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    Colombian Emerald set in 22 K Gold ring

    Can Newly Weds Wear Emerald| Emerald & Sex Drive in Vedic Astrology

    The problem with poor quality internet cut, copy and paste jobs is that they bluntly copy material from one another without citing the original source and the result is an inaccurate, incorrect subject material and a lot of frayed nerves for amateur readers.

    This is especially so in the case of individuals who read material about the same topic from several different sources and then paste this material in their own word document to produce a so called master file with the end result as fear, tension, anxiety, anger and of course incorrect poor quality information. We face this daily in terms of getting huge number of reader queries based on similar situations and behaviour.

    The search engine is good for information but not for knowledge.

    Blatant Copying and Pasting of incorrect information

    Amongst several such instances, one such incorrect information copied and pasted especially by guest bloggers or certain Astrology websites engaging in e commerce is that Emerald the gemstone of Mercury reduces the sexual intensity/ experience in sex and hence should not be worn by newly weds.

    Nothing can be more ludicrous than this but there is tonnes of information with the same two pasted lines as stated above on 16,300,000 websites (Google data as on 08th September 2014).

    There are

    -        Same two lines about the subject as stated above on majority of these websites.

    -        No website gives the source of this information (they cannot because there isn’t any authentic source) and no website gives the astrological analysis or reading for the same.


    -        Individuals with lot of fear, tension, anxiety, anger and of course incorrect poor quality information

    -        Having to deal with tonne of junk mail relating to the same topic.


    Emerald ring with a different background to assess richness of color

    Sex and Vedic Astrology

    To have a correct analysis of Sex and Libido (sex Drive) one has to primarily analyse 5 important factors in the horoscopes besides several other combinations in the chart. These 5 factors affecting sex drive and libido in Vedic Astrology are:

    -        The Ascendant Lord as this controls the physical make up and is responsible for personality characteristics as a whole.

    -        The 7th House of marriage and interpersonal relationships and the planetary lord of this house.

    -        The 12th house of bed pleasures and the planetary lord of this house.

    -        The Planet Venus which is the planet of Love, beauty and physical intimacy.

    -        The Planet Mars which is the planet of health, vigour, vitality, energy and controls the blood and the circulatory system.

    So you can see Mercury has no role to play here so the thing to wonder is “how is Emerald influencing the sex life of an individual?

    Emerald Gemstone for Newly Weds and Emerald’s impact on Sex Drive

    The Emerald is most brilliant and rare gemstone of the beryl family and is ruled by the planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology. Mercury is humour, wit and communication in a relationship and any fulfilling relationship needs to have these elements to be complete and whole.

    Mercury has no impact at all on libido, in fact since times immemorial it is a well known fact that if an emerald is gifted to one another it increases the love and bonding between two individuals.

    It doesn’t hurt to have humour, wit and effective communication either as a bonus. Of Course, newly weds can wear Emerald with confidence without any impact on libido/ sex drive as these are controlled by the 5 factors listed above.

    Do not get tense and follow poor quality copy and paste jobs and disturb your peace of mind. If an Emerald is indicated in your birth chart and is recommended by your expert astrologer go ahead and wear a Jyotish Gemstone emerald. It shall have no impact on your sex drive.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in September 2014

    jpeg Table Natural Colombian Emerald Gemstone Facts


    Natural Colombian Emerald


    4.64 carats


    None. Fully Natural



    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location


    All inclusive Price

    $ 13672 / 8,20,320 INR


    Exceptional Gemstones and talismans such as these do not require words for explanation. The first outstanding feature of this emerald is the brilliant, resplendent colour that is spread equally all over the emerald crystal giving it a royal, rich look. All of 4.64 carat the emerald clarity in this emerald is more than 95%.

    This happens in less than 2% of Natural Emeralds free from any treatment. All Natural, oil free emerald from Colombia that is an epitome of a true Jyotish Gemstone. It is gemstones like this that deliver the promised results of planetary gem therapy which only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of. Do view the video to appreciate the 4C’s.

    Note: Thank you dear patron for your gracious testimonial

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