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    Oh you live in West Bengal, Assam or Orissa. We think we can say what gemstones you are wearing without even looking at your hands

    Bluff Astrology Gemstones & Astrologer- How is everybody getting the same recommendation

    Oh you live in West Bengal, Assam or Orissa. We think we can say what gemstones you are wearing without even looking at your hands, and, yes we do not have esp. abilities- Individuals residing in these States beware of a scam in the name of planetary Gemology.

    India is the mother of the sacred science of Planetary Gemology. This is the only developed system of Gem recommendation that has such an extensive methodology and wherein the results obtained sometimes are phenomenal.

    Ask some of those individuals who have experience d the power of a real Blue Sapphire or a real Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl and you will get some wonderful stories about how strange events after wearing the Gemstone bought about a desirable change in several aspects of life.

    At Gemstoneuniverse , Planetary Gemology is a passion and it pains us when we see a blatant abuse of Gem Therapy.

    That brings us to the subject of Gem recommendations in the states of West Bengal, Assam, Orissa. It’s a pity that such things happen in areas that were once the seat of Indian tantra.

    The top 3 bluff gemstones worn by individuals in West Bengal, Assam or Orissa:

    1) Hessonite- Also called as Gomedh or Gomedhaka.

    2) Pearl- Also called as Moti

    3) Red Coral also known as Moonga

    The 4 th spot is a close fight between a huge color dyed Yellow Sapphire or a grey colored Cat’s Eye Quartz.

    This bring us to question several things the chief among them would be:

    1) How come 90% of the people in these states manage to get the same gemstone recommendation.

    2) How come none of them ever question the quality of the recommendation or the gemstone.

    As per a survey conducted by us neither people were confident about talking about the results they experienced after wearing these gemstones neither there were any positive events after implementation of this therapy.

    The answer to his question is mass commercialization and the unholy nexus between bluff Astrologers and equally unethical Jewellers.

    As they say , a picture speaks a thousand words, Here are some sample of Gemstones worn by individuals in name of planetary Gemology. Next time you are travelling to these states or have a friend from any of these states have a look at the stones (yes stone, they are not wearing gemstones), 99.99% you will see stones of which pictured are produced below.

    Bluff Gomedh/Hessonite

    Sold on an auction website as 4.34 carats Natural Gomed Hessonite Rashi Gem for Rahu. Certified Stone.

    When we talk about Jyotish Quality Stones we talk about clarity and lack of treatment. This is nowhere a Jyotish Quality Gemstone. It is an ugly rock and not a beautiful gemstone. Can you see any light passing through the dense mineral matrix! Look for marks on the surface and lack of lustre/ polish. This is a sample of mineral Hessonite Mined in Gaya in Bihar.

    Bluff Pearl/Cultured Pearl



    Listing on an auction website as Huge 14.20 carats Pearl (Moti): Stone for Moon. Very Good results of Chandra.

    The Value of this pearl is not even INR 20/$.40. This is a bluff cultured pearl. The strangest way pearl therapy is implemented in these states is that we get to get Individuals wearing Pearls in Index finger/ ring finger/ Little finger.

    You must click here to read about what exactly real Natural Pearls are and also check some of the talismans on the blog. This Pearl will not give any results for Moon.

    And yes, we get some queries from People who call up and ask whether a 12.25 ratti Pearl is available as He has been recommended one by his Astrologer.

    To explain what a natural pearl is to this individuals would be like re-inventing the wheel

    A) A Good Astrologer who knows gemstones never makes recommendation in Rattis.

    b) If a Natural pearl of 12.25 rattis or more would be available it value would be able to fetch 2-3 prime properties in any of the CBD’s any part of the Globe.

    Please wear a Clear Moonstone instead of wearing a fake pearl.

    Synthetic Coral from Taiwan

    The third abused Gemstone is Red Coral . In these states it is generally observed that Red Coral is worn in ring finger in Gold, Silver or copper. Most importantly the sizes are huge and the certificate does not read Organic Coral. Most of these Corals are sourced from Taiwan and are synthetic and of very poor value.

    See Sample Below:

    Listed on a Auction website as Red Coral/ Moonga/ Rashi ratna for Mars/ 6.25 ratti.

    A fight for the 4 th place is a close one between huge 5+ carats Dyed Yellow Sapphire and a Grey colored Quartz Cat’s eye.

    What is the truth?

    1) None of the gems listed above are anywhere Jyotish Quality.

    2) All of them are poor quality products.

    3) The cost of procuring this inventory is very low.

    4) There is an unholy network between non qualified Astrologers and Jewellers.

    5) We see this daily day in day out-still we could not figure out why everyone is wearing the same kind of gemstones.

    Please be careful while purchasing these goods in the name of Vedic Gemstone Therapy. Vedic Planetary Gemology is a very powerful science and since time immemorial individuals have used the power of gemstones to achieve their goals and for realization of their desires!

    Anyone travelling to Calcutta, Assam, Orissa?

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