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    The Color Red - The Allure of a Ruby | Star Gemstones

    Natural Ruby of 1.13 Carats Gemstoneuniverse


    Star Gemstones, Color is the essence of life. It’s magic conjured up by the play of light with elements of nature! And because human beings use faculty of sight that differentiates among things in a large way by sight, color is fundamental to evoking response – love, dislike, attraction, ambivalence and much more. The world of colored gemstones is fascinating for precisely the same reason. It’s the enticing color, a distinct personality of the gem that makes it stand apart!

    Rubies have fascinated human beings for a long time now – a star gemstone, which our ancestors viewed in awe as they believed that a fire burned within it! Intense deep red – the ruby is a splendorous gem. Ruby is the mineral Corundum, which is aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Aluminum is displaced by chromium (Cr 3+) anything between 1-3 percent of its total amount in the mineral.

    The richer the color more is the premium commanded by the gem! The best rubies of the world are without a shadow of doubt from Burma with the imperial pigeon blood color. However, for their relative unavailability and prohibitive prices (in what is up for grabs) the newer treasures of Africa seem to have arrived just in time. Among the African rubies, the ones coming from Mozambique and Tanzania have better clarity and richer color.

    However, how do you know that what you are wearing is categorized in the gem world as a ruby or a pink sapphire. The saturation of color is the key here. Rubies command a much greater price than a pink sapphire (pink corundum, after all, sapphire base mineral is corundum too!) There is deep resistance to adopting the color saturation index for many gems hitherto classified, as ruby will just end up as fancy color pink sapphires!

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in February 2013 Table Natural Mozambique Ruby Gemstone Facts


    Natural Mozambique Ruby


    1.13 carats





    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    New York , USA

    All inclusive Price

    $ 1887.5 / INR 105700


    This is a splendid natural, treatment free Ruby from Mozambique of 1.13 carats set in 22-Karat gold as a Sun talisman. The oval shaped gem, with deep vibrant reddish color has vivid saturation of color and  excellent clarity. Unheated natural rubies with good color and a fair weight are extremely rare so what you see before you is actually a prize.Natural ruby or manik is the gemstone of Planet Sun, king of the zodiac. The robust color and intensity of the energies of the gem make it an exceptional jyotish gem, that can channel the Sun energies for the wearer.

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