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    Buy Emerald Online | Buying Emerald Gemstone in India Top Tips

    The precious green Variety of Beryl is the Emerald and the emerald is one of the Big 3 group of Gemstones- Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

    Here are the top tips for buying an Emerald Gemstone Online. These tips ensure that you get the Emerald of your choice with security and at the best price.

    1)      The first thing is to ascertain beauty of the emerald. There are several shade variants of green and a Greenish Yellow Emerald would be quite remarkably different from a Bluish Green Emerald. Hence while buying Emerald Gemstone online it is important that the vendor has considerably invested time and resources in good Gem Photographs. Always prefer a Vendor who has Video of the emerald as the Video gives a 3D view that presents a much more accurate view.


    2)      The Emerald Gemstone has a Variable hardness of 7.5-8 on the Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness.  When Buying Emerald stone online it is important that the treatments are clearly mentioned in the Emerald Description. Oil Treatment in emerald is a routine treatment but if you are using your Emerald stone for Astrology purpose or if you want to have a top Jewellery Grade emerald make sure that your Emerald gemstone is free from any other treatments like Opticon, resin or Joban. Once should be very careful when buying Emerald Gemstone Online in India about Joban treatment.

    3)      When Buying Emerald online in India one should pay special attention to the emerald clarity level. Emerald Gemstones in most cases are always included. However if you are buying Emerald for Jyotish Purposes or an investment tool ensure that your Emerald has a clarity of 85% and above.

    4)      Since Emeralds are soft gemstones one should consider the nature of work that you do when selecting the cut and setting. If your work involves a lot of manual work then opt for a fully bound setting as compared to prongs.

    5)      When buying Emerald Gemstones online it is a huge advantage if you have set pieces to compare. This helps you to evaluate correct price of Emerald when you are selecting the Emerald online for yourself. See example here.

    6)      Variety plays a huge role when buying Emerald online.  Some people like light shades with more clarity and some people prefer darker shades. See that you have a huge range of Emerald online to select your most preferable colour.

    7)      When you buy emerald gemstone online in India ensure that the Vendor has a clear defined returns and refunds policy.

    8)      A Vendor with third party independent reviews is always a great resource since you get independent assessment of the vendor without any prejudice. Also ensure that the website is certified virus safe and has the highest degree of security compliance that ensures that your credit card or data can never be misused.



    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in March 2014

    Gemologists Notes for the Emerald Diamond Ring


    Natural Zambian Emerald



    3.96 carats

    0.752 carats (16pcs)


    None. Fully Natural



    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location


    All inclusive Price

    $ 3413.40/ INR 208800.


    Featured today is an Emerald diamond ring that is the epitome of Jyotish Quality.  Look at the deep green shade of the Zambian Emerald-the oval centrepiece and check the clarity. It 3.96 it is a solid investment quality gemstones whose value will keep increasing over time. The combination of color and clarity make it a super jewellery grade emerald. The beauty of the ring is heightened by the halo of 16 Diamonds around the ring adding to its elegance, style and panache. This ring is brimming with Sattvik purity and shall deliver the best results of Mercury and Venus to its owner. It would be worthwhile to check the video and then compare the price to understand the unmatched price guarantee that Gemstoneuniverse offers. Some things are just so beautiful that it’s best that they are felt and not described.

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