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    Indraneelam Stone| Violet Blue Sapphire Gemstone| Benefits & Uses

    Introduction to Indraneelam stone

    There are many classes of the Blue Sapphire gemstone also known as the Neelam Stone. The most predominant ones are the Jalneel/ Jalneelam and the Indraneel/Indraneelam Gemstone.

    Indraneelam Gemstone and Jalneelam Gemstone

    The Indraneelam has primarily the Bluish Shade with Violet Overtones and the Jalneelam has a bluish shade as the blue in the ocean. Anyone can wear either varieties if Shani is a Yoga karaka in the chart and is aspecting or influencing important houses in the chart. The Indraneelam has the blue shade as in the rainbow/ indradhanush.


    Special use of Indraneelam Stone in Vedic Astrology

    Even though any one can wear Indraneelam if the Blue Sapphire is indicated in the Vedic Horoscope it gives better results in some of the special planetary conditions( but limited to) as given below:

    1)      Rashi Parivartan( exchange of signs) between mars and Saturn and Saturn is Yoga Karaka.

    2)      Saturn in Scorpio and Saturn is a Yoga Karaka.

    3)      Saturn and Mars together in the same house in the chart.

    4)      Saturn aspected by Mars or Mars aspecting Saturn with Saturn as Yoga karaka.

    5)      Mars Dasha( Mangal Dasha in Operation) and Saturn is a Yoga karakara.

    In these conditions the Indraneelam should be worn in the middle finger for best benefits.

    Difference Between Indraneelam and Khooni Neelam

    The Indraneelam Blue Sapphire Gemstone should not be confused with the infamous Khooni Neelam. The Indraneelam Stone has a violet overtone whereas as Khooni Neelam has a reddish overtone.

    Indra Neelam Stone Benefits

    1)      In Mars Dasha it has a profound impact in controlling Mars and boosting the results of Saturn.

    2)      It has a positive impact on wealth and finances.

    3)      It has a strong effect on evil eye( Nazar/ Drishti Dosha) and works effectively in its removal.

    4)      It can bless with sudden name, fame and popularity.

    5)      It protects from enemies and gives victory over obstacles.

    Top 10 benefits of the Blue Sapphire

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in February  2014


  Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts


    Natural Blue Sapphire


    2.81 carats


    None. Fully Natural,


    Srilanka / Ceylon

    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location


    All inclusive Price

    $ 1741 / INR 107972


    Featured today is a gorgeous and Sattvik Indraneelam from the famous Ratnapura Sapphire Mines. Premium Jewellery grade Gemstone with a calibrated size of 8mm*7mm.

    All of 2.81 carats this Blue Sapphire has a spread of a 5 carats Gemstone just because of the perfect cut and the richness of colour. These are just some of the few features that make true Jyotish Gemstones so special. Enjoy the rich violet overtone that makes this Blue Sapphire an Indraneelam.

    A Miracle from Ratnapura Sri Lanka with a super clarity for an unheated Blue Sapphire. It is actually teeming with energy and life. Due care has been taken to ensure that no flaws are present that are described in the sacred texts. These factors shall make it give the results that Jyotish Gemstones are famous for.

    Enjoy it in Video:



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