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    The top 10 Heliodor Benefits | Heliodor Gemstone Metaphysical Properties


    >Heliodor also referred to as Yellow Beryl is the most preferred Uparatna/ Semi Precious Gemstone to harness the powers of Jupiter in lieu of the Yellow Sapphire. It has been named Heliodor from the two greek words “Helios” meaning Sun and “Doron” meaning gift.  Heliodor is a gemstone that is recommended by experts in gemmology to be worn for the overall wellbeing of an individual. This gemstone is usually seen or found in various hues of yellow as well as with a yellowish green tinge. In case you are wondering what, the name means, well this means “gift of the sun” in Greek. So how does this gemstone or crystal that radiates a golden hue enhance or bring in good luck to an individual’s lifestyle, you may wonder? Well this is the speciality of this gemstone. 

    Helidor Gemstones Lot New Lot Satya


    The top 10 Heliodor Benefits | Heliodor Gemstone Metaphysical Properties

    1)      It bestows the individual with knowledge, grace and divine wisdom.

    2)      Just like other Gemstones of the Beryl Family like Emerald and Aquamarine, heliodor has strong protection powers and protects against evil eye, hexing, jealously etc.

    3)      It makes an individual very objective and helps in correct decision making based on factual judgement rather than by emotions.

    4)      It improves the cogency of thought and also blesses with good communication abilities.

    5)      It has the power of ” MALE YANG ENERGY “ and gives the wearer a lot of self confidence and assertiveness, if the person is timid.

    6)      It removes toxins of the intestines and stomach and bestows with robust health.

    7)      It has also shown improvements in conditions of the liver, spleen, pancreas and heart.

    8)      The Heliodor enables a person to actually own one’s power. It is a stone that fosters a genuine wisdom in the wearer that inspires pragmatic and better decision making. It also clears up the backlog of past emotional baggage.

    9)      It is the Gemstone of Hope. It removes the feeling of despair and empowers the individual to refocus and take charge. It also helps with the financial situation

    10)   It is used by many as a meditation crystal as well as a divination crystal has it heightens the power of intuition.

    11)  This gemstone is associated with hope, it has marvellous healing abilities that can elevate as well as enhance a person’s positive traits ensuring their will is that of true positivity and immense good faith.

    12)  Heliodor is usually adored for luck, elevation of an individual’s mental as well as physical wellbeing, splendid healing abilities and its ability to attract opportunities pertaining to any sphere of an individual’s life.

    13)  It is believed that if this gemstone is placed where one resides, it automatically cleanses its environment and fills it with unimaginable positive energy, providing optimism as well as stability to ones living space. 

    14)  Heliodor is recommended to be worn if you need a boost in confidence, mental stability, happiness or to increase positive energy. 

    15)  Individuals suffering from different ailments or diseases are also advised to wear this gemstone as it possesses a divine ability to ease pains and aches while it strengthens one’s immune system.

    This gemstone can rejuvenate a person completely, transforming them into whole new individuals, with a new-found faith in themselves. The traits that this gemstone possesses can arguably be termed unique as well as special as its energy is truly splendid.

    New Lot of Natural Heliodors from Gemstoneuniverse- Satya

    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to bring the new Lot Satya for its patrons. “Satya” means truth and just like its name these Heliodors are transparent and carrying a truthful energies.

    Salient Features of the New Lot of Heliodors” Satya”

    -1) Brilliant Gemstones that get the tag of Premium Jewelry Grade Gemstones. A Fantastic clarity of 95%-100% when viewed with the naked eye.

    -2) Cut and Polished in one of the world’s premium cutting facility the scintillation of cut takes the breath away. Super scintillation and lustre for maximum play of light.

    -3) Premium Medium Yellow Color spread equally throughout the Gemstones.

    -4) All Natural, Treatment free, earth Mined Heliodors from Padre Paraiso, Brazil

    -5) Are True Jyotish Gemstones and will give the best results of Lord Jupiter as an Upratna to Yellow Sapphire.

    Certification and appraisal of these lots is complete and they shall be listed in the online heliodor inventory shortly.

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