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    Celebrating Love and Unity with Jyotish Gemstones- Wedding Bands not to be frivolous or boring anymore

    Classical Men's Wedding Band with Natural Ruby of 1.03 Carats and 3mm calibrated round unheated rubies



    Each day at Gemstoneuniverse gives as some pleasant surprise. It is the power of Natural Gemstones, Jyotish Gem Therapy and the creativity of our patrons. Since eons the wedding band or the wedding rings are an inherent part of every country, culture, race or time frame.

    The full unbroken circle of the ring represents the permanent and the eternal nature of the relationship and commitment being made. The exchange of the rings between two individuals represents a bond of love; affection, trust, unity and a promise to stand by each other ,come what may!

    Wedding Bands 

    Celebrating Love and Unity with exchange of Wedding Bands

    Celebrating Love and Unity with this classical 3 Gemstone wedding band ring:

    The only difference is that in addition to being exquisite and a classical wedding band design:

    1) It has real unheated Rubies from Mozambique that are eye-clean and fully natural- Real Everlasting Love.

    2) Rubies represent truth, honesty, fidelity and longevity.

    3) The Center Ruby is 1.03 carats and the two accent rubies weigh .37 and .38 carats- Normal Wedding band rings generally have a tiny 7-10 mm tiny Ruby which in most cases is treated. The centre piece which is a solid 1.03 carats represents a Solid Value and the essential character of the individual wearing the ring or to whom it is gifted for.

    4) All Selected Gemstones are eye clean - Transparency, Truth and Honesty.

    5) It is a classical wedding Band design- Traditional yet Effective.

    6) Ruby is the Gemstone of Sun as per Vedic Astrology. Use of Jyotish Quality Rubies makes this Ring of tremendous value. It shall have many benefits throughout the life in addition to being the symbol of eternal love.

    7) That people are creative enough to opt for such an option shows increasing awareness about the powers of Jyotish Gem Therapy. We just hope that many other individuals would make their sacred vow and exchange bands which are auspicious and lucky for them as per the Sacred Vedic Gemology.

    The Band is 22K Gold.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in December 2012

  Table Natural Mozambique Ruby Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Mozambique Ruby
    Weight 1.03 carats( Centre Gemstone) ,0.37cts & 0.38 Cts(Calibrated Rounds)
    Treatment None.
    Origin Mozambique
    Planetary Energy Sun
    Patron Location Delhi , India
    All inclusive Price Withheld at Patron Request
    Comments We thank the patron who had the creativity to be particular about this design. In today’s world where the prices of unheated Gem Quality Rubies are going through the roof, this Ruby represents tremendous value.


    A stunningly beautiful eye clean unheated Ruby from Mozambique. When listed on the Gemstoneuniverse website we listed the color as Deep Vibrant Reddish Pink .

    Such is the wonder of good sorting and eye for detail; just see how the color becomes a regal deep red when set in rich Yellow Gold. Watch the video to view the brilliant fiery red embers that make the shade come so close to the Burma Ruby shade.

    Notice the attention to detail in the choice of the accent gemstones. Same Shade, calibrated rounds and most importantly unheated and Jyotish Quality.

    With the right thought process sometimes the soul inspires to make a defining choice.

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    Enjoy it in Video:


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