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    Fine Emeralds from the Gemstoneuniverse Collection of Jyotish Gemstones apex of the Gem Pyramid

    Emerald Stone

    Emerald stone with the fresh lively green hue in color is one of the most attractive gemstones. Not only because of its pure green color but also because it counts among the Big Three in the world of coloured gemstones - rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  And if one goes by the parameters for gauging value of gemstones, there is another feather in its cap by virtue of being the gemstone of Planet Mercury and being used extensively in planetary gem therapy to harness the energies of Mercury that reside in emeralds. Vedic astrology strongly recommends using a Mercury talisman - natural emerald stone ring or an emerald pendant to get the best from favourably placed Mercury in the horoscope. Emerald stone is the birthstone for May.

    Listed here are top 10 Emerald stone benefits:

    - Wearing an emerald stone, also known as panna or zammrud brings in intellectual progress. Natural intelligence and intellect is the domain of Planet Mercury and enhancing this planets power brings in better understanding of life, a balanced perspective and better ability to grasp deeper subjects too.

    - The individual wearing and emerald panna stone can visibly see a spurt in creativity, artistic talents, linguistic skills and ability to ideate / innovate better.

    - Wearing an emerald can give a huge edge in relation to the communication skills. There is a remarkably better, clearer and lucid style of communication and the individual is able to express oneself with aplomb and confidence.

    - Even in medical astrology, there are elaborated several astrological benefits of wearing an emerald gem. It is a gemstone that can help with speech difficulties, respiratory troubles, allergies and nervous disorders.

    - Natural and treatment free emerald is a great therapeutic gemstone for individuals facing trouble with ability to concentrate or focus. High entropy, restless people are able to bring in a relatively large amount of stability and focus by wearing an emerald.

    - An individual who wears an emerald stone for a well placed Mercury, can beget great fame and fortune. As the name suggests, there can be a mercurial rise in life.

    - Emerald is a stone that is capable of taking away emotional toxicity. Individuals who have a hard time coming to terms with difficult situations where they have been betrayed, cheated or defrauded, should try working with an emerald gemstone to heal the scars. It help in shedding of illusory ideas.

    - Emerald is the precious green collection of mineral beryl. gemstone believed to have antidote powers against poison. Royalty of yore is known to have sipped their aperitifs from emerald goblets.

    - Natural Emerald with its color clarity is a great gemstone for individuals who stammer, or feel shy to interact with others or feel held back due to lack of confidence.

    - Individuals like psychics, healers, astrologers or practitioners of any divine arts can find tremendous progress in their line of work when they wear emeralds stone.

    Gemstoneuniverse presents two new parcels of fantastic natural treatment free jyotish quality Zambian  and Colombian emeralds – AARTI and Dhruvah

    The new Parcel AARTI is a lot with super premium Zambian emeralds and come with certification from one of the premium Gem Labs in the world -GemResearch Lab Swiss (or GRS)

    Each Emerald Gemstone from the new parcel AARTI  –

    -          Is super premium gem quality

    -          Is fully natural jyotish quality

    -          Is of Zambian origin

    -          Emerald stone has amazing clarity, especially considering the fact that we are talking emeralds here

    -          Has excellent rich bluish green color

    -          Has the inner glow and lustre

    -          Is free from doshas specified in sacred text w.r.t planetary gem therapy

    -          Has amazing Mercury energy

    -          Is accompanied by GemResearch Lab Swiss -GRS certification


    The second new parcel - Dhruvah  is that of natural Colombian emeralds. These emeralds however have been fashioned from roughs owned by Gemstone universe and hence buy emerald stone online which are available at a very attractive price point. Each of these gems come with certification from the reputed AIGS and GIA Gem lab in Thailand. Both Labs considered to be repurted Gem Lab's in the world

    Each emerald gemstone from the new parcel Dhruvah

    -          Is premium quality

    -          Is fully natural jyotish quality

    -          Is of Colombian origin

    -          Has great clarity,

    -          Has excellent deep-color

    -          Is free from doshas specified in sacred text w.r.t planetary gem therapy

    -          Has amazing Mercury energy

    -          Is accompanied by AIGS certification


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