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    Guru and Ganesha - The Form of the Formless, Key to the Code

    16 petalled Natural Yellow Sapphire Chakra ring

    The discipline of Vedic astrology has Lord Ganesha as its chief deity. Ganesha, the mystical elephant god, with the guileless form of a child, the complex symbolism that possibly holds the keys to unravelling life. The Cosmic Coder, who has scripted destinies and bestows the grace to read through the blueprint of life. The blueprint that is contained in the numbers and alphabets stringing themselves in a unique way for an individual in the triangles and quadrants of the birth chart.

    The form of Ganesha is extremely symbolic. Among his features, the most notable is the huge elephant head resting on the portly body of a young boy. Ganesha has the head of the elephant (the vehicle of Jupiter), symbolizing extreme intelligence, wisdom and the ability to stay unperturbed by the obstacles. Ganesha’s head is also symbolic of  the Pranava Om.


    GANESHA courtesy Mokshasketches blogspot

    Ganesha rules over the panch bhootas – air, earth, water, ether and fire therefore his control over all life is absolute. The first offerings are therefore rightfully his. Ganesha is also known as Vighnaharta (the remover of obstacles). The divine powers of Jupiter symbolise the ability of charting one’s course with a level head despite difficulties.

    All it takes is the keen observance of the habits and way of life of this gentle giant and one can take many life lessons, including method of keeping tremendous power, fearlessness and force nestled quietly and being able to carry it with quiet grace.

    The story of Parvati (shakti) giving form to Ganesha and then him getting an elephant head after an enraged Shiva beheading him is not just a mythical tale.

    It is also a cryptic code where Ganesha, the guardian of the mooladhara chakra (shakti in her rawest form), is annihilated by Shiva (crown chakra). The mooladhara can be harmonized when the impulsive energies of its guardian are internalized along with the wisdom, that is signified by the elephant head i.e Jupiter energies.

    Mooladhara Chakra

    Mooladhara Chakra

    That is when the Jupiter enables the rise of the Kundalini Shakti after the syncronization of chakras has been affected by imbibing of wisdom.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in March 2013 Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Jyotish Gemstone Facts


    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    3.06 carats


    None. Fully Natural


    Sri Lanka/Ceylon

    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    Hyderabad/ India

    All inclusive Price

    $ 1504.31 / INR 82737.10


    Featured today is a natural and treatment free yellow sapphire of 3.06 carats set in gold as a Jupiter talisman ring. The natural unheated yellow sapphire from Srilanka is a rich butter yellow colored gem with excellent clarity. The gem is a oval cut yellow sapphire.

    Natural yellow sapphire or pukhraj is the gemstone of Lord Jupiter / Brihaspati and is used to harness its energies.

    Enjoy it in Video:



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