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    Saturn Transit in Gemini 2020-2023 | Saturn Transit dates | Saturn Transit

    Saturn Transit 2020-2023 - Saturn Transit in Gemini

    Saturn Transit in Aries 2020-2023 by Abhijita Kulshretha Ji

    Individuals born under this sign of the zodiac now begin the daunting 8th transit - Saturn now transits through the 8th house of death, tax related matters, inheritance and inexplicable fears or sense of loss. There could be challenging episodes, times where you may not be able to judge a situation correctly or events that cause you to have a sudden reaction and definitely not a well thought out one.

    It is absolutely important to hold your wits together and do adequate ground work before taking any major decisions. This is not the time to bicker and crib about division of assets or inheritance, although you feel that people take undue advantage of your easy-going nature. The need of this phase is to exercise patience and have a disciplined approach at work.

    You could be working with demanding or difficult individuals but in the longer run, this is only going to add to your experience and learning. Ego tripping may not be good in this situation. The other area which needs emphasis is communication - reticence to speak, long gaps in replying or a rough way of speaking could cause unnecessary trouble. You may need to rework the budget allotted for investing in a property or undertaking a renovation project.

    Health should be of utmost priority and this includes mental health as well.


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