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    Awareness Shift - Jupiter Transit 2016-17


    jupiter transit 2018-19 

    Predictions & Suggestions

    Vedic astrology is largely about the interplay of the nine major planetary energies and their effect on human beings and their destiny. While some of these planets like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus move relatively faster, Jupiter and Saturn are heavy and move slowly staying for a longer duration in each sign – the natural outcome is that their movement and their stay causes long lasting impact. Jupiter stays in a zodiac sign for a period of thirteen months. Just to drive the point home is this example – imagine the impact a house guest would have if he/ she came to stay for a couple of days, to a week or a month and compare that to the changes a household could face if a houseguest decides to stay on for more than a year!

    Jupiter is a gentle giant, a benevolent teacher and its movement causes significant impact for all the signs of the zodiac. This year the revered Jupiter - Guru moves from the sign of Leo on 11th August 2016 and rolls over into the sign of Virgo and will remain there for the next thirteen months. Let us take a look at what this transit holds for the various signs of the zodiac. Please note that this analysis is based on Vedic astrology/ Sidereal astrology/ traditional Indian Astrology:

    Jupiter in Virgo 2016

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for ARIES Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    Jupiter begins its 6th transit for the Aries born individuals. This could bring a few glitches and delays in existing plans and ideas. The Aries born may have to face unnecessary red tape, jealousy and lack of support from subordinates. Some may actually face staffing problems. This is a time where caution and prudence should become the buzzwords. Staying away from office politics and gossip is highly advised. There may be a feeling of being stuck in an unsupportive environment. Don’t let a fragile ego upset the apple cart! Despite doing everything right, there could be hostility or criticism. This is not the right time either for revolt or getting even. Take thinks with a pinch of salt. Avoid getting into any legal battles. Monetary situation should be passable, but expenses line up on the double, so astute financial planning should be embraced. It is quite possible that some of you may have loaned out money to help bail out a loved one, but may not receive it back when due. This is definitely not the time to invest or speculate on a whim. Conflicts/ disagreements may relatively increase in personal life.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Taurus Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology


    The Taurus born individuals now witness Jupiter’s 5th transit. It brings much relief from the difficulty faced in the recent past. This transit brings relief from mental anxiety and also eases the pressure on finances as well as work. There could be favourable opportunities and good news can be expected. There is a change in the personality – you are in a better frame of mind with greater focus on self-development. There could be increased interest in acquiring an additional skill or enrolling for an advanced level course or certification. Young ones may look at opportunities outside ones country for academic goals too. Some of the Taurus born may be able to receive a promotion or a raise. Property and finances are two areas that register positive growth. There would be status elevation by all means. A new business may be launched or expansion activity could be undertaken. Romance may blossom bringing hope and excitement in life. Those eligible and willing may tie the knot. Some of you may even welcome a new child into the family.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Gemini Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology


    This transit would be the 4th transit of Jupiter for the Gemini born individuals. Joyous occasions, celebrations and get-togethers bring in memorable times. This phase could be fairly demanding as Jupiter’s fourth transit brings in its own brand of challenges. You may be quite perturbed by people taking you for granted and not acknowledging your efforts. It may seem as though some vital ingredient in your success formula has gone missing. There may be delays and obstacles in seeing your plans through – a situation testing your strength as well as ingenuity to perform despite support or resources. You may suddenly have to face insubordination, an unfavourable transfer or increased travel away from home. There could be some strain on your relationship with family of origin - parents and siblings. There may be a sense of disillusionment as you feel lack of support from people you thought you could bank upon. Financial pressure may also lead to irritability and anxiety which could take a toll on your personal relationships. Buying a new property is likely but with some pressure on your finances.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Cancer Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac now witness the 3rd transit of Jupiter. The Cancerians would be itching for a change in this time. There is weariness with all that is routine. You long for an adventure, something that makes you feel come alive. This transit definitely indicates an increase in travel - even though you travel short distances, movement brings long desired change from the routine. You may be able to acquire a new home/ land/ immovable property or assets in this phase. Investments pay back handsomely but do be wary of people and schemes that promise too much, too soon. There may be a change of home or moving into a different office space because of work. Some changes could be really beneficial for you, so do not get unsettled by shifts. Clinging on the old notions and comfort zones does not bring about growth. Significant investment could go into gold or ornaments.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Leo Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    This is regarded as one of the most fortunate transits of this benevolent giant. Jupiter comes along with his 2nd transit for the individuals born under this sign of the zodiac. It could bring a profitable opportunity – a lucrative job offer or you may be successfully able to kick start your own business. Most definitely, you experience relative financial ease. There is a major wish fulfillment. Inheriting money or property is also possible. There could be consolidation of assets as well and you may acquire a new property/ home too. It would however be better to avoid going over the top and purchasing a home that would mean stretching too far! Elders/Seniors who have been having trouble with release of pension / gratuities / or any money due to them, may see some hope. Prudent handling of funds could facilitate closure of an old loan this year. On the personal front, this phase augurs possibility of marriage for the eligible and willing. There could also be a birth of a child in the family. Travel to a foreign location is also likely.


    The Gem of Jupiter is Pukhraj, also called as Yellow Sapphire

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Virgo Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    The Virgo born individuals now see Jupiter entering into their own sign. This 1st house transit of Jupiter is quite meaningful as Jupiter has traversed a complete circle though all the houses over the last 13 years. A new cycle now gets underway. You could contemplate a new direction in life. There could be interest in a new job or practically a new career altogether and quite possibly a strong intention to start something on your own on the side, if not fulltime! You may embrace a new philosophy or be interested in giving yourself a makeover of sorts. However, there will be too much cerebral action. You think yourself into exhaustion. There is also some concern about what others will say or how they will react to your choices. There will be worry about your reputation. In any case, there is easing out of pressure where money is concerned. Although, you may still have to cut corners, the situation is definitely better compared to the last one year. There is concern about the health of elderly.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Libra Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    Jupiter moves into the 12th house bringing on a challenging transit for the Libra born individuals. It is quite likely that this phase proves to be one that tests your limits and your courage. This is a phase where you could be faced with sudden expenses, one after the other; travels that you cannot avoid (not much gain to be expected from them either); and health of loved ones requiring multiple hospital visits. You may also end up feeling that you are doing the work of far too many people single handed while others who (in your perception are favoured by the authorities) get to have a smoother ride. Those experiencing mental health issues could have to undergo intensive care or therapy. You should be extremely careful about handling other people’s money or getting into a scrap unnecessarily as consequences can be rather serious. A brush with law should be avoided in any case. This is a time to mentally steel up, even if you feel caught up in circumstances! Embracing religion or spirituality brings a lot of comfort. Sleep may get affected leading to other health issues.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Scorpio Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    The individuals born under the sign of Scorpio are likely to have a sense of relief with 11th transit of Jupiter starting as it brings glad tidings. This is the time where you may suddenly find yourself rewarded with a promotion, a raise or additional responsibility. The work pressure may increase. Work related travel abroad may happen too! There are definitely signs of easing out of money related problems and you may be able to crack a really profitable deal. This period may also bring some deeply held leadership or political ambition to the forefront. You may actively be made the face of an organization or leader of men. If you have been embroiled in a dispute or a complicated legal matter – it stands a chance of resolution if you can put your ego aside and talk with respect, empathy and compassion. Those willing and eligible may be able to tie the knot. Some of the individuals may be serious about adoption. Social work and charitable causes are strong on the to-do list.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Sagittarius Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    Individual born under this sign of the zodiac should be a bot more prepared and resilient as Jupiter steps into its 10th transit. You can expect challenging times as professional life comes under the lens. You could be handling rather difficult situations at work and diffusing crisis. It’s a tough job being objective and dealing with egos! There may be delays and obstacles in getting your tasks done. Ego issues, work place politics and groupism are hurdles that could crop up. You may need to curb your own touchiness and take criticism/ opposition with a pinch of salt. While there are forces opposing you, support from unexpected quarters saves the day. Business partnerships may be under stress. You struggle with trust issues as well as control. You may end up feeling as if you are made to work harder in a situation, where others should be contributing equally. Money situation does not change much to your chagrin; old debts may be a reason for worry too. Cultivating patience and not displaying annoyance will be of tremendous help.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Capricorn Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    The 9th transit of Jupiter comes as sunshine for the Capricorn born individuals, who may have felt the influence of a gloomy spell for quite some time. There are happy developments and you are spirited and enthusiastic. A promotion, a raise or proposal to enter into a partnership is on cards - a major wish fulfillment is indicated. Those looking for a job posting/ opportunity in a foreign land find success and so do those looking at expanding business abroad. Long distance fortunate travel may happen exposing you to culturally diverse, intellectually rich people and influences. The financial soundness comes through in this phase. The academically oriented and those working in the areas of education, spirituality, healing, wellness, spas, religious services, psychics, astrologers and motivational speakers are likely to acquire depth in their work and do well. You are more forgiving and your own change of perspective sets off some positive changes in your personal life. Relationships are more rewarding relatively. Eligible and willing individuals may tie the knot during this phase.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for Aquarius Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

    The Aquarius born individuals could be up for bit of a challenge as Jupiter moves into its 8th transit, expanding the consciousness about all that is dark and subterranean. You may not be able to brush your fears and your mental monsters under the carpet for a while. Delayed decisions, misreading people, biased thinking and suspicion could have you miss out on an important opportunity. The individuals working in partnership may draw flak too, for not working hard or not contributing enough. There could be allegations of indulging in malpractices too. Burning a hole in the pocket to impress others or investing in get rich quick schemes is a sure way to inviting troubles. There may be a lot of running around but to no great avail. Deep sense of loss and low confidence may have you struggling. You will need to make serious attempts to keep your relationships away from co-dependence as well as suspicion. Dealing with a grief may also have you playing on the back foot emotionally too.

    Jupiter Transit in Virgo 2016 for PISCES Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology

     The 7th transit of Jupiter brings quite a few things for the Pisces, who’s been raring to go. There are opportunities outside of the country, or in a new place. You are tempted and you most likely say a yes. The boredom and the routine could be getting on your nerves. This serves as a door to adventure. You may embrace a whole new ambitious project and you stun people with ingenuity and courage that you lead it with. You may even be elevated to a prestigious post or a leadership position in your area of work. There is greater recognition and possibly public acclaim at a known forum. Travel increases quite a bit. On the personal front, there may be improvement in interpersonal relations. Amends could be made and closeness established. This is a phase where the eligible and willing may tie the knot or make a public announcement about their relationship. There could also be the birth of a child in the family. Good times are spent with family and loved ones and you may indulge them with a vacation or a pleasure trip.


    Abhijita Kulshrestha is Senior Director, Astrologer and Planetary Gemologist at Gemstoneuniverse. She is a certified Planetary Gem Advisor from the Planetary Gemologists Association and Accredited Jewelry Professional from the GIA. Abhijita is essentially a communication professional and holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. She brings in a unique insight and perspective to Astrology and Planetary Gemology as she is also an NLP master practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida. Besides her involvement with Gemstoneuniverse Abhijita is also a blogger for top international publications like Huffingtonpost
    Prior to her soul-level engagement with the world of Vedic astrology, gemstones and association with Gemstoneuniverse, she had a long stint in 'word smithy' ! She’s had professional stints at Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA); RK Swamy BBDO, Bangalore and Times of India.

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    What Problems Can Astrology & Jyotish Gemstones Solve? Can they solve My Unique problems

    Which is the Best Gemstone Choosing Method | Which Gemstone Should I wear

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