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    Fine Iolites from Lot Asmita from the Gemstoneuniverse Collection of Fine Jyotish Gemstones

    Iolite Gemstone Top Ten Benefits | Kaka Nili Gemstone Healing


    Pristine Premium with Top Color Iolites from Lot Devi

    Iolite also known as the Neeli in the sacred texts is the Uparatna for Blue Sapphire. In some dialects it is also known as Kaka Neeli/ Kaka Nili.  Profound in its impact wherein may people consider its powers equivalent to the Blue Sapphire this Gem in Sanskrit is also called as Shani Priya- Much Loved by Saturn. In crystal healing and Chakra healing Iolite is used for the crown Chakra. Iolite is a Pleochroic Gemstone exhibits very strong Pleochroism. Also referred to as Dichroite it exhibits intense Violetish Blue, purplish blue, Light Blue and yellow grey Colors when viewed from different angles.

    Iolite Gemstone Top Ten Benefits | Kaka Nili Gemstone Healing 

    1)      Some people report that the Iolite is as powerful in its results and benefits like the Blue Sapphire. It is the Gem that is the favourite of the spouse of Lord Saturn and hence also referred to as Shanipriya- Literally meaning loved by Lord Saturn.

    2)      It is the Gemstone of Higher ideals, values, knowledge, realization and higher consciousness as it directly impacts the crown chakra.

    3)      It is a Gemstone that is used in Insomnia. It is a positive impact on the sleep cycle, biorhythm and improves the quality of rest and sleep.

    4)      For those inclined towards occult, astral travel, out of body experiences Iolite Gemstone is very helpful as it fine tunes the intuition and heightens the perceptive powers.

    5)      It provides protection from diseases boosts immunity and give strength to one Aura and auric field.

    6)      It balances the male-female energies also known as Yin and Yang energies. It removes nervousness and increases objectivity in an Individual.

    7)      Iolite directs one to stability, independence and resolve.

    8)      It also aids in de-addiction and alcoholism and removes toxins from key energy centres of the body. It also helps in regeneration of the liver.

    9)      It is a very good gemstone for those involved in intense physical activity such as sportsmen and athletes.

    10)   Iolite has the healing ability to  cure sore throat, varicose veins, eruptions and blisters

    New lot of Natural  Iolite Gemstones , “Devi” and “Karuna” for Gemstoneuniverse patrons:

    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present new lot of Iolites from the lots Devi and Karuna for its patrons. Cut from our own rough these Iolites  are delightfully beautiful and powerful from Jyotish point of view.

    Salient features of the new Lot of Iolites


    1)      Pass the touch stones test of absolutely being Jyotish Quality Gemstones.

    2)      Have a very Pleasing color varying from Top Royal Bluish Violet to Deep Royal Bluish Violet. Lovely hues of blues.

    3)      Are All Natural earth Mined Iolites from Madagascar.

    4)      Color spread evenly in the crystal.

    5)      Precision cut allowing for maximum scintillation, shine, lustre and maximum play of light.

    6)      Fantastic Clarity that makes them Jewellery Grade and sets them apart as Jyotish Gemstones.

    7)      Are free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

    8)      Are brimming with Blessings of Lord Saturn

    Gemstone Certification and appraisal of this lot is complete and you shall have them in the Iolite Gemstone inventory shortly.

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