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    Peridot Gemstone from Pakistan for Sale

    Beautiful Peridot Gemstones from Pakistan from the Lot Kalki for Sale

    Natural peridot or zabargad is the substitute gem of natural emerald / panna. Peridot is used to harness the energies of planet Mercury also known as Budh in Hinduism. Emerald and peridot are gemstones suitable for individuals with Kanya Lagna and Mithuna Lagna. In other words, emerald and peridot can be worn by individuals with Gemini or Virgo ascendant.

    Statistically the Upratna/ Semi precious alternative gemstone that gives best results for Astrological reasons for Emerald is the Peridot. Famous Gem quality Peridot comes from Arizona, China, Pakistan and Burma. Each of these Peridots mined from these locations have a typical colour and allure and none is best than each other.  If you have Gem quality Peridot then it is very difficult to make a choice.

    Peridot Gemstones from Pakistan

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful & mysterious Peridot Gemstones come from the Soppat (Suppat), Manshera, Kohistan-Pakistan- Northwest Frontier Province. This area is located around 11,000 feet in the Himalayas and produces Peridot that has high saturation of colour, brilliant lustre and high clarity.

    Mined in the Suppatt Region in Pakistan at a height above 11,000 feet these Peridots are a fine example of quest of Man to get a Gemstone- a real Gemstone that delights and surprises.

    Located in the highlands above the Indus River Valley it takes a 7-8 hour horseback ride before embarking on a strenuous and a dangerous trip that lasts 2-3 days before reaching the mining area-a region whose beauty no words can describe.


    The beautiful and mesmerizing beauty of the Suppat Region

    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present its new Peridot Lot” Kalki” for Its Patrons. Every Single Pakistan Peridot for sale from this Lot is:


    – Finest Golden Olivine Green Color with sensational lustre, high saturation of colour. Intensely beautiful and vivid color shade.

    – Rarity of its origin from the Suppat Region gives it the special status.

    – Clarity levels above 95% for the best planetary results.

    – Exceptional symmetrical cut that enhances the beauty and ensures the maximum play of light.

    – Fully Natural, Treatment Free, free from any doshas (flaws) as mentioned in the sacred texts- a true Jyotish Gem.

    – Each Singular Peridot of this lot will find itself at the apex of the Gemstone Pyramid.

    You can find these Peridot’s from Pakistan for Sale by clicking here.

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