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    Burma Sapphires| Burma Sapphire Gemstones-Valley of Gems

    The Allure of Burma Sapphires

    Even though Sapphires are found in many localities in the world the most famous and sought after sapphires are from Kashmir, Burma and Srilanka. Even in Burma/Myanmar the Sapphires from the famous Mogok Valley are the most sought after. The Mogok Valley is situated 400 miles north of Yangon that is the capital of Burma. Mogok is also famous as the “Valley of Gems” and sapphires from here are referred to us Mogok Valley Sapphires.

    Rarity of Mogok Sapphires Stones/ Burma Sapphire Gemstone

    The yield of Burma Sapphires as well as Rubies is ever fluctuating. Amongst numerous reasons are political instability and turmoil, inconsistent policies in addition to the sheer inhospitable terrain and other speed breakers like forests, mountains and snakes. It is due to this reason that the Burma accounts for only 10% of the world’s total corundum and less than 1% of it is Gem Quality.

    How to Identify Burma Sapphires

    Short rutile also sometimes referred to as the Burmese Silk is the most common inclusion. Folded fluid feathers and fingerprints are the most common inclusions in unheated Burma Sapphires.

    Mining of Burma Sapphire Gemstone

    The Burma Sapphires are formed in the igneous rocks that undergo contact and regional metamorphosis. Normal and routine weathering causes the corundum down from mountains to settle on the bottom of river beds and streams from where it is recovered from the alluvial deposits.

    Price of Burma Sapphires

    The price of Burma Sapphires follows the standard model of assessment of the 4C’s. The rarity of origin and the added lustre make Burma Sapphire an attractive investment option also.

    Standard Sapphire Price guide


    Unheated Natural Burmese Sapphires

    New Lot of Burma Sapphire Stones from Gemstoneuniverse

    Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present its new lot of Burma Sapphires known as “Tripura”. Salient Features of all Sapphires in this Lot are:

    1)      All Natural, unheated, untreated earth mined Sapphires from Mogok Burma.

    2)      The electric lustre and shine is instantly eye catching.

    3)      The rarity of the origin with their appearance makes them very attractive.

    4)      Even though the colour is light it is a pure colour with no other hue.

    5)      Perfection of cut that allows maximum play of Light

    6)      Free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

    7)      Majority  of the lot certified by top lab-AIGS

    8)      Are True Jyotish Gemstones that shall deliver choicest Planetary Results.


    While picking gems for use in planetary gem therapy, Gemstoneuniverse makes sure that these gems are top of the line, displaying enviable clarity and great lustre! There are no compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are rejected, if they carry internal flaws (doshas) that could interfere with your gem therapy. Your Gem therapy should be absolutely error free with no guess work- We ensure that.

    Gemstone Certification and appraisal of these lots are complete and you can find them in the online Sapphire inventory in the next 3 days or earlier.

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