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    10 best one line Ruby Lore’s- The Gem that has inspired Legends.

     Does a Jyotish Gem choose its wearer-It certainly did in this case?

    Think Ruby and You think of Love, passion and victory.  Ruby is the single Gemstone that evokes strong response and has been the subject of countless lore’s. Here are 10 interesting one line lore’s associated with the Ratna Nayaka-The King of Gems-The Ruby. Lore’s or  truth its your call…


    1) The best rubies are from Mogok Valley in Burma having Imperial Pigeon Blood Color, In the Book, Tavernier’s Travels In India (1640-1676), we read “Asking to see the pigeon’s blood is like asking to see the face of God.”

    2) The ancient China, the rank of a Mandarin was indicated by the depth of color in his Ruby ring. Differently ranked mandarins were given different shades of Ruby.

    3) In India it is believed that if one donates a fine Ruby to Lord Krishna, one will be born in the next birth as an emperor.





    Lord Sri KrishnaLord Sri Krishna





    4) The earliest monetary value attached to the Ruby in all probability was by Theophrastus, who lived from 372–287 B.C stated that of Carbuncle/ Ruby is extremely valuable, one of a very small size being prized at forty aurei” (about $180), and THAT was in his time.

    5) In ancient times, ruby stones were kept under a building foundation, to strengthen its structure.

    6) Hebrews believed that if a dragon was carved on a ruby, it would bring prosperity and health.

    7) The Gemstone most mentioned in the Bible is Ruby.

    8 ) The King of Burma was referred to as the Lord of the Rubies as he claimed all Rubies of 6 carats and above as his own.

    9) Catherine of Aragon wore an infamous ruby that was told had turned dark the day before Henry VII announced he was divorcing her.

    10) Ancient tribes used the Ruby Gemstone as bullets for blowguns, and it was said that a pot of water would boil instantly if a Ruby was tossed into it.


    Unheated Niassa Mine Ruby of 2.07 caratsUnheated Niassa Mine Ruby of 2.07 carats

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in November 2012

  Table Natural Mozambique Ruby Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Mozambique Ruby
    Weight 2.07 carats
    Treatment None.
    Origin Mozambique
    Planetary Energy Sun
    Patron Location Coimbatore , India
    All inclusive Price $ 7507.60  / INR 404659
    Comments Does a Gem choose its wearer-It certainly did in this case? 


    Featured today is 2.07 carats unheated Ruby from the Niassa Mine in Mozambique. Yes a 2+ carats fully natural earth mined ruby that is loupe clean-Yes Loupe clean. Notice the fiery embers within the heart of this beauty and a color that is close to Imperial Pigeon Blood color.

    Blessed with abundance from the divine such a Ruby is hard to come by in these days of enhancement and specially the way Ruby prices are going.

    This stunner was procured by us after considerable effort for an existing patron of Gemstoneuniverse who was particular about having a 2+ carat Ruby only despite the high prices. Among the multitude of Gems that we scanned only 3 qualified on the parameters of being Jyotish Qualilty.

    Here is where it gets interesting, at this juncture when the deal was done the patron had a change of heart and picked up a different Ruby from the Gemstoneuniverse Ruby inventory.  This Ruby had that special something, something that you can’t put a finger to- it is one of those gemstones that come once in a lifetime.

    At this juncture, another Gemstoneuniverse patron called us up and expressed his desire to upgrade his existing Ruby that he had been wearing. A brief chat over the phone and it was done. He did not even look at the Gem such was his experience with the previous one, but off course was delighted when he came to pick up his ring.

    The earliest monetary value attached to the Ruby in all probability was by Theophrastus, who lived from 372–287 B.C stated that of Carbuncle/ Ruby is extremely valuable, one of a very small size being prized at forty aurei” (about $180), and THAT was in his time.


    We have an interesting piece of information to share- among all yield of Ruby from Mozambique only 5% is Gem Quality and among this small percentage value less than .5% would be Jyotish Quality. In spite of this rarity a true Jyotish Gem finds its way into the hands of its rightful owner.

    Luckily, At Gemstoneuniverse the Ruby has blessed us with palm full of abundance and we shall keep providing these magical beauties to our dear patrons.




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