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    Gemstone benefits and advantages

    Since Times Immemorial Gemstones have fascinated mankind for their beauty and miraculous powers. Many benefits have been attributed to gemstones ranging from gain of love, wealth, protection and emotional stability. Check if one of these suits you!

    Some of the most famous gemstones in Demand have been Rubies, Sapphires and Emerald

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    Gemstones are believed to have an ounce of divinity in them. They form in nature ranging from thousands to millions of years. From being worn as protective amulets or as instruments of gain of fortune people have cited many advantages and benefits of wearing Gemstones. Here we explore the most common Gemstones and the benefits associated with them.

    Benefits and Advantages of Ruby Gemstone

    Since ancient times Ruby has been a much admired and sought after Gemstone. A Gemstone that symbolizes Royalty and Power it is the Gem of courage, character fidelity and morality. It is said that a Ruby of high quality protects its wearer from enemies, blesses with good health and immunity. It is said to be the gemstone of the Just and Noble.

    Benefits and Advantages of Pearl Gemstone

    Traditionally the pearl gemstone has been associated with the Moon that stands for peace, love and tranquillity. This Gemstone blesses one with beauty, allure and charm, emotional and mental stability. It grants its wearer a charming visage. The Pearl is the symbol of fertility and beauty.

    Benefits and Advantages of the Red Coral Gemstone

    The Red coral Gemstone is symbolic of Victory and is traditionally associated with valour, courage, initiative, power and strength. Believed to be the Gemstone of Mars the Lord of warfare it blesses its wearer with health, vitality, vigour and a strong immune system. Also used in Ayurveda to make medicines it is supposed to have a positive impact on the circulatory system also.

    Benefits and Advantages of the Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

    This is supposed to be the Gemstone of wealth, abundance and divine knowledge. Supposed to be ruled by Jupiter the divine preceptor of the God’s it is believed that the Yellow Sapphire is a lucky stone that blesses with wealth.

    Benefits and Advantages of Diamond Gemstone

    Ruled by the planetary energy of Venus the Diamond blesses its wearer with supreme protection, luxury, beauty, sensuality and riches. It is widely believed that a good Diamond adds to the allure and charm of its wearer manifold. This is the Gemstone of love and romance besides having strong protective powers.

    Benefits and Advantages of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

    Ruled by the much feared Saturn this is the Gemstone that has the maximum myths around it. Blessed with a beautiful Blue Color the mystical Sapphire is the gem that makes Rags to riches and riches to Rags. A strong protective stone it blesses its wearer with a strong will and determination. It protects from enemies, evil eye and blesses with a strong intuition and insight.

    Benefits and Advantages of Hessonite Gemstone

    This Gemstone from the Garnet family has the powers of the shadowy planet Rahu the planet of deception and intrigue. Hessonite protects one from supernatural influences evil eye and spirits and blesses its wearer with strong ambitions towards achievement of material goals.

    Benefits and Advantages of the Cat’s Eye Gemstone

    This Gemstone belongs to another shadowy planet called as Ketu. This is the Gem for the traveller, adventurer, explorer and the conjurer. It is the Gem for those involved in mystical and mysterious pursuits. It makes the individual turn inwards and blesses its wearer with protection and refined spirituality.

    Benefits and Advantages of Blood Stone

    It is a Stone that is believed to have a positive impact on the circulatory system and cures blood pressure problems.

    Benefits and Advantages of Jade Stone

    Highly revered in China it is the harbinger of Good Luck and protects the heart health.

    Benefits and Advantages of Turquoise

    Highly revered in Islam is a strong protective stones and changes color to warn its wearer of impending danger or problem

    So here is a summary of the major Gemstones and their advantages and benefits. Do you feel attracted to the Gemstones and their healing powers, and then maybe it is time to dwell deep in the ancient wisdom and wear your lucky stone and explore/ experience their power yourself.

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