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    Natural Ruby - The Gem with Royal Favor and Flavor

    Natural Mozambique Ruby

    The fascination with gemstones, especially where royalty is concerned is well known. True that it does require green-backed muscle apart from connoisseurship to possess these treasures of the earth, a passion for color and a seeking for miracle are two other invaluable ingredients of this pursuit.

    Here’s the lovely Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton, sporting fantastic diamond and ruby jewelry. There is also the close up shot of the fine rubies adding that not-to-be-ignored dash of color, to the ensemble. The Jewelry is said to be one of her wedding presents.

    Duchess of Cambridge

    Duchess of Cambridge


    Do take note that several small rubies have been set together to get the effect. In the market for natural rubies, a single ruby of over 1.5 carats is extremely valuable. And the price shoots through the roof if the origin is Burma. The trade circles believe that a natural, treatment free ruby measuring well on the 4 C’s is a PRIZE!

    Rubies have outdone diamonds many times in terms of price per carat value. It is no wonder that finest collectors look out for rubies all the time.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in March 2013 Table Natural Mozambique Ruby Gemstone Facts


    Natural Mozambique Ruby


    0.92 carats





    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    Bangalore, India

    All inclusive Price

    $ 1180.63 / INR 65525


    Featured today is a stunning natural and treatment free Ruby of nearly 1 carat set in 22-carat gold as a Sun talisman ring. The natural Mozambique ruby of 0.92 carats is a deep vibrant reddish pink color and has great clarity. What makes this gem stand apart is the pear shape cut.

     Natural ruby or manik is the intense energy gem of planet Sun or Surya. The energies of ruby can be used to harness the regal powers of the King of the Zodiac.

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