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    Articles: Blessing of the Earth – Hamsa of Khamsa Pendant of Protection & VirtueNEWS FEED

    Blessing of the Earth – Hamsa of Khamsa Pendant of Protection & Virtue

    Mineral wealth, especially precious gems and stones are the gift of nature. Every single gemstone is mined painstakingly and it takes as much, if not more effort to catch it au natural!  

    It is a fact that 98 per cent of the gemstones in the market available for sale have been treated or enhanced in some manner to look appealing and of course to fetch a better price.

    Gemstoneuniverse is a leading name when it comes to pure, natural and treatment free gems – especially the Jyotish quality gemstones or planetary gemstones. 

    Featured today is the Blessing of the Earth pendant. The gems within this pendant actually evoke the essence of the earth with earth colors - rich green and brown! It is a pendant that incorporates two designs.

    hand of fatima

    The Hand of God on Earth

    The upper part of the pendant has the “dharmachakra” design, with 8 spokes of the wheel sitting within the circle representing the eightfold path of the Buddha! At the centre is a beautiful fully natural Natural Pakistan peridot of 8.11 carats.  The color is a quite luscious deep apple green and the gem has excellent clarity.

    The bottom part of the talisman design is the mystical Hamsa symbol with a rich Celyon Hessonite garnet of 5.06 carats sitting in the palm of the hand. The roiled heat wave, mark of a good hessonite garnet can be seen in the body of the gem crystal.

    The symbol of holiness, healing and miracles, the Hamsa of Khamsa is widely regarded as the Hand of God on the earth. The symbol has been widely used by the ancients across civilizations to protect themselves from the evil eye and negative energy influences. With its protective powers, the wearer can expect to be sealed against negative energy and misfortune. And instead draws only what is good and favorable for the person.

    It is a very powerful symbol in Judaism and Islam, and is also known as the “Hand of Fatima” (after Hazrat Fatima, daughter of the Prophet). Each of the fingers is a virtue: faith, charity, fasting, prayer, pilgrimage. As an amulet it has been extremely popular in the cultures of Middle-East, Greece, Turkey, and North Africa.  The eye in the hand is the all seeing eye of the Horus. And the hand itself symbolizes the power of doing.

    The entire talisman has been set in 22 karat yellow gold. Natural peridot is the upratna/ substitute gem for natural emerald representing the energies of Planet Mercury. Hessonite also known as Gomedh is the gemstone of Planet Rahu.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2014 Table Peridot & Hessonite Gemstone Facts


    Natural Peridot

    Natural Hessonite


    8.11 carats

    5.06 carats


    None, Untreated

    None, Untreated




    Planetary Energy

    Mercury, Budh

    North Node, Rahu

    Patron Location

     United Kingdom

    All inclusive Price

    Withheld on Patrons Request



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