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    Red and White Italian Coral Pendant – Planetary Gem Therapy/ Planetary Gemology  and Role of Natural Coral in Medical Astrology



    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2012

    Red and White Italian Coral Pendant – Planetary Gem Therapy and Role of Natural Coral in Medical Astrology

    Planetary Gem Therapy Secrets-Healing Diabetes& hypothyroidism

  Table Natural Organic White Coral & Natural Red White Coral Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Organic White Coral Natural Organic Red Coral
    Weight 9.60 carats 7.37 carats
    Treatment None None
    Origin Italy Japanese
    Planetary Energy Mars Mars
    Patron Location Bangalore / India
    All inclusive Price Withheld at Patron’s Request
    Comments Planetary gem therapy has a very extensive scope, in fact an all-encompassing scope. It is not just a tool for moving ahead in life but also for combating several setbacks and debilitating conditions including medical issues.


    Featured today is a two-gem pendant, where a natural and organic white coral is combined with a natural and organic Red coral pendant set in sterling silver. Both oval cut cabochons are fully natural treatment-free Italian corals with blemish free, smooth surfaces. The red coral has the coveted Mediterranean Ox-blood color and robust body. Coral is an opaque gem of organic origin.

    This particular Mars talisman has been specifically crafted to address a peculiar and particularly challenging medical condition. The individual in question has not even reached teens and has developed hypothyroidism, early onset of type II diabetes and is overweight ! Imagine the distressing condition of this young one.

    The individual has a Cancer ascendant with Saturn posited in the ascendant as per Vedic Astrology. With the onset of the seven and half year Saturn cycle , the maladies have come to the fore. According to Medical Astrology , Mars controls the Blood sugar among other things and will be able to combat the negative influence of Saturn. Cancer as a sign of the zodiac has control over the pancreas.

    Medical Astrology also outlines that the individuals with Cancer rising are hearty eaters and often suffer from afflictions caused by fondness for the wrong diet – the foods with little nutrition value. Saturn in Cancer gives a particular fondness for sugary foods – pastries and sweets, which can go to an almost obsessive level.


    Mangal-The Planet Mars Mangal-The Planet Mars

    Mars becomes the best bet for this individual as Mars is the most potent significator in a Cancer rising birth chart. In this particular case, it will aid in controlling weight and enhancing stamina.

    Red Coral also known as moonga/ praval and white coral also known as Safed moonga are both Gems that are repositories of Planetary energy of Mars / Mangal/ Angaraka/ Kuja .

    Accurate Information, Accurate Analysis, Accurate Diagnosis-Accurate Results!


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