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    Abhijita Kulshrestha Senior Director & Astro Gemologist-Gemstoneuniverse
    Abhijita Kulshrestha Senior Director & Astro Gemologist-Gemstoneuniverse was interviewed by the Nomad on TNN24-Thai Television during the 59th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Fair in February 2017. Here are some important excerpts of the interview that was telecast on the Nomad


    Mr. Prabhu Murugesh - Director, SR Technologies
    Mr. Prabhu Murugesh is the Director of SR Technologies-Bangalore. Here He shares his experience with Gem Therapy, Gemstoneuniverse and the impact of Blue Sapphire and Peridot.
    Sushmita Sen
    Sushmita Sen shares her experience with Gemstones and Astrology. She explains how her entire family has benefited from the powers of Gemstones.
    Kunal Sen - Senior Management Professional
    Kunal Sen is a Senior Management Professional. He shares his experience with Gemstones, Astrology & Gemstoneuniverse. He has absorbed the most vital points and message in Do Gems Work- No They don’t from 90% of the People. Hear what he has to say.
    Tan Lee Fang (Elaine)
    Elaine came all the way from Malaysia to the Gemstoneuniverse Centre of Excellence in Bangalore to choose Gemstones for herself and her Husband as she feels that it’s a very personal choice. Hear her experience with Gemstoneuniverse.
    Dr. Meenal Rathi - Physician
    Dr. Meenal Rathi is a practising Physician. Here she shares her journey with Gemstones and Gemstoneuniverse. With 30,000 documented case studies and more than 2,00,000 recommendations are you ready to experience these sacred Jyotish Gemstones that can create a profound impact on your life. Experience Gemstoneuniverse. Change to CHANGE.
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    Submitted On: 2014-10-16 11:45:25

    “ One Humble Piece of Natural Jyotish White Coral costing $250 with a fantastic advice did what years of therapy, medication, God men and prayers could not do. There is nothing more magical than this. I thank Guruji Shrii Arnav and the Gemstoneuniverse team for blessing me with something that is so life changing. ”

    Purna Chanddu

    Submitted On: 2014-10-10 11:39:15

    “ Gem Therapy works, I delayed for one year after consultation. When things demanded more from me, I thought I will experiment, followed prescription with guidance & it worked to my expectation. Soon I hope to upgrade my gemstone. ”

    Rekha from Singapore

    Submitted On: 2014-09-15 11:16:48

    “ To all the staff at Gemstone Universe, I would like to thank you for the outstanding support you gave me throughout my buying process and the patience on your part in answering my numerous questions! Thank you so much! I love my peridot pendant! It arrived safely today! I can't wait to wear my pendant! To anyone who is considering to purchase from GemstoneUniverse, you will be pleasantly delighted with their professionalism and expert knowledge on vedic gemstones, coupled with their outstanding customer service and kindenss to truly reach out to people and offer them the best vedic stones! You have a customer for life :) With love and many blessings Rekha Singapore ”

    Srihari VK

    Submitted On: 2014-09-08 04:59:46

    “ I met Guruji Shrii Arnav 7 years back and it’s been a fascinating journey with spirituality and gemstones since then. I remember wearing a very small 1.81 carat emerald to start with. I had brilliant results from it and I am wearing it today also as a pendant because of my attachment with it. So many good things have happened in my life due to this emerald and I am thankful to god to get the brilliant guidance of Guruji and these perfect gemstones. This is the 3rd time I am upgrading my gemstone. When I first saw this emerald on the GU website I fell in love with it. My heartfelt thanks to Gemstoneuniverse team especially Raghav ji for creating this beautiful ring for me and accommodating me in doing flexi payments. I wish them all the best ”

    Debashi Mukherjee

    Submitted On: 2014-09-04 06:36:26

    “ Thank you for the time given to explain the science behind astrology and to listen and understand our issues. Thanks a lot!! ”

    Vishal Vermafrom India

    Submitted On: 2014-09-04 06:35:32

    “ Commendable service, Really liked the service. The advice given by Mr Raghav was really impressive. Thanks a lot!! ”

    Pavan Rajpalfrom United Arab Emirates

    Submitted On: 2014-08-28 03:42:41

    “ I was born and raised into a family that had jyotish beliefs on and off with pandits. In the profession I am, and the environment I live in; no one trusts each-other. Its a dirty game of money-power & positions. Human life and emotions have no value and no one cares a damn. My parents and relatives have bought gemstones before; and now when I recollect about it I laugh thinking how much money we spend on stones that were probably similar to the ones that are found on the road. Gemstone Universe was introduced to me by a friend who had dealt with them. I opened their website several times and shut it after reading. There was no true calling, it was not the right time maybe. Later a few months of doing this almost on a bi-weekly basis, one day me and my friend had a detailed chat about them. I decided to order a report, the report left my jaws dropped down. They had mentioned everything, every other astrologer had and even more! Most of what they outlined was all true; I could compare because it was a period I was seeing all these TOP astrologers in the country, some of which are not expensive but they don't give appointments unless they see you're in ruins. Immediately after the report I decided to get the gems. My life at the time at work and personally was a living hell. I wasn't a very easy customer for them to deal with. One because I did not manage my timing very well; My schedule was very upside down & I suffer with memory loss issue which basically would mean I ask them the same question about a 1000 times and over. If they were someone like me, they would have probably put the phone down on me, but they didn't. Their communication was prompt, accurate, polite and very genuine. They did not come across as money making businessmen who can't wait for a single day. They kept their patience and gave me all the time I needed. Because of my own schedule problems it took me a very long time before the entire order could get completed. As for them they were very fast in getting things done. I finally decided to go to Bangalore myself and pick my gemstones. It isn't very easy to find them, but I only found out why when I reached their office. I was very agitated due to the run around. The first step in and I calmed down looking at the facility. It isn't a jewellery store; its like an astrological clinic. Extremely calm, posh interiors and fabulously well organized. I am a severe case of OCD, therefore my friends say " if you sat there for hours with no complaints, their interiors and color combinations must be really good" and they really are! It was like entering a Buddha Temple. I met the man finally I had been in touch with, Mr Raghav. There was another gentleman, I can't recollect his name, but he was kind. I wasn't rushed through the process at all. Raghav sat me down to explain me everything. Answered all my questions; we had a very good chat about how this science works. He also cleared my misconceptions about gemstones which I had as from what I had known since childhood. Raghav's explanations came with logical answers and examples. I had a chance of looking at some other gems as well. My pendant and ring looked Fab! I live in Dubai, where there is nothing what they call " chori ka maal", therefore I have seen the really good quality of gems you get in the market. These were the same. The quality is fabulous. A friend of mine told me I should come back and get them checked, I refused. Honestly, when you personally go and see what an amazing setup you have just been introduced to, you'd have no questions about how genuine they are. As for gemstones, just by having them in your hands you'd know how real and excellent quality they are. Everything comes certified, they hand you over all the details including a full explanation of how to wear and take care of the gemstones. I have always believed prays are powerful and faith is the ultimate path to your goal. I am happy wearing their gemstones and I am sure they'd work wonders! I have already given all my friends marching orders to gemstone universe and I am sure they won't let anyone come back disappointed. Regards Pavan ”


    Submitted On: 2014-08-27 13:33:13

    “ I ordered a custom entry level pendant for a relative and it has been a most pleasing process from start to finish. This order was a result of a GU Gem Recommendation. Words cannot describe the beauty of the pendant - the gorgeous meditative green of the Emerald and the uplifting sparkle of the White Zircon. Quality & Honesty is what GU stands for. Many thanks once again, God Bless & keep on prospering ”

    Dr Ashfrom canada

    Submitted On: 2014-08-22 20:17:04

    “ I never wrote any review for any product unless it did actually impress me lot beyond my expectation and thus now writing this! I did a lots of online research and approached many socalled astrologists cum gemologists cu short all in one experts but every time I went they gave me new suggestions regarding gem stones; some of them r indeed gud in predictions but gemology part...most of them arent genuine. After thorough correspondence with GSU experts and the getting the report, i opted to try for the stones recommended, blue sapphire and emerald as of now. but the costs on the webiste are far beyond what I expected and I could get similar looking gems from other websites for much lesser prices; but after going thru the articles like why all the gemstones cant be astro quality gems, i wanted to tk a chance and ordered gemstones from GSU with the help of their thorough guidance. I received the package within 2 weeks from India and of special mention is the care with which they did packing. The rings ofcourse were explicit,lustrous and amazing. The stones are lil smaller than what I expected but its not their fault as its not easy to assume the actual size from pictures or video unless u see them. And it depends on ring design as well. Finally I have put on the bluesapphire and was very apprehensive honestly abt it as ppl say if it doesnt suit you, it wud destroy u. But I trusted Arnavji and went ahead and turned lucky to me....I didnt hit a million dollar lottery as of yet, but pretty many small small lucky things came in my way and im happy and looking forward to reap for sortunes in my way. Though its too early to comment on exact results and how effective the stones have been , but I will d ef update on this part later.

    Admin Note: Dear PM, Thank you very much for your detailed feedback and views. You have mentioned in your feedback that you can get similar looking gemstones at other websites at lesser prices. Let us assure you here with certainty that what Gemstoneuniverse offers and the quality that we deliver we are yet to see a 50% similar product at double the price of what we offer. We offer an unmatched quality and an unmatched price and this can be accessed at We would like to know which websites you are referring to because our research shows ”None”. Secondly, the dimensions of each gemstone are clearly given on the website to assess size. Generally the size increases as the carat weight increases. Thank you for your gracious testimonial. It is much appreciated. ”

    vinay maheshwari

    Submitted On: 2014-08-22 15:45:17

    “ i have received peridot rings from GSU Admirable service & dedication in astrology. . their great knowledge in gems & astrology. i salute them for their honesty. ”

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