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    Articles: Cat’s eye Emerald- A Domed SpectacleNEWS FEED

    Domed Spectacle - A marvellous Cat’s eye Emerald, rarest of rare gifts of nature

    Cat's Eye Emerald. A rare wonder from Mother earth.A Marvellous Piece showcased by Gemstoneuniverse at the 48th Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Fair


    A Gem is for a Gem

    Presenting a Gemstoneuniverse Special

    A Marvellous Piece showcased by Gemstoneuniverse at the 48 th Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Fair

    Note: This Video was shot at the Gemstoneuniverse showcase at the 48th Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Fair with no special lighting set up or a High End Video Camera. Professional Video Cameras are not allowed in the show premises but the sheer brilliance of this piece does not require any special equipment.

    Emeralds are one of the most gorgeous gemstones in the mineral world. The alluring green stone is quite brittle and finding a large, one-piece emerald and fashioning it into a gem ready for setting is in itself a daunting task.

    This rare beauty takes a very interesting turn and is much rarer still if it displays chatoyancy. A cat’s eye emerald is a rarity. Just to get to see one is tremendous good luck.

    Take a look at this gigantic cat’s eye emerald cut en cabochon . This stunning behemoth of 12.56 carats from the famed Muzo mines of Colombia sits mounted in a white gold and has flawless diamonds encircling it and accenting it down in a double row into the shank.

    The powers of Mercury, the god of trade, communication and well, numbers get combined with the intuitive wisdom of the Dragon’s antinode in this one superbly crafted ring. Not to mention the influence of lux and aesthete brought along by diamonds, signifying the powers of Venus. The owner has a lot going for him/ her!

    What makes this a spectacle? Well, there may be some cat’s eye emeralds that you may encounter in the mineral kingdom, but this one takes the cake as it displays five superb chatoyant bands , opening and closing as light falls on it.

    There are very fine tubular channels/ inclusions, occurring naturally, also known as silk that run within the gem. When light falls on the gem, the sharp bands of light are formed perpendicular to these hollow tubular structures.

    Cat’s eye emeralds are extremely rare and are known to come in only from Colombia or Brazil. More often than not they exist in paler shades only. Chatoyant emeralds are finished as cabochons for they help to accentuate the display of this effect.

    In 2001, Christies closed the sale of a cat’s eye emerald cabochon from Brazil of 6. 89carats at a whopping USD ($)81,707!

    You can read more about it here -

    You can take a wild guess at its price, what this pristine beauty would fetch. Some days the numbers are just not enough! This is year 2011 and this wonder is double the size of what was sold at Christies. Table of Cat’s eye emerald Facts

    Gemstone Natural emerald Cat’s eye Diamond ring
    Weight 12.56 carats
    Treatment None. Fully Natural
    Origin Colombia
    Planetary Energy Mercury, Venus and Ketu
    Patron Location Mumbai, India
    All inclusive Price Undisclosed
    Comments Gemstones such as these come once in a lifetime and that we were associated with its journey makes us feel blessed. Just to hold and view this beauty and feel its powers is enough. Secured for a patron who has Mercury, Venus and Ketu in a powerful position together this exquisite vintage Cats Eye emerald was secured for him. With brilliant Diamonds the blessings of all three planets will accrue to him. It is this combination that has chosen him. Powerful Gems such as these choose their owner and not vice versa.


    Signifying our deep rooted belief that a Gem is for a Gem, we thank our patron for giving us an opportunity for this adventure and that this vintage beauty comes from the Gemstoneuniverse stable makes us extremely proud.

    Note: Thank You Dear Patron for your gracious comments and testimonial. The entire effort was worth it.


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