recommended weight as per the chart.

    A single pearl of similar weight of 2.87 carats would have costed the patron approximately INR 177,891/ USD($) 2785 but the patron has made a ring with two natural pearls of 1.39 carats and 1.48 carats to make up a weight of 2.87 carats and paid an all inclusive price of $ 904.96 / INR 55,826.937.

    The Patron has

    -  Been able to make a saving of INR 1,16,065/- USD ($) 1881/-

    - The percentage in saving is around 318%

    - Collectible Pearls of the recommended weight at his comfortable price point.

    - His pearl combination will deliver powerful results for planet Moon.

    - He was able to do gem therapy and was able to avoid delay

    - Both the pearls are beautiful and at the top of the gem pyramid.

    An Astro Gemologists Tip

    Natural Pearls are very rare and if you have been recommended one and due to some reason so you cannot go in for a single pearl of a higher weight go in for two or three pearls to make up the weight. You shall get the same power and results but shall be able to do Gem therapy without coming under undue financial duress. If even this is not a solution then opt for a Natural Blue Sheen Moonstone. Do however note any Natural Pearl that is Jyotish Quality shall deliver great results irrespective of its weight. Remember as per the sacred texts it is all about quality and not about quantity. Table Natural Pearl Gemstone facts

    Gemstone                                                        Non Nucleated Natural Pearl / Nacre

    Weight                                                              1.39+1.48 carats (Total combined weight 2.87 carats)

    Treatment                                                        None, fully Natural. Radiography report & Certificate provided

    Origin                                                                Australia

    Planetary Energy                                            Moon

    Patron Location                                              USA

    All inclusive Price                                            $ 904.96 / INR 55,826.937



    Beautiful Exotic and rare Natural Pearls from Lot Luna

    Beautiful Exotic and rare Natural Pearls from Lot Luna

    New Lot of Natural Pearls Luna for Gemstoneuniverse Patrons:

    Perfection should be experienced and felt and sometimes verbosity kills the beauty and the rarity. Enjoy the Lot Video given below and feel the serene and genteel energies of every single pearl of the new Lot” Luna”. Each Pearl is a blessing of God and Fulfils all criteria of being a Jyotish Quality Pearl as explained in this article. Do get your share of magic and do share your magic story with as at an appropriate time. Team Gemstoneuniverse wishesyou well.

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