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    Articles: Can Rahu Ratna-Hessonite be worn in Gold | Rahu Hessonite Astrology NEWS FEED

    Can Rahu Ratna-Hessonite be worn in Gold? -Cases Where Hessonite in Gold gives Good Results

    Natural Hessonite of 6.04 carats set in Gold ring for Rahu powers as per Vedic Astrology


    The Gemstone of Rahu-the north node of the moon is the Hessonite Garnet also called as Gomedh/Gomedh/Gomedaka.  A powerful gem whose impact can be felt very early into Gem Therapy.

    In General, Rahu’s Gem, Hessonite is worn when

    -Rahu Major period is in operation

    -Rahu Sub period is in operation.

    - Special Rahu position such as in 10th house.

    -Due to special objectives or desires such as victory in an election or desire to achieve political power etc.

    - Rahu in a deeply incapacitating planetary position.

    In general, the best metal for setting Hessonite is Silver and it is observed that Rahu gives good results in Silver regardless of it’s position in the chart.

    However, in some cases Hessonite can be set in Gold. Some of these conditions but limited to are :

    -          Rahu posited in the Sign ruled by Sun-Leo

    -          Rahu combining with Sun.

    -          Rahu posited in the signs of Jupiter- Sagittarius or Pisces.

    -          Rahu combining with Jupiter in an auspicious house.

    In such cases it is observed that the Hessonite gives excellent results

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in January 2013 Table of Natural Hessonite Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Hessonite
    Weight 6.04 carats
    Treatment None
    Origin Srilanka
    Planetary Energy Rahu
    Patron Location

    Mumbai / INDIA

    All inclusive Price $ 1306.68 / INR 72521
    Comments Featured today is an exquisite Hessonite Crystal set in Gold ring. A 4 c winner the first feature is the fantastic 6+ carat weight of this natural crystal. Ravishing and full deep burnt cinnamon color that is complemented befittingly by the gold band.


    A river of Molten Gold seems to be at the heart of the crystal. Attractive clarity and lack of treatment make it a fantastic Jyotish Gem capable of blessing with results only Jyotish Gems are capable of.

    To view this Gemstone before it was set please click here.

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