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    A Little Knowledge on Gemstones & Know Where to Buy Gemstones in Bangalore

    Living in the age of Science, there are a large number of people who believe in astrology and eager to wear gemstones in accordance to zodiac sign, a month of birth, a date of birth and in accordance to the running Dasha or Mahadasha.

    There are a few people who love to embellish their ornaments with precious gemstones. In the marketplace, you can come across an assortment of gemstones, irrespective to the quality. Whether you are looking for high-quality precious gemstones or semi-precious gemstones, you can shop or buy gemstones in Bangalore at online and offline stores.

    Different types of gemstones and minerals are available over the globe in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

    Where to Buy Gemstones in Bangalore?

    Gemstoneuniverse based in Bangalore India is the best option to Buy Gemstones in Bangalore as it deals with natural certified Gemstones sourced directly from the mines.

    Overview of Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

    In general, gemstones are collected from natural sources, like, rivers, mines, fossil and the value of a gemstone is decided on the basis of its quality, cut, transparency, grading, and the sources of the gemstone. People are many who tend to buy gemstones for several reasons. While some people buy gemstone on the basis of astrological perspective, some buy gemstone to fulfill the desire of having precious gemstones only. Whatever the necessity is, generally gemstones are divided into two categories – precious gemstone and semi-precious gemstone.

    • Precious/Valuable Gemstones

    Gemstones, which are high in quality, great in shape, color and cuts and used for making jewelry, are known as the precious quality gemstones. These types of gemstones are rarely found and expensive too. The list of precious gemstone is

    v Sapphire- Sapphire is a stone which is very precious, expensive and mainly found in the mines of countries like India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and America. Ceylon sapphire is the most precious one among sapphire group. Sapphire is found in various colors, such as blue and yellow. Yellow sapphire is the birthstone of Sagittarius native and people who took birth in the month of September in accordance to Indian astrology.

    v Diamond: Diamond is considered as one of the precious gemstones over the world. If you think where to buy the gemstones in Bangalore then you can buy from online shops or offline shop, according to your convenience. It is a durable gemstone and expensive too. It is used in making ornaments. People who born in the month of March, they can wear it as birthstone.

    v Emerald: Emerald or Panna is a valuable gemstone and it is green in color. It is also used in making jewelry. People who born in the month of May, they can wear them as the birthstone. The gemstone is considered to welcome good luck, health, mental peace and fight against depression.

    v Ruby: Ruby is red in color and used in making jewelry. It is an expensive gemstone and high in value in astrology as well as jewelry market. People who born in the month of July can wear Ruby for good luck and good health. Myanmar Ruby is considered best in quality.

    Precious gemstones are always expensive and limited in stock.

    • Semi-precious/Less Valuable Gemstones

    Gemstones, which are widely available, less valuable, less attractive and not so good in color, cuts and shapes, they are known as semi-precious gemstones. The main difference between the precious and semi-precious gemstones is the rareness. It is not that semi-precious stones are always cheaper than precious gemstones. You can find many semi-precious gemstones that are comparatively high in price. Let us know a little about semi-precious gemstones.

    v Amethyst: The gemstone is purple in color and widely used in making ornaments. The gemstone is as hard as quartz. The gemstone is suitable for the people who born in February.

    v Topaz: The stone is available in various colors, like, blue, pink, yellow, white, green, red and black. The stone is found in many countries, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and Japan. A person, born in November month, the stone is lucky for him.

    v Turquoise: As an opaque gemstone, Turquoise has a high level of value in making ornaments. The stone is also used as the birthstone for the people who born in the month of December. Iraq, US, Sinai, Chile and Afghanistan are considered as the source of this stone.

    v Opal: Opal is famous for its grace and beauty. People who born in the month of October, opal is the birthstone for them. It is widely available in South Australia.

    v Peridot: People, who are unable to buy an Emerald, they can consider wearing Peridot. The stone is available in various shades including the green.

    v Zircon: It is a great substitute of Diamond. The stone is worn to boost up a power of Venus in accordance to the Indian astrology.

    Now the question is which the best way to buy gemstones in Bangalore is and where to buy the gemstones in Bangalore. The question is not only haunted you but also a large number are people are there who are facing the same question. There are two ways you can buy your gemstone wherever you live in the world, either you can choose offline stores in the physical marketplace or the online stores. The choice is simply yours. 

    Shop Gemstones from Local Seller

    When you choose offline stores to buy the gemstone in Bangalore, you can reap many benefits. You can shop your stone from local market directly from the vendor. The shop owner or jeweler can help you to get the best one at the best price. Generally, people buy gemstone from the jewelry shop where they tend to make ornaments. So, you can rely on the credibility of the seller. But there is an exclusive state of the art Gemstone store in Bangalore where you get original and authentic gemstones.

    Why to Buy Gemstone Online?

    While you choose online stores to buy gemstones in Bangalore, you can browse Gemstoneuniverse huge stock to get your perfect gemstone. Even, you can easily get access to choose the best one from the assortment of gemstones. The main benefit in buying gemstones at online stores is the stock. You can choose from a variety of collection and also browse through various benefits, ring designs, ring sizes and articles and know how.

    Hence, the decision is simply up to you where to buy gemstone in Bangalore, offline or online. The place, where you get certified gemstones at reasonable price, the place will be convenient for you. Whether you opt to buy gemstones in Bangalore or anywhere else in the world, the authenticity and quality of Jyotish gemstones are to be asserted.

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