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    Articles: Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2014 | Latest Independent 3rd party reviews & MoreNEWS FEED

    Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2014 | Latest Independent 3rd party reviews & More

    Dear Gemstoneuniverse Viewers & Patrons,

    As one year draws to a close and another begins it’s time to take stock and jog the memory lane about the things that happened this year. 2014 was a landmark year in which we didn’t only receive the blessings of the His Holiness-The Dalai Lama or awarding of the Maharatna award to Bharat Ratna Dr. Prof . CNR Rao, 2014 was a year of learning, revelations, accomplishments, adulations but most important sharing, hearing from you.

    2014 was especially satisfying as we saw increased awareness in viewers about Jyotish Gemstones and Gem Therapy.

    The best platform was the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook page where you interacted and asked lots of questions. It was heartening to see how now so many more people understand the difference between junk, stones, gemstones and jyotish gemstones.

    It was great to have you as a part of the Gemstoneuniverse community on Facebook. You made our year informative, vibrant and active.

    It was also a year in which for our quest of error free Gemstone therapy we bought our return and refunds rate from a meagre 0.5% to a measly 0.2%. It clearly indicates that when there is a will there is a way and if one adheres to the perfect process such solid results can accrue.

    Do join us at the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook Page. We would love you have you as a part of our lively community.

    We are, because you are.

    Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2014-What people are saying & sharing

    We would especially extend our Thanks to those individuals who gave their reviews and shared information on Videos and were not hesitant to give their names and designations. Such initiatives shall definitely help those who actually need Gemstone therapy.

    A very small percentage of consumers give reviews but we at Gemstoneuniverse are lucky and fortunate that some of you had many things to share. It is learning for us but the most important delight for us is when a customer tells us about his/ her success with Gem Therapy.

    The biggest stories and sharing were on the Bling it on contest. Such was the quality of inputs that instead of the promised 3 big awards we ended up awarding 10.

    Here are top customer reviews of Gemstoneuniverse for 2014. Some Reviews are from Trust pilot- an independent review website where you can review a product or service using your invoice and some reviews are from Gemstoneuniverse customer testimonial section.

    These are not in any particular order and we have tried to publish in this post reviews/ feedbacks that touched us, made us feel worthwhile in what we are doing, reminded us to stick to the principles of 100% error free Gem Therapy as set in Stone by Guruji Shrii Arnav himself.

    Your feedback is important to us and makes us deliver the choicest results. We thank you dear patrons wholeheartedly and are humbled by your love and support

    Trustpilot Reviews for Gemstoneuniverse in 2014.

    Clicking on the links shall take you to the Trustpilot Website Directly:

    Rajendra S

    Real and authentic

    I take Manik and pachu and for my sister I buy Yellow Pukhraj from them. My sister win best worker award in her department and get married to a good man with good family. My mental tension is now less and I now make good business with profit


    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Gemstoneuniverse is reliable, trustworthy and honest

    Gemstoneuniverse is a reliable, trustworthy and honest in the products and services they offer. Guru Shrii Arnav and his team of planetary gemmologists are the leading experts in vedic astrology and planetary gem therapy. I have saved myself plenty of time and money when I implemented planetary gem therapy from ordering custom made jewellery set in natural untreated gemstones from Gemstoneuniverse. Their customer services team respond promptly (within 24 hours turnaround) to any query and treat their customers with respect and they go the extra mile to meet each and every requirement.



    I have purchased several items including gem report, rings, and pendants from Gemstone Universe for myself and family. While we are yet to wear them, based on dates/times provided by Guruji and his team, I hope we will experience benevolent effects. My positivity stems from the considerable time and dedication the team provided in our interaction and always responded in a very timely manner. Their perseverance towards their customer is unmatched in my personal experience, with any vendor for any kind. Additionally, rich material is provided freely on the website to educate people. Getting beautiful and authentic gemstones in the end is the icing on the cake! When there is such commitment in a process, end results usually end up being good.

    Harsh Kumar

    Gemstoneuniverse is Excellent, reliable, trustworthy and honest

    This is the first experience in my lifetime shopping where gemstone universe has called me up and suggested to reverse one of the two different shipping charges that has been imposed due to usage of two different credit cards to purchase two different gems. I really salute to them for their true and honest gesture towards their customer.


    Dedicated Customer service and authentic Gemstones

    Writing reviews.... I rarely do that. But for gemstone universe I had to come here. Every time I had a question they answered me leaving no details left. I bought five gemstones from them. They are doing wonders in our life. My days are joyful. Got a wonderful person to marry soon. Purchased natural red coral and red garnet for my brother who never stuck to any job for long and was unemployed for a long time. He wore garnet first and after a few days the coral. Its unbelievable after wearing Natural red Coral, within 6hours his job was confirmed through telephone!!!!! Next morning he was on his way to office!!? I have ordered two more gemstones through three instalment program. I really appreciate that program. I am thankful to them for all the dedication to provide flawless customer service. For authentic gemstones I will always recommend Gemstoneuniverse to everyone.

    Natalie Collins

    The Very Best

    The very best in business and information does not need either a review or an endorsement. See my entry in bling it on contest and if a picture speaks a thousand words is true, then that is it.


    Top Reviews from Gemstoneuniverse website

    Note: We try to link every review possibly to an actual product already sold on the Gemstoneuniverse blog.

    M Badrinath from Bangalore, India

    Submitted On: 2014-12-31 06:41:30

    “Namaskar, happy to inform you that Umesh has cleared the CAT examination with good percentile. This was his fourth attempt. I am thankful for the Natural pearl and Hessonite that you have given him. It has calmed his mind, he is less agitated and more focussed and this result has bought him and the family much cheer. I hope the blessings of Guruji shall continue with him during interview so that he may get his institution of choice. ”

    Chinmoy Kumar Patnaik from Berhampur, Odisha

    Submitted On: 2014-10-19 09:43:50

    “ First of all I would like to thank Guruji for his blogs and his endeavour( along with his team ) to preserve this ancient science from further damage done by amateurs. I would also like to thank him for providing the detailed analysis of Gem Stone Report according to my birth chart, along with consecration and the timing to wear the Ring. I would also like to thank Gemstoneuniverse Team, all those who have done their bit in providing such a good service. I have always got a quick and clear cut response with no ambiguity, coupled further with the always-ready-to-help attitude. I brought a Neelam and it was so dazzling and shining, very different from other Neelam stones which I have always seen in various market. The customised ring, certification and the overall classic neat packaging was so good, that all those who doubted my decision of buying from Gemstoneuniverse had to swallow their words. I would definitely order future purchase of gemstone for my family members only from Gemstoneuniverse. Thank you Guruji and Gemstoneuniverse Team. ”

    Rekha from Singapore

    Submitted On: 2014-09-15 11:16:48

    “ To all the staff at Gemstone Universe, I would like to thank you for the outstanding support you gave me throughout my buying process and the patience on your part in answering my numerous questions! Thank you so much! I love my peridot pendant! It arrived safely today! I can't wait to wear my pendant! To anyone who is considering to purchase from GemstoneUniverse, you will be pleasantly delighted with their professionalism and expert knowledge on vedic gemstones, coupled with their outstanding customer service and kindness to truly reach out to people and offer them the best vedic stones! You have a customer for life :) With love and many blessings Rekha Singapore ”

    Srihari VK

    Submitted On: 2014-09-08 04:59:46

    “ I met Guruji Shrii Arnav 7 years back and it’s been a fascinating journey with spirituality and gemstones since then. I remember wearing a very small 1.81 carat emerald to start with. I had brilliant results from it and I am wearing it today also as a pendant because of my attachment with it. So many good things have happened in my life due to this emerald and I am thankful to god to get the brilliant guidance of Guruji and these perfect gemstones. This is the 3rd time I am upgrading my gemstone. When I first saw this emerald on the GU website I fell in love with it. My heartfelt thanks to Gemstoneuniverse team especially Raghav ji for creating this beautiful ring for me and accommodating me in doing flexi payments. I wish them all the best 


    Pavan Rajpal from United Arab Emirates

    Submitted On: 2014-08-28 03:42:41

    “ I was born and raised into a family that had jyotish beliefs on and off with pandits. In the profession I am, and the environment I live in; no one trusts each-other. Its a dirty game of money-power & positions. Human life and emotions have no value and no one cares a damn. My parents and relatives have bought gemstones before; and now when I recollect about it I laugh thinking how much money we spend on stones that were probably similar to the ones that are found on the road. Gemstone Universe was introduced to me by a friend who had dealt with them. I opened their website several times and shut it after reading. There was no true calling, it was not the right time maybe. Later a few months of doing this almost on a bi-weekly basis, one day me and my friend had a detailed chat about them. I decided to order a report, the report left my jaws dropped down. They had mentioned everything, every other astrologer had and even more! Most of what they outlined was all true; I could compare because it was a period I was seeing all these TOP astrologers in the country, some of which are not expensive but they don't give appointments unless they see you're in ruins. Immediately after the report I decided to get the gems. My life at the time at work and personally was a living hell. I wasn't a very easy customer for them to deal with. One because I did not manage my timing very well; My schedule was very upside down & I suffer with memory loss issue which basically would mean I ask them the same question about a 1000 times and over. If they were someone like me, they would have probably put the phone down on me, but they didn't. Their communication was prompt, accurate, polite and very genuine. They did not come across as money making businessmen who can't wait for a single day. They kept their patience and gave me all the time I needed. Because of my own schedule problems it took me a very long time before the entire order could get completed. As for them they were very fast in getting things done. I finally decided to go to Bangalore myself and pick my gemstones. It isn't very easy to find them, but I only found out why when I reached their office. I was very agitated due to the run around. The first step in and I calmed down looking at the facility. It isn't a jewellery store; its like an astrological clinic. Extremely calm, posh interiors and fabulously well organized. I am a severe case of OCD, therefore my friends say " if you sat there for hours with no complaints, their interiors and color combinations must be really good" and they really are! It was like entering a Buddha Temple. I met the man finally I had been in touch with, Mr Raghav. There was another gentleman, I can't recollect his name, but he was kind. I wasn't rushed through the process at all. Raghav sat me down to explain me everything. Answered all my questions; we had a very good chat about how this science works. He also cleared my misconceptions about gemstones which I had as from what I had known since childhood. Raghav's explanations came with logical answers and examples. I had a chance of looking at some other gems as well. My pendant and ring looked Fab! I live in Dubai, where there is nothing what they call " chori ka maal", therefore I have seen the really good quality of gems you get in the market. These were the same. The quality is fabulous. A friend of mine told me I should come back and get them checked, I refused. Honestly, when you personally go and see what an amazing setup you have just been introduced to, you'd have no questions about how genuine they are. As for gemstones, just by having them in your hands you'd know how real and excellent quality they are. Everything comes certified, they hand you over all the details including a full explanation of how to wear and take care of the gemstones. I have always believed prays are powerful and faith is the ultimate path to your goal. I am happy wearing their gemstones and I am sure they'd work wonders! I have already given all my friends marching orders to gemstone universe and I am sure they won't let anyone come back disappointed. Regards Pavan 


    And Finally Gemstoneuniverse Review of the Year

    P.M from Mumbai, India

    Submitted On: 2014-10-18 13:09:40

    “ My personal Review of Gemstoneuniverse website The bad part first :- The website seems to be old , as the first glance shows dates of 2013 and seems outdated without any new content. Same page, every time when loads? nothing new to read, and half the right side scroller seems to be stuck with certain browsers? For me , thus So it's outdated and confusing Especially when you see New posts sometimes on blog, At times on Facebook, and internal links of site. Some new posts, others same.This website could be designed properly in a superior order, I'm pretty sure of it. But, Once inside the blog shows post of 2014 but the products are of 2013.The stickies are Old dated as far as 2011. Knowledge is power,old or new, it's a rule, follow the rules, the results follow. 1).The ordering process although with hiccups of payment process, went through, but since I had not selected the cash mode And my order was processed offline over the telephone as a special good gesture to me, it doesn't reflect in my online status as order fulfilled. however, It does show my last order as a Blue Sapphire ordered. Someone should update this properly. The website is immense valuable knowledge base but, I feel It is not presented properly or can be improved in design. Ex: database with index.Different pages have a different look,style. 2). I visited the website for many a days yet I didn't know they have a fantastic Rahu calculator and a shubh calculator as well. Two immensely valuable softwares ,free yet unknown. Maybe im a bad user of this website, but I had to go through many a layer to discover these. Thank you Gemstoneuniverse. Your software /calculators are very good. Of course only those who believe in the gemstone recommendation would follow this calculator,as many websites have their own versions and differ timings. Maybe you could offer it as a download for those who order the gemstone report. Coming to my gemstone surprise. My Story : My little side story how I landed up purchasing the blue sapphire , goes as such:- I visited a religious astrologer to purchase special yantras. Post the yantra purchase he made a short kundli for me and suggested I should wear few gemstones which was his "side business". Little did he know i had as much knowledge, perhaps a little more knowledge of the gemstones. He doled out his wares and showed me stones which even at that time I would not care to take a look at, basically stones at the bottom of gemstone pyramid, aka junk stones, which seem to be available right from the street corners to even up market jewellery shops. Every one right from the milk man, postman, the vegetable seller on the street, the maid,wears these types of stones. And any normal act of nature is attributed aptly to wearing these stones. I could laugh for an hour while I have empathy for such innocent purchasers and anger against such fraud material sellers. So he suggested some confident recommendations based on his self styled knowledge, his inventory was packets and boxes filled with junk stones and /or fake stuff. So I excused myself and walked out from there. Then, I had almost given up wearing my own superb collection stones because I was confused so much and in most cases I had knowledge more than self styled gurus which are available on the net and offline in every Gemstone jeweller's store as well. One said wear Yellow sapphire, other said wear an emerald, a great astrologer said wear diamond, other said wear a hessonite, someone later said wear cats eye. Confusion, more people I asked, or sought got help from, more opinions came. More time wasted, no effective results. Basically every person you meet in this field has their own opinion and all were certified astrologers Of course I have a little knowledge of treated gemstones, but somewhere there was a big void in the practises observed by me and their implementation. If the medicine doesn't work you need to find a good doctor first then ensure the medicine is correct. I was pretty sure the recommendation was wrongly advised, so I wanted to do two things, stop wearing all gemstones, just get rid of this therapy itself so I am not bothered by right or wrong. I removed all my gemstones and stopped totally. Yet inside I felt a void, an emptiness of knowledge of giving up half way. And second was to find out for myself , what is the reality? Which stones actually work for me ? Which don't ? So at my free time I would surf the Internet and read various articles, websites and see photographs of various real jyotish gemstones. All seemed to be business men to me. And I know everyone wakes up in the morning to make money and earn a living, but gemstone therapy is not for the masses for sure. It need patience, knowledge, money, but firstly, it needs good correct ,complete, proper guidance and support. Whenever I was surfing the internet I saw few articles of knowledge from gemstoneuniverse, some mister Arnav, first article I read impressed me, so I clicked and saw the website homepage and few gemstones. Their photography was appealing at macro zoom. Another knowledgeable article by a sweet lady of that same website. Two thoughts came to mind, these guys must be selling fakes lol, or else they are one of the few last good retailers who offer quality at reasonable, proper quality as it should have been in the first place, Genuine offerings with correct pricing and not fleecing their customers. Thereafter this website popped up on banners and side pop ups. So finally I clicked that website again with impression to check further indepth. So for the next couple of days I read this site's articles, saw their offerings, most were expensive for my wallet size. Then I read an article about wrong implementation of gemstone therapy and I could relate to it, Their solution offered was their $30 gemstone report. at first I scoffed it out, second day I thought about it, third day I said so be it, let's find out for myself, if their wares are good, their report must be good too. Different things but I could muster some courage in my self and based on the articles I had an impression they know their work well and they are dedicated to service. of course commercially they have to be viable enough to run their services too. So one evening I filled in the request form and paid the fees. Days later when the report came, I was shocked and surprised. The first stone recommended to me is a blue sapphire. How many articles, how many paradigms was I already taught about the blue sapphire. princess Diana car crash, moments after she received a blue sapphire. I said to myself W T freak!!! Then I continued reading the report and I found the other two gemstones I already possessed but implemented wrongly.I scrolled the website in search to find out pricing and quality of The recommended jyotish quality blue sapphire. Each time I opened the blue sapphire collection I, there was one particular group of stones that caught my eye, later on I found out this was from their own cut collection named YASH. And one particular stone which kept coming as my selection was a "Yash " stone of 2.71 carats,It's price seemed prohibitive enough, but if you asked me which stone I like from their entire collection, it would be this particular stone, every time,always. This stone caught my attention, it's description said, few marketing sweet lines which made me feel good but the video of this stone showed a purple stone, not blue. I was confused, I wanted to buy this rich,dark coloured blue sapphire, but one I didn't that've enough funds for it ASAP, and secondly it's video showed a different color. Days later, when I took the brave decision to buy this gemstone, life seemed to help me with baby steps. The stone was going to be purchased through a short loan until my salary date. Never ever buy anything you cannot afford, my loan was for timing not money amount. The day, the moment I placed the order online for the gemstone, A wonderful strange babystep from the universe was offered to me, at that same moment, I received a SMS informing me of a credit in my bank account for an amount nearly half of the billing rounded to the nearest thousand. At the same time , two coincidences cannot happen! I always believed such, but it happened yet I continued to hold it as a pleasant miracle , the same time I order the only blue sapphire stone which captures my eye, the description of this stone At this page ( ) read " as below :- "......Every single factor goes in and combines together to get you once-in-a-blue-moon gem, that will only appreciate in value and that will bring you delight and pleasure every single day. " When I read the once in a blue moon description I was convinced this blue sapphire has to be mine, right now. So I wrote to them asking confirmation since their website says this powerful stone is meant to be worn with a three day trial period and I was already shaken by the recommendation of me possessing such a powerful stone. They clarified nothing to worry I could go ahead without a trial period, the doubts for its color were advised aptly, and I placed the order awaiting to see the color difference, in any case I had a guarantee of returning the gemstone if I was not satisfied. This was reassuring and comforting To order. When the gemstone arrived, I called them up for the mahurat timings to wear, Which they advised properly and aptly. Post the mahurat and wearing the gemstone I double checked Myself why they gave that particular timings to wear this gemstone. I was surprised when I saw the location of saturn in a star map with an overlay of constellation, what a powerful position ,picture it was. Since words cannot explain the picture of Geo satellite Software, I'll try explain. The planet Saturn was shown at the middle lever exactly where the measurement of libra scales is indicated. Satisfied with this double checked. The gemstone itself is a very beautiful, color changing stone. I believe this itself is a rare quality of a blue sapphire. I have attached photographs to show the change in color effects under different lights. I now believe it is once in a blue moon gemstone, I love my gemstone !. The gemstone is lustrous, transparent enough for me to see through the stone and count the number of hairs below it, on my finger, underneath the stone. Funnily my normal local jeweller didn't show me even one such gemstone although they have a huge inventory of Hundreds of pure blue sapphires each one more expensive than the one I wear right now. Price can be whatever they want, but none of their pieces is jyotish quality . Jyotish quality has to be experienced. Thank to them first time in buying gemstones I do not feel cheated or over charged. I am happy and I gladly recommend whoever needs a jyotish quality gemstone to try them. My suggestion on how to go about it. The steps to be followed are :- 1). Order the gemstone report. Few charts , you might not understand, but the language and explanation is Good and clear directives are given. At the end there is a short snapshot of the recommendations, very nicely done. The advice given is short simple and clear. Good quality report. 2). Order the first gemstone as advised by them in their report. Normally the report might advice couple of gemstones to be worn for specific periods or as in my case for life. Start with number 1 From their recommendation report. 3).browse the sections,read everything about that particular gemstone, it's properties, composition, the current market conditions, etc etc, in short get that gemstone to be your best interest. 4).Scroll their inventory and offerings, see the various lots, learn about them, then again scroll the relevant section of inventory and see which particular piece "calls you"/ attracts onto you. If nothing attracts you, don't buy, wait for the calling. Or a baby step as I name it such. 5). Buy the choice. And God willing the moment you take the decision to purchase THAT particular piece, the universe will give you baby steps of good luck immediately. It's highly improbable to repeat or replicate my good luck, that while I placed the Online order for my gemstone, a Blue sapphire, I got a pleasant surprise credit of my salary bonus into my account , the timing of these two things can be a coincidence or a deliberate act from fate. The feeling was good. Thank you blue sapphire, thank you God, thank you gemstoneuniverse. Their hard work to search and offer us gemstones of jyotish quality works, rest my case here. Wish you all good luck and prosperity in your Gemstone endeavours. 6).take delivery of gemstone, await for the correct timing and date to wear , and follow it. 7).Observe the baby steps turn into bigger steps, coincidences, in my case, the thing /circumstance which irritated me the most, Started coming to a near resolve in favour of my family. For me this proves the jyotish quality Is attracting /bringing me good luck almost within 3 days. First three seconds, three minutes, three days, awaiting for the third week. Had to remove the gemstone once, but worn it again in a good mahurat as per their calculator and I can happily recommend that a good gemstone is a good deal, but buying a good gemstone at a good price from gemstone universe is perfectly great. Thank you, thanks to the gentleman who took my phone calls, Adviced and replied back patiently, their mysterious man in Bangkok, who promptly helped me in my Bank payment transfer mode, the lovely lady whose articles on their website impressed me very much and last but not the least Mr.Arnav, the man himself, without his face on my gemstone report I would not have dared to consider wearing the gemstone and experience the great,much written about, good effects of a true honest jyotish quality. thank you good folks, do give them a try. FYI :- A 5 carat fraud gemstone will not give you effect that a 0.5 carat real genuine jyotish quality gemstone can. Buy a real Experience from gemstone 

    Admin Note: Dear PM, Thank you very much for your detailed feedback and views. This is also a great learning for us and we respect and appreciate the time you have taken to pen your thoughts. To access latest content you need to click” Articles” in the top menu bar and then click current updates. The Gemstoneuniverse website and the Blog have been updated 54 times in the year 2014 itself. We keep the front page as constant because this is the most relevant material that we feel is important to viewers and in our opinion this material is so detailed and extensive that every time a viewer reads it he/she will get new information. The Blog has more than 1200 entries because it gives individuals chance to compare gemstones before and after being set, prices, color shades etc. As of today the Gemstoneuniverse Blog is not just visited by people who are interested in Jyotish Gemstones or Gem Therapy but also by Gemologists, students of gemology, students training to be accredited jewellery professionals and they consult the Blog for Gemologists notes and observations. Yes, we are aware that slide ware on the right hand side is not compatible with some browsers and we are working towards resolving this issue. The apps are easily available by clicking the app button in the footer of the website where the icon is clearly displayed. We shall definitely work on the design. We again thank you for your detailed feedback and sharing your experience with Gemstoneuniverse and its viewers.


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