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    Buy Gemstones Online USA-Get the best Gemstone in USA


    How to buy Gemstones Online USA

    If you like, or are interested in, precious and semi-precious stones, you have quite a task ahead of you. There are a number of sellers who sell gemstones, but you need to make sure that you are buying from a trustworthy and reputable seller.

    You need to be assured that these are indeed genuine gemstones not fake ones or treated ones. After all you will be paying a considerable amount of money for them. Nowadays you can buy gemstones online USA. There are a number of popular gemstones which you will be able to find from reputed vendors.

    Even though USA is blessed with many beautiful gemstones, minerals and rocks the finest gemstones with great clarity and beauty and the preferred gemstone origin rarely reach USA in high numbers.

    When researching for the trend Buy Gemstones Online USA most of the users showed great preferences by searching for Burma Ruby, Basra Pearl, Colombian Emeralds and Ceylon Sapphires.


    Natural Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamonds from Gemstone Universe on Vimeo.

    The more adventurous gem aficionados showed great affinity for designs such as the Princess Diana Blue Sapphire and Diamonds engagement ring while proposing to their loved ones over Diamonds. Once such fine ring from the Gemstoneuniverse collection is featured below.

    Well researched Gem Lovers who were aware of the metaphysical powers of the gemstones or aware of the powerful Indian Planetary Gem Therapy went a step further and gifted their loved ones powerful and life changing Jyotish Gemstones based on a thorough analysis of their horoscopes.

    Challenges to Buy Gemstones Online and Offline USA.

    When GemstoneuniverseTM did a US market research for gemstones the four major challenges faced by genuine lovers of colored gemstones were:

    - Lack of quality Gemstones like Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires from quality origins.

    - Very High Price of colored gemstones with no reference tables to check Gemstone price per carat.

    - Lack of information on enhancing treatments such as heat treatments in Rubies or Oil treatment in Emeralds.

    - High cost of making custom rings and pendants with no guarantee of no damage to the precious gemstone.

    In most cases Bench Jewelers took the order of creating a custom design- ring/ pendant after getting a disclaimer signed that if any damage happened to the gemstone while making/ setting the ring/ pendant they would own no financial responsibility for it. Additional factors included a long time to make a custom design etc.

    Coloured Gemstones Most Popular in the USA


    The ruby is one of the most precious gemstones you can buy in the US. It is grouped in the same class as emeralds and sapphires in terms of value. Rubies have varying shades of red, such as purplish red, orange red or just red. They are usually very clear to the naked eye. However, minor scratches may be visible under magnification. Cuts made unprofessionally at mining sites may also be visible. However, such cuts may not compromise the quality of the stone. Heating may be employed improve their quality. Professionally cut stones are also available for purchase at various jewelry stores in the US. So, if you are going to buy gemstones online USA, consider getting yourself a fine ruby stone. It is always best to go for a high clarity unheated and untreated Gemstone as its value will keep increasing over a period of time.

    Buy Ruby Gemstone Online USA


    Emeralds have a special place in the history of mankind. They are popular due to their preciousness and many have bought emerald jewels through the times. Unlike rubies which are essentially red, emeralds come in a delightful green. Their dominant shades of green mixed bluish and yellowish shades. Some may be unprofessionally cut at the mining site. However, great quality emeralds are also available. Finer emeralds weighing more than 5 carats may be rare. Nevertheless, you can find commercial grade emeralds of any sizes in online stores across the US. If you are looking for the finest emeralds with beautiful colour picked up by experts then Gemstoneuniverse is here for you.


    Currently, the most popular stone in the US is undoubtedly the sapphire. They come in shades of blue, which is a very popular tone for jewelry. Other sapphire colours that are popular are Yellow, Pink and Orange.

    Unlike emeralds, they take on various shades of all the colors of the rainbow. This makes them more attractive than other precious stones. There is a variety of colors to choose from. The blue ones are the most expensive since they are demanded by many people.  Fresh from mines, sapphires may spot cut lines left behind by miners. But if you are planning to buy gemstones online USA, you need not worry about miner’s marks on the stones.

    Apart from these gemstones, there are also several others which you can find for sale online in the USA. Make sure you browse through different listings as well as reviews so as to compare what different USA gemstone sellers are offering in terms of prices, and also when it comes to their reputation.

    Buy Gemstones Online USA with Gemstoneuniverse

    Gemstoneuniverse is the world’s leading authority in providing Natural and Untreated Gemstones. We have the finest collection of Gemstones of 20 different families and provide Certified Gemstones of all colours of the rainbow.

    For 20 years Gemstoneuniverse has been the world’s leading exporter with many awards and recognition.

    If you are looking to Buy Gemstones Online in USA you can consider Gemstoneuniverse for the following reasons:

    - The most beautiful Gemstones from the best mines of the world sorted and picked up by top gemstone experts after a proprietary process and special skill sets like knowing the importance of colour.

    - Certified Gemstones from top Reputed and accredited Gemstone Labs that are accepted worldwide.

    - Door Delivery to the USA without any duties. Independent appraisal of your gemstone/piece of Jewelry.

    - Unmatched Gemstone price. A Gemstoneuniverse equivalent quality gemstone will be available is the USA at 4-6 times the price offered by Gemstoneuniverse. For many of our clients it came as a pleasant surprise when the most conservative and independent appraisers in the USA appraised their Gemstone twice or thrice the value they paid at Gemstoneuniverse.

    - Finest workmanship and craftsmanship by our bench jewelers with fast turnaround time. See quality, workmanship etc for the 1500+ pieces already shipped out and featured on the Gemstoneuniverse Blog.

    - Experience of serving the US market for over 20 years with delightful, soul touching Gemstones.

    - Top Validated Reviews and lifetime return and exchange policy.

    So if you are searching for buy Gemstones Online USA next time leverage the power of Gemstoneuniverse and check what makes Gemstoneuniverse the best Gemstone website. Wish you a happy and a life Changing Gemstone purchase experience because

    A Gem is for a Gem- You are one.

    Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology


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