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    Articles: Zambian Emerald vs. Colombian Emeralds | Comparison of essential Gemological AttributesNEWS FEED

    Zambian Emerald vs. Colombian Emeralds-Comparison of essential Gemological Attributes


    What is Gota de Aceite-The Oil Drop effect

    Think emerald and the fascinating green gem of the beryl family appears in front of the eyes.  Emerald has been used in jewellery as well as healing therapy since centuries.  Though emerald comes from many sources the majority of emerald market is made of Emeralds from Colombia, Brazil and Zambia.

    In this write up we attempt to make a basic comparison between Zambian Emeralds and Colombian Emeralds.

    Traditionally, the bench mark for Emerald quality is the Colombian Emerald. The Zambian Emerald mines are relatively new and these were discovered only in 1950’s.


    Zambian Emerald vs Colombian Emeralds-Comparison of essential Gemological Attributes

    Attribute Colombian Emeralds Zambian Emeralds
    Price Per Carat Higher price per carat Lesser in comparison to Colombian
    Trace Element Causing Color Chromium Iron
    Color Difference Fine Leafy bluish Green Deep Green with a deep Bluish shade
    Inclusions More in comparison Lesser. Better Transparency is observed.
    Gota de Aceite-Oil Drop effect Yes No


    Visual Comparison

    Have a Look at the color shades and other differences in these fine emerald rings from Colombia and Zambia already featured on the Gemstoneuniverse blog. You can gauge the fundamental differences listed above.  Hundreds of Emeralds already featured on the blog with Gemological notes can be viewed here.

    Zambian Emeralds Vs Colombian Emeralds -A Visual Comparison

    Zambian Emeralds Vs Colombian Emeralds -A Visual Comparison


    What is Gota de Aceite-The Oil Drop effect

    In Chapter 12, of the famous book Emeralds-A Passionate guide author –expert, Ronald Ringsrud explains the phenomena of Gota De Aceite as-There is no better place to rediscover wonder than in a remarkable phenomenon that occurs inside the finest emeralds.

    That phenomenon is called gota de aceite (Spanish for “drop of oil,” pronounced “go-tuh day ah-say-tay”). A velvety interruption of the light passing through the emerald, the effect is prized by connoisseurs in the same way they value the velvety texture of a Kashmir sapphire. In both cases, the color of the stone is softened and the internal reflections are spread by numerous microscopic inclusions, reducing extinction and giving a liquid, velvety texture.

    Gota de aceite is associated with the Colombian emerald, and even in Colombian stones it is visible in only one in a thousand, mainly of fine quality.

    For Astrological Purposes which Emerald is better- Zambian or Emerald?

    One can use any Emerald for Jyotish Purposes provided the emerald is Jyotish Quality and the clarity level is acceptable for Jyotish purposes.  Till these two criteria are fulfilled the Emerald is empowered to deliver results. The origin does not matter. Choose an Emerald with a color and shade that appeals to you the most.

    Jyotish Quality.

    Jyotish Emerald Clarity Standard.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in November 2012

    Natural Zambian Emerald of 2.26 carats Zambian emerald ring for Astrology

    Natural Zambian Emerald of 2.26 carats Zambian emerald ring for Astrology

  Table Natural Zambian Emerald Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Zambian Emerald
    Weight 2.26 carats
    Treatment None. Fully Natural
    Origin Zambia
    Planetary Energy Mercury
    Patron Location Amritsar/India
    All inclusive Price $ 1214.42/ INR 64972
    Comments Featured today is a fine Zambian Emerald crystal of 2.26 carats, notice the deep rich green color. The Gem has been set in silver and passes the Jyotish Emerald Clarity Standard. The use of American diamonds as accent stones give the ring a distinct character. Emerald or panna is the Jyotish Gem for harnessing the positive powers of Mercury the planet of business, finance and communication as per Vedic Astrology.

    What is delightful to observe is that awareness of correct Jyotish Gems and Planetary Gem therapy is reaching to far off places.  This Emerald ring shipped to Amritsar just proves that.

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