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    Natural Hessonite Silver Ring

    It is quite likely in any part of the world that one may invariable find garnets to be a part of jewelry that has been handed down generation to generation. It has been a popular gem throughout. The name garnet has been taken from the appearance of the garnet crystals that appear in a literal seed like arrangement, akin to that within a pomegranate.

    Garnets as a species cover a wide variety and colors from alamandite, pyrope, uvarovite, demantoid, rhodolite etc. From a planetary gem therapy perspective, the most important garnet is hessonite garnet. It is a grossular garnet found in Srilanka as well as in some pockets of Brazil.

    The world of gemstones is very complicated and even more so as the awareness regarding gems is very limited. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the look-alikes of the cinnamon stone - the hessonite garnet.

    Brown zircon

    Brown Zircon

    Brown Zircon

    The cognac like rich color is appreciated much in natural zircon.

    Brown topaz

    Brown Topaz Ring
    Brown Topaz Ring courtesy

    Brown Topaz is sometimes irradiated to get a richer color.

    Brown tourmaline

    Brown Tourmaline
    Brown Tourmaline courtesy

    Madeira citrine

    Madiera Citrine
    Madiera Citrine courtesy

    Named after the famous Portuguese Madeira wine, for its red brown, honeyed caramel color, this is a warm gemstone.

    Coming to the real question - while these are just a few look-alikes, and if one throws in the glass imitations, the synthetics etc too. , how would you differentiate between the real and the other masquerading goods? The price for each species differs! Here is where the deeper factors like specific gravity, refractive index etc. of the materials come into play.

    Gemstoneuniverse gives you the advantage of certainty and provides gemstone certification for each of its gems. The certificate from a gem lab ensures and lists vital descriptions for you as a buyer and ascertains that you get what you ask for!

    This is not just true for hessonite but any gem available on
    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in February 2013 Table Natural Hessonite Gemstone Facts


    Natural Hessonite


    3.78 carats





    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    New Delhi / India

    All inclusive Price

    $ 426 / INR 23857


    Featured today is a natural and treatment free hessonite garnet of 3.98 carats from Srilanka set in Sterling silver as a Rahu talisman ring. The cushion cut hessonite is a lovely deep burn orange cinnamon in color, doing full justice to its name. The gem has excellent clarity and fiery embers in its belly!


    Hessonite also known as gomedh/ gomedhaka is the gemstone of the North node of the Moon or planet Rahu.

    Enjoy it in Video:



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