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    Can Hessonite and Emerald be worn together? Harnessing the Rahu-Mercury combination in the information age.

    Rahu Mercury Talisman

     Harnessing the Rahu-Mercury combination in the information age.

    The planets Rahu and Mercury have become highly relevant in this jet set age of ultra fast communication and development of Information and technology. In the right signs the Rahu-mercury combination is a big blessing as this combination provides high intelligence, ability to think, analyse, act at the speed of light and can bless with a gigantic memory.

    Since mercury is the significator of communication individuals blessed with this combination would have a need to communicate fast and efficiently. This combination gives a phenomenal metal ability and also gives other mercury blessings like wit, intelligence, humour and charm. This combination is found in the horoscopes of many speech writers, story tellers etc.

    It is a good combination to have in the horoscope as both Mercury and Rahu are friends and work in tandem and harmony to bless with the individual with superlative results. The best results are found when this combination occurs in the sign of Gemini, Virgo or the sign of research and invention-Aquarius.

    This is a fortunate combination to have especially when one is connected with Foreigners and foreign lands. It gives the capacity to the individual to earn wealth from Imports and exports, travelling and travel business and most importantly from communication. It also gives ability for deep research and investigating the occult.

    Buy Natural Hessonite Online

    How to Harness the power of this combination using Planetary Gem Therapy:

    It is important to ascertain whether this is a key combination in the chart and whether the periods of these planets are in operation. Some of the relevant cases where their combined energies can be utilized but not limited to:

    1) Rahu-Mercury combination occurring in the Key Houses.

    2) Major Period of Mercury and the sub period of Rahu in operation.

    3) Major period of Rahu and the sub period of Mercury in operation.

    4) Career segment being controlled by this combination.

    In such cases as mentioned above the individual can get rewarded by using Jyotish Gemstones of these planets in a single pendant. The Gem of Rahu is hessonite also known as Gomedh and the Gem of Mercury is Emerald also known as Panna. Both these Gems can be set in a single pendant and should be consecrated with Rahu mantras and Budh/mercury Mantras for optimum results.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in March 2013 Table Natural Hessonite & Natural Colombian Emerald Gemstone Facts


    Natural Hessonite

    Natural Colombian Emerald


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    2.74 carats



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    Planetary Energy



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    $ 5562.82 / INR 308736


    Featured today is an exceptional Rahu Mercury Talisman brimming with power Planetary energies. This Talisman is a fine example of what exactly are Jyotish Gemstones.  Check the brilliant fiery lustre in the Hessonite. Magnetic and Hyponotic- This Hessonite is the apex of Gem Quality.  When the Agni Puranamentions that inward glowing lustre is a mandatory feature of Jyotish Gems this is what it meant.

    Check the brilliant and even spread of Verdant Green color in the natural Colombian emerald crystal. Combined with great clarity and fine color this emerald has been blessed with something special and that special brings in the promised results of Gem Therapy.

    Notice the attention to detail in the finished talisman, Rahu in general gives best results in silver. The Hessonite garnet has been encapsulated with a silver setting and Emerald has been set in Gold. To get good results and keepGem therapy error free one should not overlook a single minute detail.

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