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    Gemstoneuniverse Complaints: List of Complaints & Procedure

    Why Complain?

    A Genuine Paying Customer is well within his/ her rights to voice concern and raise a complaint if a product/ service delivered is not as promised/ described and the matter that is causing concern is not resolved to satisfaction (after dealing with the concerned personnel handling the matter which includes the customer care and in certain cases, the management).

    The Key Phrase that stands out in the paragraph above is,” A Genuine Paying Customer”.

    That being said, first we directly come to the answer that you are eager to know and that bought you to this page in the first place possibly is because you searched for “Gemstoneuniverse Complaints” in the search engine.

    We at Gemstoneuniverse appreciate your approach -  you are an aware consumer who is interested in us. Checking on the credentials of an individual/ vendor/ organisation is  only logical when one is interested in them… so that is a huge takeaway and a compliment for us. It just shows due diligence on your part.

    Comprehensive List of Gemstoneuniverse Complaints in Public Domain and relevant associated consumer queries and concerns


    Making a Gemstoneuniverse complaint while remaining anonymous

    If you are a Genuine Paying Customer with a valid Invoice and wish remain anonymous and raise a complaint against Gemstoneuniverse - in case you have an issue that has not been resolved by the customer service/ management( Refer Para 1) you can easily raise a complaint at Trustpilot by clicking here.

    Trustpilot is an open review/ feedback platform that protects customer identity and enables you to write a review/ feedback/ complaint even under screen names such as “Customer”/ “Anonymous” etc. provided you have a valid proof of purchase which, in this case is the invoice and that is issued for every transaction.

    The Important point here is Validation. Trustpilot ensures that you are a Genuine Person with a genuine feedback or a genuine grievance or have a genuine complaint and lets you post your complaint once it has validated your identity.

    This ensures that faceless identities with ulterior motives are blocked from posting content with intent to malign or defame.

    Making a Gemstoneuniverse Complaint Publicly

    If you are a Genuine User and not one with a fake identity, you can make a public complaint against Gemstoneuniverse - in case you have an issue that has not been resolved by the customer service/ management( Refer Para 1) by rating and reviewing Gemstoneuniverse at the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook Page by clicking here.

    If you are a genuine user and not one with a fake identity, Facebook will not let us delete your review. Even if your review is reported, Facebook will first verify your account credentials and give you an opportunity to respond on the page itself. If the account itself is fake you know what happens.

    Gemstoneuniverse List of Complaints on Internet

    In our One and Half Decade of providing impeccable services and products through our store or on the internet, first under the Astro Journey umbrella and then under the brand name Gemstoneuniverse ™ there is one complaint on an Internet complaint and message board to which an able team member has responded and to which there has been no response from either the complainant or the admin of the website where this content has been posted.

    This is because it is a fake complaint. Due diligence and research on most of these internet complaint and message boards will reveal that they register their domain names as US registered businesses with a Post Box address and operate out of Eastern Europe.

    These are basically extortion mafia that post malicious content full of slander and abuse and when contacted for explanations ask for money to remove the content. The same business model is now being adopted by some individuals in India. These are in no way noble internet crusaders out to protect innocent public but quite the opposite! The sole intention of these agencies is extraction of money.

    Basically, any faceless entity or a troll with a computer can write anything about anyone on these websites, boards and forums because there is no validation of identity. The primary motive is reputation hacking and extortion.

    Before getting influenced by such fake and false opinions, it would be wise to use the search engine itself and check the credentials of the website, where such an opinion is voiced.

    In very rare cases, we refuse to take on an individual as a client. You can read about it here. We understand that we cannot delight one and all. If our statistical data indicates that we will not be able to provide you results as per the Gemstoneuniverse Standards, we consider it better not to have a client-vendor relationship at all, instead of a relationship ending in a disappointment.

    We would seriously recommend before you undertake any misadventure under the comfort of internet anonymity that previous such instances have led to Legal Action, Police action, Heavy fines and also imprisonment including discomfort for other people associated with the person indulging in the misadventure.

    Gemstoneuniverse Complaints and Competition

    At the time of writing this piece( 21st November 2015) if we do a cold domain and industry analysis with just numbers plugged into the excel sheet from a neutral point of view without any prejudice or bias, Gemstoneuniverse by its sheer range of work and quality has practically no competition.

    For a summary sheet of this please click here.

    Then who is Gemstoneuniverse’s competition and who do we upset

    Our biggest competitor is the unorganized sector. We understand that some of our hard hitting stories and the truths that we have bought for customer awareness and benefit upsets a lot of people.  Whether it is bringing in transparency about treatments, misnomers, scams, bluff astrology and gems or bringing great quality gemstones at an unmatched price previously unavailable to normal people, it affects some people in the business chain who are driven to extreme reactions and may resort to tactics such as above.

    We are a member of the Planetary Gemologists Association - The necessary regulatory and research group of Planetary Gemologists since the year 1999 and strictly follow the 6 codes of professional ethics of the PGA.

    Most of the unorganized sector refrains from the PGA membership because since 1999 the PGA has maintained an off list (A PGA member who has violated ethics). The unorganized sector feels its better not to be a member and operate in a safe zone of anonymity rather an ending up on the off list. The then Acting Secretary of the PGA- Richard Shaw Brown took a bold and courageous stand in the year 1999 and refused to take people out of the off list even when they requested that their membership be cancelled. Post this move, large part of the sector takes the safer approach by not applying for membership itself.

    That being said, worthy competition is most welcome because that helps in spreading the power of Planetary Gem Therapy. The number of people who require Genuine Gemstones and Gem therapy are huge and the capacity of nature to replenish Gemstones of high quality is limited. Besides worthy competition understands the word” Worthy” and meaning of the word business ethics and would compete on value, price, offering and quality rather than on malicious hacking of reputation like an insecure troll.

    False Misleading Gemstoneuniverse Complaints and Resultant Action

    Gemstoneuniverse™ today is legally registered Global Trademark and for Global Operations Gemstoneuniverse LLC is a registered Limited Liability Company in the United States along with its operations and headquarters in Bangalore, India under the Astro Journey aegis.

    In case false misleading content with malicious intent is found that affects the brand value, the perpetrator is liable for financial and legal damages including facing the full force of US Law, India law and International Law including prosecution.

    We would seriously recommend before you undertake any misadventure under the comfort of internet anonymity that previous such instances have led to Legal Action, Police action, Heavy fines and also imprisonment including discomfort for other people associated with the person indulging in the misadventure.

    Gemstoneuniverse Track Record and Genuine Gemstoneuniverse Complaints

    For 15 years we have won the love and admiration of our patrons by providing solutions through sacred Planetary Gem Therapy and Pure Jyotish Gemstones. Their Blessings and Prayers are a strong insurance against any kind of mischief mongers.

    In these 15 years, except for some minor incidences which were resolved amicably to the satisfaction of the patron (For us you are not a customer, you are always a patron) there has never been a single instance of discord let alone a complaint because of these 6 reasons:

    Supreme Belief in our Vision, Mission, Values.

    Absolute Faith and Gratitude towards Planetary Gem Therapy as a Positive Life Changing Tool.

    Involvement & Opportunity to be instruments of positive change in a Patrons Karmic Life Map

    Absolute Love & Respect for Natural Gemstones

    Transferring the benefits of our skills & expertise as professionals to our Patrons as Gemstoneuniverse Advantage.

    Strict Implementation of 100% error Free Gem Therapy

    In case you have a genuine concern, work with us and we will work towards resolution of the issue. We understand that your purchase is valuable, sacred and maybe once in a lifetime purchase and all our energies are directed to make it a memorable, result oriented and a valuable one.

    At a human level still if there is an omission and you do not find a solution you can genuinely raise a complaint and the way to do that is to scroll up and read Paragraph 1.

    At Gemstoneuniverse we live and believe in the Dictum

    Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus

    Pleasing to God and to Men

    Team Gemstoneuniverse.

    © Gemstoneuniverse-All rights reserved


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