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    Articles: Rahu Ketu Transit 2019-2020-Predictions for all 12 SignsNEWS FEED

    Rahu Ketu Transit 2019-2020-Predictions for all 12 Signs Turn of the Wheel – Rahu-Ketu Transit 2019

    The shadow planets of Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are regarded as extremely important planets influencing the fate of individuals in Kaliyuga. It is a fairly well-known fact that these two are shapeless and formless - mythically the split halves of the same asura, the two extremities of a cosmic serpent – Rahu being the head and Ketu being the tail. Even in the Vedic chants dedicated to them, the description offered is a hazy reference to mystical entities – Rahu, the one of dhumra varna (smoke like) and Ketu a comet-like entity, having variegated colours - an amalgamation of different colours.

    Rahu is all about the temporal existence, while Ketu is pre-eminently about spiritual hunger and discovery of true purpose in life. Rahu is attachment/ moha/ aasakti and Ketu is everything to do with detachment - virakti. All individuals experience the opposing pulls within them at one point or the other. While sometimes the desire to achieve, win, dominate, attract may overwhelm; at other times, individuals may have moments where they grapple with disillusionment and pointlessness of all the chase.

    These two planets are always placed diagonally opposite to each other in a birth chart and are characterised by retrograde motion. The Nodes stay in a sign for close to 1.5 years before it is time for the next transit. And since these shadow planets get significantly influenced by, or take on the characteristic of the dispositors, they definitely add an element of complexity to the outcomes.

    When is the Rahu –Ketu Transit happening in 2019?

    Rahu and Ketu make a transit on March 7, 2019. Rahu will now move into the dual sign of Gemini owned by the planet Mercury. Ketu now moves into the sharp sign of Sagittarius owned by Jupiter. The interesting and somewhat worrisome fact is that Saturn is already in the sign of Sagittarius and Ketu will now co-habit with the big planet in this space. Imagine two malefic planets – stern and isolation causing agents coming together! The edge will have more edge! This will definitely spark off lots of events in the world - from economic challenges and restructuring of hierarchies to climate and weather phenomena bringing their own brand of challenges.

    It may also bring along a strong introspective streak within and propel individuals to explore new ways to find greater meaning. Rahu in Gemini spells amplified cerebral activity and spurt in creative curiosity of Mercury. However, derailing of focus and excessive airy quality to mind is also possible. Ketu in Sagittarius roots for sagacious aim. This desire born of Jovian impulses and influence, but due to its inherent comet-like nature, the interest fluctuates/ fizzles out soon too. The process is repeated several times over.

    Ketu conjunct Saturn also spells scattering of established structures - leading to disorder, rebellion and lawlessness. They maybe absence of guidance or authoritative control. A period of relative chaos and flux may lead to lots of uncertainty.

    Impact of Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for all 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Vedic Astrology Predictions for Rahu-Ketu Transit 2019 for all 12 signs

    Abhijita Kulshrestha
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    Aries/ Mesha Aries Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Aries:Rahu in 3rd house and Saturn - Ketu conjunction in the 9th house point to a year of lots of hard work, work that’s quite willingly undertaken. There could be few short distance travels and some long-distance ones too and these may be to unusual places. Decision-making capacity is affected and confusion prevails. Individuals may not want to toe the “regular” or the routine line. In order to be different, the choices made during this time maybe quite odd. It is best to confer with a father figure /mentor even if you dislike engaging or don’t agree with their points of view. Creative people may explore new themes. There could be some episodes of at work where your effort/ contribution may not necessarily be recognised or rewarded. Some of you may end up doing ghost-writing projects for others.
    Taurus/Vrishabh Taurus Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Taurus: The transit of Rahu and Ketu adds to the confusion and difficulty for the Taurus individuals. There is emphasis on money and wealth generation. There could be discontent with status quo and you seek to tilt things in your favour - new ideas, innovation, expansion or hiring of new staff - you may explore all methods to get ahead or get out of the stalemate that you currently face. You should be wary of sounding arrogant or making any big promises during this phase. You find yourself remarkably unafraid and risk-taking during this time but it is always best to avoid bravado. Steer clear of any substance abuse/ addictive habit. Saturn - Ketu conjunction may scatter old beliefs, ideas about life and death. Some Taurus folk should be careful about health issues relating to lower abdomen. Relationship with in-laws may become quite strained. Errors in financial records must be avoided at all costs.
    Gemini/Mithuna Gemini Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Gemini: Rahu - Moon conjunction in the 1st house and Saturn-Ketu conjunction in the 7th house spells a really odd situation for the Geminis. The former makes you delve into the innermost recesses of your mind enquiring about your own emotional needs, hidden potential and what you must do to lead a full life. There is focus on self - this is an area of caution as undue focus may cause some folk to be quick to feel hurt or seem egoistic in interactions. You may spend significant time /money on an idea that may or may not pay off. Individuals with anxiety and mental health issues should be careful. Gemini women must especially take care of health. Saturn-Ketu conjunction in the 7th house may cause you to challenge traditional relationship agreements or structures. The feeling of being bound could bring stress and you may want to get away from it all. Professionally it could also bring challenges for businesses that are being run in partnership.
    Cancer/Kataka Cancer Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Cancer: There is an ease on the mind as undue pressure and sensitivity cause by the last 1.5 years abates. Rahu moves away from the ascendant into the 12th house. Health becomes better than individuals keen on shedding weight may now find greater success if efforts are made. Professionally, you are more aggressive and demanding too. You want a larger share in the pie. Some Cancer born folk may seriously consider immigration. There is a more calculated, well thought out plan at work now, than merely wishful thinking. You may face some staffing issues, if you run your own business. It is a great period for creative folk, as ideas come through aplenty.
    Leo/Simha Leo Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Leo: With Rahu in your 11th house for the next 1.5 years, this transit may bring some really good outcomes for the Leo born folk. You may be given additional responsibility and more influence in your place of work. The coming year may also see your gains grow manifold, in all manner of speaking. There are plenty of opportunities for socialising also. However, there may be some bitterness from the past- an emotional injury that is hard to shake off! Some Leos could face difficult questions in personal relationships. Keep your focus steady and on your long-term goals. Some of you may challenge a long-standing belief suddenly. New rules for how you conduct your work and life may be defined.
    Mr.Maheshwar Singh
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    Virgo/Kanya Virgo Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Virgo: With Rahu in the 10th house of profession and the influence of Kantaka Shani (for transit of Saturn currently on), it may spell of phase of relative difficulty for the Virgo born individuals. You find yourself way more ambitious and unwilling to play the second fiddle or compromise anymore. You will need to think through carefully before sending out any communication/ response. Some Virgo individuals may be given a better position, but it may come with a rider. You will have to move to a different location or to a different city all together. New equations and hierarchies make it trickier. There is greater travel. People who have been your anchors maybe quite busy to offer support.
    Libra/Tula Libra/Tula Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Libra: Rahu now moves to the 9th house and Ketu will remain in the 3rd house for the next 1.5 years. There is professional advancement but you could be required to undertake greater number of travels for the same. There could be dilemmas, ethical questions and sometimes even self-doubt. Quick thinking and alertness must be cultivated as strong assets. Delay in decision-making could lead to some losses. You may begin to depend a lot on guidance or council on a mentor/ father figure. You will need to be careful in handling equation with siblings as that is a delicate area. A shoulder injury or pain may cause discomfort. There could be a growing interest in another religious philosophy/ spiritual path.
    Scorpio/Vrishchik ScorpioRahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Scorpio: This is an intense period for the Scorpio born individuals as change comes at a time where the ongoing Sade Sati does not make it any easier. With Ketu in the 2nd house and along with Saturn and Rahu in the 8th, there is a possibility that you experience disillusionment with all that is happening around and it causes you to withdraw into a shell. Those with existing mental health issues should be quite careful. It is alright and important to share and seek help. Individuals facing inheritance related issues or trying for settlement of any kind may see things souring. It is best to go for an amicable settlement rather than pitch for a long drawn battle. Physical exercise and keeping in touch with friends can make a world of a difference to your morale. Those in the field of academia widen their knowledge base. Emotional pain must be dealt with awareness.
    Sagittarius/Dhanu Sagittarius Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Sagittarius: The coming year is a period of intense spiritual growth for the Sagittarius individuals. Saturn, Ketu and Moon will sit in conjunction for a very long time and this can exert a lot of pressure on your mind and body as well. You may feel disconnected or different from the people surrounding you. A personal grief of betrayal could throw you off-balance. Over expectation from partner /spouse to fulfil several roles could cause disappointment as well as arguments. There is increased pressure on marriage as well as partnerships. It is a phase where it would be easy to get drawn to someone else. Health could be under attack from hard to diagnose or a long-standing diseases.
    Capricorn/Makar Capricorn Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Capricorn: There is much better condition now, where the mind is concerned. Ketu moves away from the ascendant, inspiring greater courage and better health. You see yourself looking forward to more challenging goals and targets. There is an increased interest in spiritual and metaphysical matters too. You may get associated with a charitable cause or volunteer to help with an organisation doing social work. There are new people to support you in doing your duties efficiently. More number of hours are devoted to work - in finding your true purpose. The family and loved ones may complain of neglect. Attention towards health is required. Do not disregard visiting a physician when in discomfort.
    Aquarius/Kumbh Aquarius Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Aquarius: The next 1.5 years bring a mixed bag of results with this Rahu - Ketu transit. There may be disorientation as you see some of the personal equations falling apart or turning out to be disappointments. There could be an erratic payment cycle where businesses are concerned. It would be most unwise to get into a get-rich-quick scheme or any activity that isn’t above board. Don’t take sides while resolving a dispute. After attention to both sides of the story. Students and academicians could find it particularly hard to hold interest in an ongoing task. Focus and clarity are difficult to come by. Some Aquarius individuals may land a significant financial gain by stroke of good luck. There may be difficulties with a friend or an extended family member that come out into the open - this may cause heartache. There is excessive attachment towards children and concern for them drives most decisions.
    Shri Rajkumar Tulshyan
    Real People..Real Gems..Real Results

    Pisces/Meen Pisces Rahu Ketu Transit in 2019-2020 for Pisces: For the Pisces, Ketu moves into the tenth house of profession and Rahu stays in the 4th for the next 1.5 years. There is tremendous desire for all things domestic - happiness, harmony, warmth, love, a feeling of comfort - if you don’t feel the same way about the workplace, it may seem like a chore to continue. There may be a sense of disenchantment or boredom at the current place of work and you consider ways in which you could earn a living and feel satisfaction as well. Many Pisces individuals may purchase/ build or renovate a home/ property in the coming year. It will be better if you watch your expenses and don’t stretch beyond what you can actually afford to do! There are expectations of several people from you but you must look after your own self. Health especially of those with heart issues will be an area of concern.

    Abhijita Kulshrestha

    Abhijita Kulshrestha is a Senior Director, Astrologer & Gemologist with Gemstoneuniverse. She is a PGA and GIA certified Astro-Gemologist with additional qualifications from prestigious institutions like SSEF .Abhijita is essentially a communication professional and holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism besides being a NLP practitioner. Prior to her soul-level engagement with the world of Vedic astrology, gemstones and association with Gemstoneuniverse, she had a long stint in 'word smithy’! She’s had professional stints at Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA); RK Swamy BBDO, Bangalore and Times of India. She is a published author at Huffingtonpost and Entrepreneur and has been featured in several international publications of repute. More.

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