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    Articles: Director Choreographer Farah Khan with her Yellow Sapphire - The Color of FameNEWS FEED

    Farah Khan

    For the average Indian gemstones have much more meaning than being fancy baubles or prized possessions. The gemstones are highly symbolic of the planetary powers so they go beyond ornamental purposes and are used as a revered medium of bringing about a positive change in life.

    Strange but true, when people of note are seen to wear planetary gems, the appeal increases and so does the curiosity. One can invariably see the rich and famous wearing some gemstone. One could look at it the other way round where the gemstone’s power has brought about the noteworthiness, fame and fortune.

    Farah Khan

    Farah Khan

    Of late among the well-known Bollywood celebs, one can see a slimmer looking director – choreographer Farah Khan in the media. She has directed Om Shanti Om and choreographed many a hit numbers. She can be seen wearing a yellow sapphire in gold ring in the index finger of right hand.


    Natural yellow sapphire

    Natural Yellow Sapphire from Gemstoneuniverse

    The energy of yellow sapphire takes one towards the path of action rather than procrastination. It shakes away all doubt and induces a strength of will.  The energy of this gemstone has the frequency of prosperity and wealth. It’s an excellent stone for success in business.  Yellow sapphire can help one overcome self-doubt and fear of failure.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in February 2013 Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts


    Natural Yellow Sapphire


    2.08 carats


    None. Fully Natural


    Sri Lanka/Ceylon

    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location


    All inclusive Price

    $ 1361.70 / INR 74575


    Featured today is a premium yellow sapphire – a fully natural treatment free and unheated yellow sapphire from Ceylon of 2.08 carats set in 22 Karat gold as a Jupiter talisman ring. The oval cut yellow sapphire has fantastic clarity and a luscious golden butter yellow color.Natural yellow sapphire also known as pukhraj/ pushyaraag is the gemstone of planet Jupiter/ Guru/ Brihaspati in Vedic astrology. The yellow sapphire is always set in the precious metal yellow gold befitting Brihaspati’s status as the mentor of the gods, the royal priest!

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