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    This Resource answers one of the most commonly asked question on Gemstoneuniverse Social Media Handles-PP-Price Please?

    PP | Price Please | Price per carat please

    Gemstoneuniverse debuted on Facebook in the year 2010 and kept adding its social media presence on other platforms as and when they became relevant.

    Today we have an active community of ½ million fans just on Facebook and our monthly engagement rate just on Facebook varies from 1.6 million -3.9 million highly engaged visitors

    Clicking on underlined hyperlinks give more information about a particular topic. You can always come back to this page.

    This Resource answers one of the most commonly asked question on Gemstoneuniverse Social Media Handles-PP-Price Please?

    To have an appreciation of total quality engagements we have in a month please refer to the graphic below. Now-these numbers are huge given the fact that we only talk of jyotish gemstones and Gemstone astrology and nothing else.

    In the past 10 years we have never sold 1 single product on our social media pages. Not a single 1. If you want you can scroll the Gemstoneuniverse feed and see for yourself.

    Why- Because we simply do not have the need to sell anything. Gemstoneuniverse patrons and viewers appreciate the transparency, trust, honesty and openness and buy at the Gemstoneuniverse portal in the privacy of their surroundings and that has enabled us to win the top exporter award for straight 10 years despite no advertising or marketing.

    We pride ourselves on this award because this is an award you cannot buy. You should have the numbers to win it and you can take a glance by clicking here.

    We have huge numbers engaging with us and since 1996 we try to give quality information to our patron that is detailed, precise, crisp and accurate through more than 3500 articles on the Gemstoneuniverse portal and the Blog and a dynamic and exhaustive FAQ section that you can access by clicking here.


    After data analysis of our feed for 10 years we found out that there is one question that we are not able to answer satisfactorily depending on certain kind of user and that is simply put as PP-Price Please and this is a very time consuming question. Refer Graphics- We have to give our 100% attention to users who are genuinely interested in Gem Therapy.

    Some users (we have no data whether they read the copy of the post) simply are looking at the photo/ video of the Gem and paste a random PP in the comment.

    To view a sample copy( In Bold) please see example below:

    How to stay firm with your decisions? How to set goals or see your work through to the end? Learn how wearing a Jyotish Ruby could bring you the difference. Click to know more...

    Featured today: Most powerful & the King of Gems – Ruby. And, what you have in front of you is a pure, rare and powerful Unheated & Untreated Ruby from the heart of Africa-Mozambique that comes once in a lifetime. Sold. Get yours at Gemstoneuniverse…

    The copy:

    - Speaks of the benefits of the Ruby

    - Gives the top 10 benefits of the Ruby

    - Gives features of the latest ring being featured such as origin, lack of treatment.

    - Has an accurate photo

    - Clearly says Sold.

    - Gives option to view existing Available inventory where you can buy the Ruby of your preference. All details including prices, photos, videos, certificates are listed on the link.

    Another Kind of post that we do is of new Lots that are being uploaded/ freshly uploaded to the Gemstoneuniverse portal such as in the picture below with the link to view prices. Some patrons are on the lookout for new lots and instead of back and forth of emails we simply announce them on the page just for the sake of convenience.

    Lot of Unheated Blue Sapphires uploaded the Gemstoneuniverse Portal.

    Some other posts are of historically important Gemstones, some are trivia questions to test the Gemstone knowledge of the community and then their some really gorgeous jewels and gems that we feature which are being sourced for patrons upgrading their current Gemstones or publicly important figures.

    Data analysis of 10 years shows that less than 1% of pp queries are from genuine users. Our social media and customer care is not outsourced (Not at the time of writing this piece 12 May 2020). As much as possible your queries are answered by qualified capable Astro Gemologist if the need arises for we want to deliver the best value to our user.

    This piece is being written so that we do not waste time ON PP queries anymore and the solution is given below.

    We conducted an anonymous survey of what makes a user ask this question of PP-Price please despite all information being open and transparent? Please note we asked what makes the user asks this question and not what kind of user asks this question.The latter question we leave to your imagination. The answer we got in the Survey was


    So dear user,

    1) We sell nothing on our Facebook page or social media handles. We just provide great, empowering information.

    2) If you are curious about the price of a sold piece you have two options:

    a) Visit the Gemstoneuniverse portal. Add a similar looking gemstone to your cart. Next add the design and metal and there you have a fixed accurate price. You do not have to make any guesses. You do not need to necessarily buy. Once your curiosity is satisfied you can abandon the shopping cart. We do not ask for email even.

    b) If you are a gem expert and would like to know price trends of Gemstones set in rings and pendants already sold out you can see price records of 3500+ pieces shipped out with their prices at the Gemstoneuniverse blog that you can access by clicking here.

    The only drawback of this excellent recordkeeping is only 1- it does not factor in currency conversion value of a particular year. If you are interested in historical $ to INR conversion values you can visit a currency converter site such as

    3) If you are interested in a loose Gemstone please visit the home page of the website by clicking:

    Click the Gem of your choice and you will have the price clearly marked there.

    4) If you are interested in a very important piece that we have featured to delight you, share the beauty and rarity with you or one that is going to a person of public importance etc. repeat step 3 above, sort gems by price-higher to lower per carat, choose the most expensive gemstone and multiply that by 10X to arrive at a price that satisfies the curiosity parameter described above.

    If you are an industry insider you will have a fair idea or the price and also how to connect with us for a similar piece. In General we take a 10% deposit before embarking on such an exercise and we do NOT do such transactions on Facebook or whatsapp for obvious reasons.

    Just as you would not like the price of your piece to be discussed in social media, so will be the thinking of other users and more importantly of public figures where the piece can be recognized.

    Thank you for your interest. Since 1996 let alone selling something on the social media we have NOT made a single sales call. An example of that can be viewed here.

    Gem therapy is sacred. Jyotish Gemstones, Gem Therapy, Life changing advice, Guru’s guidance are not mere things that can be purchased/ bought of the shelves. These have to be destined by a higher power and the currency is a mere instrument to facilitate that transaction.

    This single resource will now answer all PP-Price Please, Price Per carat, Rate Kya hai queries.

    For a definitive guide to colored Gemstone pricing please click here. This also answers Yeh Inta Mehnga Kyon Hai?


    Gemstoneuniverse is the world’s leading authority on Astrological Gemstones and Jyotish Gemstones. To view a treasure chest of 3500+ articles written by Gem Professionals and Astro Gemologists please click here or visit the Gemstoneuniverse Blog.

    What Kind of Problems can Gemstones & Astrology Solve? Can Gemstones help me achieve my Goal.

    Which is the Best gemstone Choosing Method.

    Tell me my Lucky Life changing Gemstone!

    The Gemstoneuniverse Core Team

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