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    Articles: Salman Khan Turquoise Bracelet and GemstonesNEWS FEED

    Salman Khan and the Power of Blue – The Indispensable Turquoise Charm Bracelet

    Salman Khan Turquoise Bracelet and Gemstones

    Salman Khan and his Famed Turquoise Bracelet in Ek Tha Tiger



    He’s the lone ranger of Bollywood – the star whose life has been most unpredictable and speculated about. But he’s also the guy who rides smoothly with easy charm, ‘bad boy’ magnetism and unbeatable machismo, into the hearts of millions. And what with numerous commercially successful films in his wake, Salman Khan is truly a superstar!

    What really catches attention about Salman Khan though is his Turquoise bracelet that has been his lucky charm for nearly the last two decades. It’s a large sky blue turquoise that sits in a platinum chain around his wrist. As the story goes, his father the eminent scriptwriter, Salim Khan gifted him the bracelet long ago and he’s always worn it ever since.

    He will soon be seen in the new movie under the Yashraj Films (YRF) banner – ‘ Ek Tha Tiger’ with Katrina Kaif, slated for release on the day of Eid 2012. He can be seen sporting the turquoise bracelet in the film too.

    Turquoise or Pheroza/ feroza gemstone is found widely in Tibet, Iran, Mexico and China. The color ranges from green to various shades of blue. Turquoise is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. It is usually fashioned as a cabochon, for it is an opaque gem.

    Turquoise is a gem that enhances the physical health and protects the wearer from evil. This gem is believed to change color, warning the wearer of impending danger. Metaphysical properties of Turquoise are many and among them what really stands out is that it helps one drop the negative energy and burdens of the past that obstruct personal progress. It helps an individual tap into one’s own intuition and set forward in pursuit of one’s destiny.

    Turquoise is a gem that was propably the earliest ones to be discovered. The Egyptians used the gem widely as well as the Aztecs, Pueblo Indians (who called it the ‘sky stone’) and also the people of Tibet. It was believed that the stone could invariably protect the wearer from accidents in journeys and battles, especially from falling off the horse.

    Turquoise as a healing gem has tremendous potential. In Vedic astrology, turquoise has the combined powers of Mercury as well as Ketu. The mystical element of Ketu brings in the sharpening of intuition and strengthening of the spiritual quotient of the individual. Turquoise helps an individual shun the trivial and move towards the essence of life. It is known as a ‘life stone’ in the oriental tradition and was kept on person life long, for connectedness with divinity and a firm rooting in reality.

    Salman Khan’s affinity for his bracelet has spawned a whole segment among his fans, who have got something in the likeness of his charm bracelet. The negative aspect of this trend is that plastic fashioned as turquoise , referred to as Taiwanese Turquoise, is being peddled widely and falsely as a genuine stone. The authentic turquoise has a smooth waxy top and a cabochon will always have a rough resinous bottom.

    Enjoy this interesting video about Turquoise :


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