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    In Which metal to wear Gemstones for Best results

    Every Gemstone has been assigned a particular metal in which it gives the best results. Here is the comprehensive list of Gemstones and Metals

    Every Single gemstone has been assigned a metal as per the sacred texts in which it gives the most appropriate results. Every single gemstone used as per Vedic Astrology has a planetary lord/ ruler and this planetary lord has been assigned a metal.

    This metal is the throne of the planetary ruler and its gemstone should be set in that particular metal for getting the best results.

    Table of Planetary Lords, Gemstones and Metal for wearing the Gemstones    

    Planetary Lord


    Metal for Wearing the Gemstone




    Gold sometimes copper



    Real Pearl




    Red Coral

    Gold, Silver sometimes copper




    Gold or Silver



    Yellow Sapphire




    Diamond/ White Sapphire

    Gold-Yellow or White



    Blue Sapphire

    Silver, Gold sometimes.



    Hessonite Garnet

    Silver, Gold Sometimes



    Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

    Silver or Gold.


    The above are generalized rules that shall give good results to anybody. However for a specific recommendation such as whether a Blue Sapphire should be worn in Gold or Silver one should consult an expert astrologer who will analyse the position of Saturn in the horoscope and give you the best recommendation.

    In Which metals do Upratnas give good results:

    Upratnas are semi precious alternatives of the 9 primary gemstones listed above. All Upratnas deliver good results in silver. Majority of the Upratnas barring the gemstone of the moon-blue sheen moonstone all Upratnas can be worn in gold also.

    What about Panchdhatu/ Ashtdhathu and their use in Astrology Gemstones

    Certain authors advocate the use of Panch Dhatu( A mixture of 5 metals) and Asht Dhatu( mixture of 8 metals) for making rings and pendants for Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye, however these recommendations do not carry universal sanction and are not mentioned in any standardized text. Recommendations listed as the table given above have statistically proven to deliver the best results.

    What about platinum and its use for Astrology Gemstones

    Nowadays, a lot of jewellery is being made from platinum. Diamonds especially are set in platinum. However at the time when the sacred texts were written Platinum had not been discovered. Hence there is no statistical data available whether any gemstone or Diamond set in platinum shall deliver equal or better results.

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