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    Articles: Gemstones for Money Luck| Gemstones for attracting wealth and financial prosperityNEWS FEED

    Gemstones for Money Luck| Gemstones for attracting wealth and financial prosperity.

    Time Tested Wisdom as Per Vedic Astrology about Gemstones for Attracting Money Luck and making one rich, wealthy and financially capable.

    JP Morgan

    Millionaires don’t believe in Astrology, Billionaires Do- JP Morgan

    “Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life: what you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it.” —Timothy Ferriss

    I am going to start this article by mentioning something that you may find unbelievable or outlandish. You know those randomly timed product launch events at Apple- Those dates and times are chosen by Astrologers. Hard to believe-do a little research and reach your own conclusion.

    In our practice at Gemstoneuniverse and Astro Journey we consult several business’s big and small in various aspects of business in advising for wealth generation and maximizing profit some even to the tune of naming of SKU’s.

    Sunil Mittal
    Sunil Mittal - The Telecom Tycoon and Chairman of Bharti Enterprises Wears a Ruby representing the Sun in the ring finger of the right Hand.

    However, it is a very hush-hush thing and its not very fashionable or the very in thing to attribute even a bit of success to Astrology, spirituality or Gems.

    Nonetheless a majority of our clients( around 30% and more) come seeking us with the goal of becoming rich or doing financially well or being wealthy and there is plenty of evidence that rich, successful and hardworking people use the power of Gemstones to improve their money luck or in other words their financial luck.

    Even though there are many keys to financial success I will keep this discussion limited to the use of Vedic Gemstones and the single most important Key that I have found to be statistically common amongst all financially successful people.

    They all had a skill set, product, or service that made money for others and in turn made them invaluable and made them more money in turn.

    So the Key is-the Gemstone might just help you in developing that skill set or setting you on that path of developing that product or service but it will not be a plug or play device that you just put on and start raking in the dollars.

    Gem Therapy and Scaling of Business

    Traditional Astrological Factors and Combinations for Wealth and Money

    The Second House

    The second house of the birth chart is the house of wealth earned by own efforts, skill sets, drive, talents, wealth levels, speech and bank balance.

    The lord of the 2nd house connecting with important houses like the house of fate or career is an important indicator of whether an individual will be wealthy or not.

    The Eleventh House

    This house represents income and assets accumulated through initiative and one’s work. This house also decides whether one’s work/ product or service will be accepted or become popular on a mass scale or not.

    This is the house responsible for so called ridiculous levels of wealth and millionaires and billionaires.

    The Eighth House

    This is the house of inheritance, legacy, sudden gain of treasure, gain from insurance, hidden wealth, gain from invention and discovery, gain from mining, gems, jewels, petroleum and gases etc. Wealth gains through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions are also gauged from this house.

    The Planets controlling wealth

    The Preceptor Planets Jupiter and Venus are traditionally considered in Vedic Astrology as the planets that Bless with abundance, wealth and prosperity. Their positions, combinations and aspects need to be analysed thoroughly and leveraged to predict and enhance wealth levels in the chart accurately.

    Modern Day Astrology combinations for wealth and prosperity.

    The times have changed considerably since the Shastras (Sacred Astrological Texts) were written and now there are a plethora of careers that produce millionaires and billionaires that one could not even imagine even 50 years ago.

    There are internet millionaires that create huge amounts of wealth through coding, blogging, mentoring, start up advice, ghost writing and what not.  In this context some additional factors and planets have become operational in this day and age.

     I know of millionaires who have made money by organizing a certain profile of crowds for election rallies or a music event and their patrons swear by their efficiency.

    From a Jewellery Karigar to a Jewelry Store Owner with Gem Therapy

    The Fifth House

    This is a Very versatile house. Traditionally this house is considered the house of purva punya or the house of accumulated good deeds of previous births but this house also to a great extent controls games of chance such as crosswords etc which can be scaled to a software program or a successful video game.

    I have seen the lord of this house giving sudden wealth and fame in its period. This is the house of sophisticated communication, diplomacy, negotiation skills and contracts all very important skill sets and parameters in becoming wealthy and hence this house assumes a very key role in this day and age.

    Since this house also rules creativity, any careers where wealth generation depends on creativity this house assumes vital significance. For artists and careers related to fashion and entertainment and recognition on a global scale this is an important house. Whether you can be an Instagram celebrity depends a lot on this house.

    The Planets Mercury and Rahu

    Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods and Rules the internet age. It controls flow of information, information technology, communication, business, finance and Rahu the conjurer is the out of the box thinking. What Rahu thinks today is what the world thinks tomorrow. So new ideas, inventions, discoveries, viral fads, crypto currency and out of the box fashion and trends come under the domain of this fascinating planet.

    The Ultimate 9th House

    In addition to the traditional and the modern factors the single factor that is common to both the groups is the 9th house of fate, good luck and fortune. I call it the 3R house, the house of Right Place; Right Time and the Right People.

    Everyone works hard but if these 3 parameters are missing much of that hard work goes unnoticed or unrewarded. It is important that this house is strong for financial luck and success overall.

    Now armed with the basic fundamentals discussed above let us delve into what are the money creating Gemstones for each ascendant. Which are the Gems that are going to make you into the next tycoon or the financial whiz kid provided you have the wealth creating Yoga’s in your chart made by the parameters discussed above:


    Exceptionally Fine Colombian Emerald from the Gemstoneuniverse collection of fine Gemstones set in a 22 K Gold ring

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Aries Ascendant

    The best Gemstone for Money luck in this ascendant is the Yellow Sapphire ruled by Jupiter followed by Ruby ruled by Sun. Any association of Jupiter and Sun in wealth controlling houses would be a bonus and wearing both the gems will bring extra benefits.

    Bringing Life changing focus Back in Business with Gemstones

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Taurus Ascendant

    The best Gemstones for Money in this ascendant ruled by Venus are the Blue Sapphire ruled by Saturn and the Emerald ruled by Mercury. Emerald has the capacity to bless with windfall gains.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Gemini Ascendant

    Diamond and Blue Sapphire are capable of blessing the individual with wealth and financial prosperity in the Gemini ascendant.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Cancer Ascendant

    Yellow Sapphire ruled by Jupiter and Red Coral ruled by Mars become planets that can bestow wealth and financial success in Cancer ascendant.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Leo Ascendant

    Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire bless with Money Luck and Financial Assets in this ascendant ruled by Sun.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Virgo Ascendant

    This is a very versatile ascendant. The Money creating Gemstones in this ascendant are Diamond, White Sapphire, Blue Sapphire and Emerald.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Libra Ascendant

    In this ascendant ruled by the planet of luxury and beauty-Venus the money luck creating Gemstones are Emerald and Blue Sapphire.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Scorpio Ascendant

    Ruby, Natural Pearl and Yellow Sapphire create Money Luck in this ascendant ruled by Mars.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Sagittarius Ascendant

    This is a very versatile ascendant. The Gemstones that create wealth in this ascendant are Ruby, Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Capricorn Ascendant

    Diamond and Emerald will deliver wealth and money luck in this ascendant ruled by Saturn.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Aquarius Ascendant

    Diamond and Emerald will deliver wealth and money luck in this ascendant ruled by Saturn.

    Gemstones for Money Luck and Financial Wealth for Pisces Ascendant

    Natural Pearl, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire will create Money Luck In this ascendant.

    From a Post Office Employee to a Car Company Owner

    Important Points

    - Please note that these are general guidelines that will be beneficial for all. For an accurate and exacting recommendation a thorough analysis of the charts, planets and objectives should be made.

    - While making the recommendation do note that for each career some unique planetary combinations come into play so what combination exactly to leverage depends on the expertise and the knowledge of your consultant and astrologer.

    For example designing leather handbags is different from manufacturing leather handbags and that is different from distribution. In each of these cases different set of planetary combinations will come into play.

    - There is no substitute of hard work, ingenuity and intelligence. These form the cake. The Gemstones are the icing on the cake. They make the 3R easier (Read above)

    - I have not discussed Rahu Positions in this article. These are beyond the scope of this write up and depend on case to case basis but some of these can be read here and here.

    - Important- Gem Therapy works with real Jyotish Gemstones. More tips and details here.

    - Related article-Gemstones for Career, Business and Entrepreneurship-Here.

    I wish you all the best. May you create a lot of auspicious wealth for yourself and your clients. Wealth that is stable, everlasting and that blesses you with smile, happiness, laughter, lifestyle and everlasting prosperity.

    Be a Game Changer, create abundance for yourself, for others and drop me a line if the Gems created magic in your life.



    Chief Consultant & Mentor - Guruji Shrii Arnav is an internationally acclaimed Vedic Guru in addition to being a celebrated planetary gemologist.  He is one of the leading experts & professionals in the field of gems and Gemology. He is also an Accredited Jewelry Professional from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). He is the horoscope columnist of the Deccan Herald-a Leading English Daily Published from India. He is widely credited with standardizing Gem Therapy & spreading the knowledge of Jyotish Gemstones at a larger scale. More.

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